Friday, October 6, 2017

Fort Worth Friday Fun Snapshots!

Ruth Ann and I had a fun day in Fort Worth!

We went to Deanie and Charlie's first and Lonnie met us there.
I can't tell you the difference in how we are all feeling now that Mother is settled and happy at the nursing home. Charlie has regained his fun loving attitude!

We are all so much more relaxed.

You can definitely see that Deanie and Charlie are enjoying their home again.

It just fills my heart with joy to see them having fun again!

Ruth Ann has become a very real part of our family.
To know her is to love her - and we do!

We stayed a lot longer at Deanie's than we meant to but we were having so much fun we didn't want to leave. We were regaling Ruth Ann with stories from our childhood......
We loved our Grandma Collins whos was the mother of our wicked stepfather. She was a good lady and loved us all. Lonnie and Deanie was telling about how Grandma Collins loved her Chihuahua dog named Jeff. Then we discovered five little graves in the backyard on Waggoman Street where we lived and a little stone on each grave said, 'Jeff.'
As one Chihuahua died, she would get another one and they were all named Jeff!!
We had an awful childhood but we laughed then and we laugh now!

Ruth Ann and I stopped in at the nursing home to visit with Mother and Lillian for a few minutes.
All is well there. On my every visit, Mother begins to complain about Lillian and in front of Lillian and, on my every visit, I admonish her to be kind and act nice. I add that she does NOT want to come back and have to live at my house! That's enough to make her say, "NO!"
Eventually she will figure it out - I hope.
We are grateful for Lillian and we all tell her so.
Once Lillian told one of us that she has to walk around on eggshells with Mother because she is so hard to get along with. Hopefully, she is becoming more comfortable with her.

We were so hungry for lunch!
Every week we try to eat at a different place.....

Today it was the Dixie Cafe on Hulen. 

We both ordered the vegetable plates and I ate every single bit of mine.
SO good!

Love the paintings done on their bathroom doors.....

Now we were ready for our shopping!
We stopped at Jo Ann's Fabrics and Hobby Lobby before heading on down Hulen to Trader Joe's.

It was bustling with business on this Friday afternoon.

Seems like everyone was in a good mood.
I know we were!

We arrived back home at 4:30 which worked out well.
I can and do drive in traffic but I don't really like it.
We may try going on Thursday next week.

Well, that was my Friday in Snapshots!
When I got home, Louis Dean was working on a planter in the front yard so I changed clothes and gathered up my gardening tools and joined him.
The thing about going to the country and staying so long is that our property here goes to pot.
We have a lawn guy who keeps the yard looking nice but there is always so much to be done.
It makes for a good exercise program!

I'm closing tonight's journal entry with this......

Isn't that the truth??


Ginny Hartzler said...

This last quote is so true!!! I shall save it! Isn't it so wonderful that your mom likes it there? I think everyone at Trader Joes is ordered to be cheerful! I love both Hobby Lobby and Jo Ann's! Sadly to me, this year Jo Anns has replaced almost all of their fall decorations with Halloween stuff. Your grandma's story is so funny!

Aloha Acres said...

I loved the pictures (as always). How did you make them look like polaroid and with the captions written on them? Is it an app?

Arlene @Nanaland said...

So glad you siblings are enjoying one another. Your Mama....she does not realize how blessed she is that you children have not abandoned her. Some people are givers and some are takers. You all have given so much of your time to the care of your is a real witness.

Linda said...

Mom better be careful. One of these days the care center may decide Lillian has been punished long enough, and move one of them. Not likely your Mom is on the list to make sure she gets a nice roommate.

Linda said...

It’s a program called Ribbet! Really good and easy to use!

Jutta said...

Not on Her children’s hands - they probably know this and Mom probably does not read this blog. Sad but true.

Bluebird49 said...

So lucky for you and Ruth Ann to be such good friends, and is Louis's widow's sister, too--so she's like a sister to both of you!
I've never been to a Trader Joe's, but would love to. I even wish we had Publix---all we have anywhere near (as in 45 minutes)is Walmart and Food Lion. We bought a family-sized bag of potato chips for when our kids come down. I told my husband I actually remember buying a bag that size for $0.79---these were $4.49 a bag! Of course, I can remember buying gas for $0.39 a gallon somewhere back in my past!
I truly wish your mom could be nicer---I don't know if it is the stroke? My mom and I had so much fun from when I was in my mid-20s until she passed away at 96 in 2011. Before that, (from when I was born until my mid-20s) both my parents had alcohol problems, but when that was all over, I just thanked God I got to see and know them without it!
xoxos, Trudy

Kathy said...

Trudy may be right about the stroke. Joe's step-mom's sister was a lovely person until she had a stroke and now she is like your mom.

Sounds as if you had a wonderful day. So nice to see your siblings (and Charlie) happy. The story about the dog named Jeff was so funny.

I've never been to a Trader Joe's but Joe has and he loves it. I'll have to go sometime. Ours is in the middle of the city and parking is almost non-existent.

Susie said...

Linda, I love reading your blog too see what joy you sharing. I love that your siblings can laugh about the old days , when things may not have been so fun. Tough times make tough people, I think. Man I should be made of leather. LOL. I hope your mother will be kind to Lillian. Did any one think that Jeff was looking good to be so old? LOL. That is a funny dog story, I love it. Ruth Ann is adorable....she fits right in. Blessings to all, love you, xoxo, Susie

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sounds like another great day for you there at your house. You do keep busy. Both in the country and at home there keep you active but sounds like you love being at both. We have a Trader Joes here too but don't go there too often. It's a little further to drive. But I do love to see what they have. I agree that its important to know what to hold on to and what to let go. Hope you have a super Saturday!

Sandra said...

I really like all the photos in this old format. I had a camera that did that, takes me back. you deserve to enjoy your family now after the childhood you had. and listening to your stories have proved to me my childhood was wonderful and I did not know it...

Wanda said...

Linda, loved your Friday "snapshot" day. What a special day with so much love and fun. From time to time you put on little videos and I love them, but was never able to make mine work. I got one that worked...only 10 seconds, but it shows the love and light in our little Treehouse. I'm sorry but I had to chuckle at your mom and Lillian...walking on eggshells...been there done that...but it sounds like it's the best place for her, and she'll adjust. We are who we are!!!! HaHa

NanaDiana said...

I loved this post, Linda. I sure hope that your mom settles down and doesn't chase Lillian away. That would be all you need!

I had to laugh about the five dogs named Jeff. My dad always had a blond and black cocker spaniels and they were always named Pete and Sandy. lol I think he had three sets of them over the years.

Hope you have a great, blessed Sunday. xo diana