Friday, October 20, 2017

Friday in Snapshots!

This is what we call our 'front yard.'

The clouds kept the sun from shining in our eyes so we sat on the deck with our coffee and books this morning. I love seeing Mr. Jackson's cows in the morning and then again at night.
The rhythm of the ranch is one of the things I like about being down here.
Life seems more simple here.
After our first cup of coffee, we drove down to do the critter chores.
Normally we ride our bikes but today we were in search of some firewood.

The first critter chore is to feed the ducks. I leave them in the pen to eat while I do the other chores  and then go back up there and let them out.

They head for the water.

A white egret took flight as soon as the noisy ducks arrived.
Dean told me he's been seeing a blue heron up there lately but today there was just the white one but it was pretty cool to watch it fly away.

This is Dean's barn - or the roof of it, anyway.
I love the look of old weathered tin.

We meant to drive way back there along the tree line this afternoon to explore some more of the ranch, but we never got around to it. There's a creek back there and that's where the coyotes are.
I want to go in the big white truck instead of walk.
I walked back there once last year and got spooked!

Louis Dean was looking for firewood.....

and he found some!

The meadow is one of my favorite places.
I feel so peaceful when I sit here.

We don't get much fall color in Texas.
 Mostly yellow or just plain brown.
I'll take what we can get.

BBQ is King of the Mountain today. 
Not much green vegetation there .....

so I took him half of a watermelon.

We came back to the camper loaded with firewood.
I fixed us up a big breakfast of truly fresh eggs, sausage links and biscuits.

This is what we watched while we ate and rested from our chores.

The new room was a big mess last night from Louis Dean drilling holes for the electrical wires along the window wall. Progress is messy. He didn't sleep well at all and thinks it was because he felt so overwhelmed. We fixed that today.

While he napped, I went out there and cleaned things up.
I'm going to call this my 'Seasonal Shelf.'

The rugs were a mess from all the sawdust.
I used the blower first, then the vacuum cleaner, and lastly, the water hose with the power nozzle.
And Fabuloso! All clean now!

I'd moved all the tools and such to the back end of the room and put the clean tablecloths and slipcovers on. Louis Dean was so impressed when he got up.
Once order was restored, he went right to work sorting his work tools and organizing his work area back there in the bathroom. He still hasn't done the plumbing yet. I think he may be waiting for Dean to come back.

We took a tea break and sat out on the deck again late this afternoon.
The light was golden!

I was talking to a friend on Facebook and she asked me about the ducks and I realized it was just about that magic witching hour for them. Right around 6:00 or so, if I go down to the big metal chest where the feed is kept, the ducks will hear me coming and go right over.
Sherry said that if I sprinkle a little cracked corn behind me, they will follow me all the way to their pen.

Works like a charm!

They marched in like little soldiers...all 21 of them!

There are 3 hen houses that get opened each morning and at night you just have to go down and shut the doors. Tonight 2 of the 3 were still empty when we finished the watering and chores, so we went back up to the camper for a little while.

The sun was just setting.
We rested a few minutes and then I rode my bike back down and there they all were - right where they belonged! Sherry said they all know which hen house is theirs!

Now that I have some outlets along the window wall, I put some of my little lights up!
When I come next month, I'm bringing a Christmas tree and lots of colored Christmas lights!

Summer is having a ball at Disney!
She just called and said she and Rayne closed the park down!

They are staying on property and loving every minute!

You can tell they are having a good time!

While we may not have much fall color, my friend, Jutta, in Finland has beautiful fall foliage!
I'm enjoying fall through her this year!
She sends me the most beautiful photos!

So that's our Friday!

All critters accounted for and I hope we do not get any coyotes prowling around tonight!


G Dazeez said...

Linda, your new room is coming along so nice!

Ginny Hartzler said...

Now I am wondering if you ever hear those coyotes HOWL! They can adapt to almost any environment, and are even in many cities now. I love the goat on the mound!! Do Dean and Sherry make goat cheese? I continue to be amazed at your awesome and beautiful rug. And you can hose it down, too!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Isn't wonderful how those hens know just when to come home to roast for the night ! Life in the country is wonderful and teaches us much. You surely do know how to clean up a mess and make a house a home. It only lakes a little TLC. Hope you have a super Saturday !

Sandra said...

your new room is looking cozy and spectacular and so glad they are having a good time in Disney. coyotes would spook me to in the wild. I would like the sound if I was safe inside. those are noisy ducks and I heard a rooster crow also... I assume the ducks are pinned at night to keep them safe from coyotes and other critters.

Beth said...

Glad you and LD are in your happy place! What an adventurous, social life you two live. That is wonderful. Make the most of the life our dear Lord has given to us.
Good to see Summer, Rayne and Sabrina enjoying themselves.

Susie said...

Linda, I love reading your blog and seeing what all you and LD are doing. Busy, busy, busy . Don't over do. There does seem to be firewood where ever there's a woods.. Old scraps of lumber not good for anything else works too. Loving the new room. I think it would be good to have Dean there to help LD with the plumbing, that will be a job. Take care, love you both. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Love seeing what you are both doing - what a wonderful place to be. Hugs.

Carole said...

Lovely as always. I can feel the more relaxed pace of life - maybe because you are very close to nature? Cheers

NanaDiana said...

I would want a truck around those coyotes, too. lol MyHero gets overwhelmed very easily (especially since this last bout of cancer) so I do a lot of 'clean up after' but -it is what it is and we both feel good when things are neat and organized.

My job as a kid was to round up the turkeys at night after they had fed on grass all day. I'll just say that chickens are a whole lot smarter than turkeys! lol xo Diana

Vee said...

Coyotes...hmmm...I’d have Louis Dean and the truck around them. (Might consider hornet weapon of choice.)

The porch looks so nice. Love the lights! How exciting to decorate for Christmas next time. Only nine weeks away...

Aloha Acres said...

I can't wait to see your country home decorated for Christmas. I'm excited that the Hallmark Christmas movies start next week. I know that's too early for some, but I'm ready for some joy around here. ((hugs))

Sarah K. said...

Again I am captured by the smiles of Summer and family at Disney. So thankful they are making memories and having fun. They deserve that. Thank you for sharing about the ranch and all the animals there. Also, great work on the carpet cleaning. I would have worn out with the blower!