Wednesday, December 1, 2021

The Queen Bee of Texas and Tuesday's Treasures!

 My Internet is back, thanks to my Sweet Summer Dee!!
She has been out west of Fort Worth helping a friend with water and mold damage repairs to their lake house in Granbury. Plus she's been donating her skills and services to Bar J Guest Ranch by way of Power Point Presentations as well as computer program help.
She can do anything and do it WELL!

Louis Dean and I decided to hook up the old router/modem thing on Monday afternoon - and while I went to get my phone to take pictures of the way it was connected, Louis Dean pulled all the 'plugs' out! It went downhill from there! I called Summer, thinking she might could walk us through.....but it didn't take more than a few minutes to realize we were NOT going to be able to do that!

I took a deep breath after hanging up the phone and made plans to go to Pam's to finish up an Amazon order waiting in my cart to be placed. The delivery times are getting close to some gifts and I hurried to pay for it so the gifts will arrive by Christmas Eve. for that's when we do our Christmas Gathering with my children and grandchildren and a few close friends like Pam.

When leaving the church services on Sunday, we were given invitations to pass out for our Christmas services at Fellowship Church in Grapevine. Kailey asked me, "Who are YOU going to invite, MeeMaw?" I told her I wasn't sure just yet but I knew I would be inviting Pam and that's what I did when I went over to her house Monday night. She's like my adopted daughter since Reaoma passed away. So I did what I needed to do over there and, since she has Spectrum Internet and TV, I asked her to look over my order. It was Cyber Monday and I got a really good deal on a TV/Internet bundle!

I went home and it was just a few minutes before Summer came in the front door!
Long story short - she hooked up our service using the old modem - and it took a mad dash to Target to get something called a coaxial cable plus a couple of other connections.
She swooped in and did her magic and was on her way back to Milsap, Texas in a little more than an hour! I am SO happy she is so gifted at all things technical!

I've always loved Mondays and this one was exceptionally good!

This came in the mail and I LOVE it!!
I'm getting quite a collection of 'Bee' assessories and I must admit, I wear one every single day!
Bee earrings or necklace or pins.......or all three!!

More is always better!!!

I am now the Queen Bee of Texas, thanks to my Canadian version of Linda Chapman!
We have been Facebook Friends for years and years.
She sent me a super clever honeycomb ice cube tray and it works like a CHARM and makes CHARMING little ice cubes for my tea!

But better than these - was the handcrafted Christmas Card - and the sweet words she wrote!
I love and admire my friend. She has traveled the world and I do mean the ENTIRE world!
Her husband, Paul, is having some health issues and I have been praying for them....and the more prayers the better!!

So ALL of my Monday happenings were very real treasures!
I continued my Christmas decorating which is going slower than normal but, then again, THIS is most likely my new normal! 

Tuesday was my day out to run errands - and get dressed complete with hair and make up!
First stop was the post office to buy Christmas stamps for my cards which I am going to start sending out once my decorating is done. I already have a picture in my mind of how I will start.
The cards and envelopes plus the packet of stamps are in a basket along with my address book.
I am hoping it will be cool enough to have a fire burning in the den and mayve I will be wearing a Christmas sweater. So far, we haven't even had so much as a frost much less a freeze!
I will have a glass of tea - if during the day - or a glass of wine if it's evening. There will be a candle burning as I sit at the secretary in the den and prepare to write. Of course, Christmas music will be playing in the background.  Once I can 'see' something in my mind - it's pretty sure to happen!

I met up with Yulisa at K Hair here in Irving as she work both her and at Sports Clips in Grapevine.
She's pretty amazing and does work her magic!

My thinning hair has been a concern for the last 5 years at least and it only gets I usually wear a wiglet. Yulisa cut the back and sides of my hair with the wiga let on so it will all blend in together! You can see how thin it is in the photo. I'm grateful there are 'fixes' to some of the issues of growing old gracefully!

I had a much needed pedicure at Hollywood Nails......
no pics but it was such a pleasure to go there for a little pampering.
Louis Dean is a favorite and they all asked about him!
I assured them he would be back in January.
Elizabeth is the lady who does his pedicures and she is an absolute angel!

Next - off to the thrift stores!
I had to pass up Texas Thrift as they do not offer a senior discount on anything that is remotely a holiday item! Plus they have upped their prices to the point that I can buy it new elsewhere!

But Goodwill proved to be a winner!
I needed a wreath and I found one!

I am going to be using this cute mixing bowl a lot!
I'm even leaving it on the ocunter so I can grab it quick when I need to make a salad or mix up something.

I found a tray of red ornaments for $0.75 and needed some for the dining room tree!

Look at how cute these Boston Warehouse measuring cups are!!!
Like Christmas candy!

I scored BIG on this great top......

LOVE this brand and it was half off of $7.99!

I'm a sucker for lacey covers......sometimes.....okay! nearly ALL the time......
I need a little something on my arms.

This one is made of sturdier stuff and I'm certain I'll get a lot of wear from them both!

I love pretty stemmed glassware!
The other night I broke one of my Santa glasses now I can mix and match the three Santas with the Holly ones.

You can see how pretty they are!

My last stop on Tuesday was Aldi!
I love that place!
It's right up there after HEB and followed by Trader Joe's.

I served this with our coffee this morning along with a nice bowl of cereal and a banana.

I've been decorating like a mad woman but it's a slower than usual progress this year.
Summer worked her magic on our technology......
Yulisa worked her magic on my hair and......
I am working magic on my decorating!
Taking a room from a 'Trash' room to a 'Christmas' one is a considerable undertanking.
Makes me feel good! So good that I'm now off to my bed which is boasting clean fresh sheets!

Since it IS Decemeber first ......let me be one of the FIRST to wish you........


Bluebird49 said...

Summer is so sweet to leave what she was doing and come to your aid. Our Sherry used to do that for us and we miss her so much still, and it doesn't seem like she's been gone since 1998.
Your treasures are always good, and I love seeing them all -- and your haircut is wonderful, as always! I always love seeing your "new" things and hearing about what's up at your house. Have you made Texas Trash yet? You always do; and I guess you may get to Lillan's soon, too.
I'm surely enjoying the tiny tree our women's circle brought by. It cheered me up so much. People just don't know just how much just a little something means!!
I can just see the picture you painted of when you do your cards this year. I won't be sending out any, but I'll be seeing you in my minds eye!! 💕 Love you dear!!

Ginny Hartzler said...

You got such awesome deals! I think my favorites are the cute measuring cups and the beautiful shawls. Your hair never looks thin to me, so you do a great job of covering it up. I love your idea of picturing something in your head in order to egt up the energy to actually DO it! I am going to try that!

Deanna Rabe said...

Summer is amazing! So glad that worked out! We need a new monitor!

You had a good haul at the thrift stores!

Hootin Anni said...

I personally wouldn't mind thinning hair. Mine is so thick,I have to have the salon use thinning scissors each time.

You found more treasures. Love the holiday stemware.

You and Sandra had techy issues this week!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Your hair looks beautiful and I love all of your ideas and energy! How sweet of Summer to do so much for others. Enjoy your day! Merry Christmas!

Changes in the wind said...

Computer problems are so frustrating and most of us can't fix them. So glad Summer was able to come and take care of it. You looked so pretty in that red sweater and I agree you are indeed the Queen Bee of Texas. You made a good haul from the goodwill and the little measuring cups are the cutest.

Vee said...

And you were the first! Summer has you covered with computer geek expertise. Perfect!

MadSnapper said...

you are truly blessed with Summer and her skills, sometimes i could use her. she should make a little extra cash helping seniors hook up tech stuff. love that second lace cover. you find so many tops i would buy if i saw them, we have nothing in our thrift stores like what you have, mostly just ugly stuff here. glad you are about done with decorating. will give time to rest up before the big day

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

So Glad your internet is working good again. I depend on my children for help with technology too. They always seem to know what the problem is. Goodwill is one of my favorite thrift stores too. It's amazing what you can find when you take the time to look.

Carole said...

Yay for Summer! Cheers

Vick said...

Don't suppose I could adopt Summer? What a treasure.

So much magic on a your attitude.

Wanda said...

Linda, you are also the first to wish me a Merry Christmas. Don't we love those daughters who can fix computers!!! Michel made mine work again!
Love your haircut. I've been chopping on mine for over a year as my special gal had to retire from doing hair due to bad health issues. I just didn't trust anyone else. But there is a friend at church that has a similar cut as mine and always looks goood...she gave me the name of her stylists..I'm going next week! Hope I'm happy!!
Your Thrift shopping is amazing!!! love your tops and everything else.
Thanks for your prayers...Don is having more "good" days than bad! Yeah! Praise the Lord.

Susie said...

Linda, I wish you could send sweet Summer girl over to my house. LOL. I am still using the same crumby set up from the geek guys. (shh in case they are listening) haha. You look very pretty with your hair do and red top. Ted would have said Hubba Hubba. Hope all goes well thru these holidays. I sure miss my sweetheart. You and LD hold onto each other, tight. Love all of you, blessings xoxo Susie

Debbie said...

really good finds at goodwill, you sure do find beautiful treasures there. i can't fit one one thing in this house and more than 50% of my christmas decorations do not even find their way to my tables, or are used anymore!!

beautiful clothes and i really like the bowl and measuring cups!!