Monday, November 15, 2021

The Last Few Days......

 We've enjoyed a slow relaxed week spending most of every day right here at home.

One morning we had this tastly little treat to go with our morning coffee.

It was something like a shortbread crust and was really good.
I find such good things at Aldi!

I finished our bedroom on Wednesday and am so happy with it.

The red cardinals were found and hung.

Nearly everything on this tree was given to me by Summer.

It's such a happy tree!

A Memory Tree as most Christmas trees are.

I'm loving this Christmas bedroom with the red reindeer flannel sheets and layers of comforters and covers. So far - even on our coolest nights so far - we have slept with the back door open and it's made for good sleeping weather. One night, every time I got up to go to the bathrrom, Samantha was at the screen door looking out and would come in the bathroom and turn around and around. The next morning I discovered that Tabitha had got outside through the not-firmly-shut French door in the sewing room.

Louis Dean had been outside putting a new canopy up on our gazebo and when he came in, he forgot to put the lock on that door. Tabitha is just heavy enough to push her way through it and she did!
NOW I knew why Samantha was trying to get my attention last night.

I went out the kitchen door and around the back of the house calling 'Kitty! Kitty! Kitty!'
and here came Tabitha around the corner of the house close by the door to the bedroom.
Guess she was tired of being outside because she was more than ready to come in!

She's been hanging around the house - literally!

We had our first fire on Saturday morning.....finally!
It smelled so GOOD and was just perfect to have it burning as I decorated and watched Hallmark Christmas movies all day long.

The den is one of my favorite rooms and I am loving how it turned out!

Samantha thinks the decorations are there just for her!

Louis Dean kept me company watching my movies with me.....
but he did fall asleep!

Can you spy Samantha?

Sunday morning service at Fellowship Church......

and Amber and the kids turned in their Christmas boxes for others.
There was a food drive, as well.
The kids were proud of being a part of this project and I am proud of Amber who took the time and trouble to involve the kids in this.

We lingered long after church and took some pictures while Amber and Harrison went out to the car to get all their boxes out.

I'm so happy these kids are still so sweet!
Really amazing children and I treasure every minute I get to spend with them.
They love their granddad and, even though he's grumpy sometimes, the kids just blow it off and move in even closer to make him laugh and keep him engaged.

And they take pictures!!
Kailey was thrilled with this one!

Trystan likes to use a photo app on my phone and she took this one of Kailey giving Granddad a lesson on using his flip phone to take photos! He did not know it would do that and, at first, he insisted he did NOT want to know or do that! A short time later, he was asking questions and saying, "Show me how you did that!"

We all went out to eat Mexican food at On the Border and Kailey and Logan rode with us.....
 they had his flip phone in the back seat with them figuring out how to use it and set his wallpaper.

Once we arrived at the restaurant, we could tell it was going to be slow service but we weren't in any big hurry and, sure enough, we were there for nearly two hours!
I am so impressed with the way Amber and Mike are teaching their chidlren.
Trystan, Kailey, Harrison and Logan were all given children's menus and - in due time since it took awhile - each child gave their own orders for their meal including asking about the sauce or topping that was offered. I was so proud of them! They all spoke clearly and acted like they place meal orders all the time!

The kids are relaxed and great conversationalists with every age group from small children to peers their own age to teens and adults and the older generations!
That Logan was asking Granddad all sorts of great questions about his school teaching in 'do you miss teaching? What did you like best about being a school teacher? What grade was your favorite? Did you ever see any of your students after they grew up?'
I just sat there and basked in the glow of pride I felt as I looked around the table.

It was such a good Sunday!

We all put our best foot forward!!!

Our bedroom and, now the den, is all decorated for Christmas.
In the morning I will move on to the kitchen!

Louis Dean had his truck worked on last week and when he was going to drive it down to the gas station to get fuel, the brakes locked up on it. He finally managed to get it back home and parked in the driveway. Louis Dean loves his truck and it really upsets him that he can't figure out how to fix it himself. So we are waiting for the mechanic whom we thought lived acrosss the street but is, in fact, a brother and uncle to the family and visits often. He said he would come by and look at it.
Looks like we will go down to the ranch later this week in the car!


Bluebird49 said...

Looks like Christmas at the Chapman's house. Loved seeing all the pictures, especially of the kiddos!
Did you get to the kitchen? I know Louis will not be too happy taking the car to the ranch. 😎
Y'all enjoy yourselves, though; I know you will!

Hootin' Anni said...

Linda, Linda,Linda...of course I love every word and every photo...but the one of you and grandkids just has to be framed!! It's a treasure. Whoever took the photo is professional.

Love the kitties too, of course.

Estelle's said...

You are well ahead of me decorating for Christmas...I wait until after Thanksgiving....your home looks so fun and festive with all of these loved treasures...such fun to take a peek! Have a great week Linda!

Deb said...

Looks like a lovely weekend for you all! We are doing Christmas boxes for Operation Christmas Child too. Ours are all packed and we will take them to a participating church this week sometime. I love all your Christmas decorations. You inspire me to get going on ours. My goals is to have everything up and decorated before Thanksgiving! Hope you and Louis Dean have a great week!

Vee said...

Vehicle troubles are the puds. So glad that you have a friend who knows things.

Aren't you glad that you didn't know the cat was out? Golly, I don't know how you dare leave doors like that. My wee home is buttoned up tight all day and all night. There are just enough bad actors about to make me wary.

So it's back to the ranch this week... decorating there, too, I'm sure. 🎄

Deanna Rabe said...

Vehicle issues are no fun!

This is a fun post. The kids are getting so big and are so sweet!

We are having a houseful this next week, but I will begin my decorating the day after Thanksgiving! Although if I have handy helpers, I may get my outdoor garlands hung early!

We are so blessed, friend.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

So happy to see that the last few days were such good ones for you. Your home, your family and all are a testament to the way you treat them with so much love. I really like that picture of you and the girls. So many happy faces there ! Hope your week is a good one too and that you have a good trip back to the ranch.

photowannabe said...

Thank you for the blessing at the end of your post.
I am claiming it for this week.
Your home looks so warm, cozy and festive. I absolutely love the cardinal tree. I wish we had those birds here. I have one cardinal ornament for my tree. I bought it about 30 years ago as a souvenir from my visit to Minnesota with my Mom. I had never seen cardinals in real life and I think of my Mom every year when I hang it on the tree.

Vick said...

Those adorable kids are growing like weeds. Wonderful example of love set by parents and grandparents.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Logan is a better conversationalist than most adults! I love Louis Dean's pretty yellow shirt. Your house is like a fairy land. I found Samantha among all the Santas, what an adorable photo!!

Jan said...

So glad you found your cat. Your grandchildren are adorable. Happy Thanksgiving

MadSnapper said...

sounds like you have a budding photographer and a budding reporter/writer. your whole family is a true delight and I don't think any one any where could have done better at rasing 4 children all the same age, I have enjoyed watching them grow so fast . the photos of LD are perfect. love the one in the phone. you cardinals are spreading their cheer. Merry Christmas in your home

Carole said...

Great to see the kids. Haven't they grown up such a lot! Cheers

NanaDiana said...

I always love your newsy posts and catching up with you and your family. Those kids sound adorable and like Mom & Dad have done something right there. How wonderful that they love LD and you both so much. Nothing better in the world.

Your home just glows with warmth and I can feel the love in it. Blessings to you and Louis Dean. xo Diana

BeachGypsy said...

Mercy!!----y'all STAY BUSY, LINDA! LOL love all the fun pictures especially of the kids, my goodness how they HAVE GROWN. I think your Christmasy bedroom looks so pretty! You did a good job. I love that cardinal Christmas tree, that is so so so pretty. Hope your week has started off great!--you've been doing alot of decorating!

Debbie said...

the house looks so awesome all decked out for christmas, i think the first fire always feels so special!!

it's awesome to read about ambers project with the quads...and nice to hear that they are still so kind. they are a cute group with ld!!