Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Tramp Eggs, Music, Memories and a Face Mask.....

I don't know about you but our already loose schedule has slipped another notch or two.
It seems to take me longer and longer to get out of bed in the mornings.
Actually, it wasn't even morning but nearly 1:00 this afternoon when I finally put my feet on the floor and made up the bed. Last night was a restless one and I was up over a dozen times in the night. It was after 4:30 before I really got to sleep good. That made waking up at 10:45 not so bad when you consider how long I stayed awake. 

I made a new to me recipe this afternoon!

I got it from Estelle's!
 You know she has such great recipes!!!

Instead of breakfast - this was served around 4:00!
Louis Dean loved it and gave it an A+!

I've become used to cooking for two so I laughed when Chandy sent me this pic.....

I may not have mentioned it before but she has lots of mouths to feed!
She and Chris have yours, mine and ours which is a lot of kids.
I think there's 8 and the baby will make 9. 
Thankfully, some of them are young adults now but they still eat!

Louis Dean was so happy to have an audience last night that I asked him to play another song this evening.

He's 83 and a life long learner.
He is just now learning to play without sheet music or chord notations in front of him.

I'm enoying the process of printing my blog into books.
A cover for the front and back of each book involves searching that time period for photos.

I've always loved this one!
Christmas 2011 and we all played Nuts!
I caught Amber at the perfect moment.
Or maybe someone else did since I was playing, too!
I used that one for the front cover......

.....and this one for the back.
Levi and I had gone for a walk on the trail at Fellowship Church in March of 2011.

It was fun chatting with Logan this evening.
I amswered her call on my laptop!
I didn't know I could do that!
I remember the first time my iPad rang with a call.
It scared me!
It was my stepson and he didn't know you could do that either.
He had called me by accident and he had no idea it popped up on my iPad.

Today was Tuesday, March 31st but I got confused and thought it was April first and changed all the calendars last night. Life is strange these days.

Brenda knows how much I enjoy Goodwilling on Tuesdays so she dropped a bag of treasures that she was going to donate to let me have first look!
She is so clever! I got a text message from her this morning saying....

"Mrs. Chapman, since it is Goodwill Tuesday, your Goodwill bag should arrive around 3:00 this afternoon! Please confirm."

That made it easier for me to get out of bed! She gave me something to look forward to!

I was knee deep in cleaning the sewing room tonight so I saved my bag to open tomorrow.
That will help me get out of bed again! Win! WIN!!

I was bound and determined to make at least one face mask now that I could get to my sewing machine. I put this one together and it gave me a good idea of what I need to do. Plus a friend suggested I add a wire of some sort over the nose so it won't fall down.
I'll pay more attention to what I'm doing tomorrow and try to make some more.

Just as I was about to take the laptop to bed and write my words.....I remembered I had fed Louis Dean only once today! The same thing happened yesterday so when I got up this morning, I saw that he had been up in the night cooking - and I couldn't blame him!

After fixing our late afternoon meal, I made a small batch of potato salad to go with a sandwich for our supper. Too bad I forgot all about it until nearly 11:00 tonight!
Better late than ever!

Here's to hoping we all get a good night's sleep......


Ginny Hartzler said...

I have been listening to Louis Dean's duet while I read your post. It is so pretty. and tell him that is some kind of fancy guitar playing! Is that Willie singing? I just made a new recipe very like this! Break eggs into a muffin pan. Pour a tablespoon of heavy cream over each one, and sprinkle them with shredded parmesan. I think I cooked them at 350 for about 7 minutes in the toaster oven. They are called French Baked Eggs.

The Feminine Energy said...
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The Feminine Energy said...

I love the front & back pictures you have chosen for your blog book, Linda. They are priceless. Don't worry about sleeping, dear heart... just go with the flow of your body. It is wise and can be trusted. Love, Andrea xoxo

Estelle's said...

So very happy you both enjoyed the recipe. I too, am going to fashion some sort of face mask....I worry everyday about this strange time we are's going to be a very special Easter enjoy every post and the photos you choose for the book blog are just beautiful!

Sandra said...

tramp eggs sound good to me. so does ginnys same but different tramp eggs. LD is getting better and better. that is my kind of music.. hope you slept better last night.. love the pics you chose.. I can't keep track of what day it is either, but we have never missed a meal since we eat at 6:30, 12 and 5. and if I forget it is time for a meal, big boy tells me about it.

Vee said...

More sweet music...

Strange times...I feel as if I am floating along without much direction. My sister called this morning before seven with the latest “news.” Ugh. She needed transportation papers to prove that she was an essential person. 😏 I spouted off some, as you might expect, and then realized how much I needed my Bible study time. 😁

Loved hearing your laughter and encouraging words to your Beloved and his charming reply. Keep doing what you do!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

The wire over the nose in the mask is brilliant. Just like the pros. I hate wearing masks....I hated them when I was a nurse. They are so hot and they make me feel claustrophobic. I think I would rather just stay I have seen the statistics....they do make a difference. If I had a sewing machine I would run up a few. Everyone must remember they need to be washed after you have been out wearing them. So ideally everyone would have two so one is washed while the other is worn. We are sleeping later and staying up later as well. I was looking at my April calendar and there is nothing on it, other than a few birthdays. That is so strange. I usually have a lot of things to remember. My brain is getting a rest I Yall take care.

Deanna Rabe said...

Louis Dean is such a good example to us all by continuing to learn new things. He’s doing great with his music!

After doing not much of anything yesterday, I took a nap on the couch. I think I’m tired from the emotions of it all plus, having to change the date from Rachel’s wedding. Lots of emotions!

Since we’re all at home anyway, we might as well go with the flow, and rest or be awake when our bodies are wanting us to be awake or asleep!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your tramp eggs look wonderful. almost like a poached egg in milk And so does the potato salad. It's a dish I always relate with warmer weather and soon I'll be making some to have with him for Easter I eat at irregular times, but always have something before I go to bed so I don't wake up hungry. Breakfast for dinner is one of my fa writes.

photowannabe said...

Oh, I love breakfast for dinner too. Those eggs sound delicious. I may have to give them a try.
It's obvious that your body needs sleep so have at it. I truly hope you get good sleep tonight.
Love your blog journal.
I have done the blog to print books too. I need to catch up and do my one from 2019. When I have a little extra moola to pay for it.
Take care, stay safe and healthy.
Love LD's music.

Carole said...

I was checking on how Texas is doing virus wise - do be careful. New Zealand is still waiting to see if we have dodged the virus - one death so far and 708 cases in total. Now on our second week at home - only essential workers are working - strange times. By next Monday we should see if we've eliminated it. Fingers crossed. Stay safe Cheers

Bluebird49 said...

I love the pictures you chose. I remember that one of Amber now!
Our schedule has not existed for 11 years, and it's sometimes good and sometumes not! ��
Ed did yard work while I did stuff in the jouse,, and 4/2 (today) is his birthday. The first was m daddy's and the 4th is my great-grandson's, and the 15th is my brother's. Busy month!
I wonder if pipe cleaners would work for the wired part of the madk? I have some craft ones....need to see if I can actually thread my sewing machine. 😞
Y'all have a good day today.

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

So happy you are sharing LD playing his guitar, makes the day start with a happy smile. I started writing down what I am going to do at the start of the day, then I am writing down what I have done. Trying to get a routine that works for me. Hope it works for me. Thank you for sharing your daily life Linda, always look forward to reading your blog. Thank you too for visiting and leaving a comment when I post.