Sunday, October 15, 2017

A Quiet Sunday and a Sledding Santa Give Away!

We slept well last night with the bedroom AC on but as soon as I woke up, I went outside to see if the cooler air that was in the forecast had really and truly arrived. It did! While not really cold - it was chilly and that's good enough for me!

I celebrated this cooler fall weather with oatmeal for breakfast!
The table setting was for a photo shoot only. 
We ate in the den!

It's been an easy going, slow moving day and I have loved every minute of it!
I spent some time in the gazebo catching up on my handwritten Country Diary.

I was missing a couple of days in the last week of July......
and then others here and there.
Thanks to writing this online journal, I was able to catch up.
If I don't write things down, I can't even remember what I did yesterday.
So many times I have gone back to my diary (or the journal) to look up things.
There's a code page in the back divided in ABC style to write the key words and date.
I should use that for more than recording the first locust of the season and the first fireplace of the year. So far - that hasn't happened. I'm thinking, though. If it gets down to 50 tonight and I open the French doors in the morning, maybe it will be cool enough to light the den fireplace!

I finished Rayne's Aladdin pants. I think she and Summer may come over tomorrow and I can fit them to her.  I also sewed a good number of strips for a quilt I'm making for a Christmas gift.
I laughed to myself as I thought of my dear quilting friends who are so gifted and precise. I just whack and sew and hope it all turns out. It's more of a craft project and certainly not in the same neighborhood as what real quilters make.

I cleaned the kitchen - and strung up another LONG strand of lights above the French doors in there.
Once I have lights some place - when they go out it seems really dark. I guess that's why I put them there in the first place.

I worked some in the yard. Not hard work. Just pulling weeds and tidying things up.

Tomorrow I will blow off the decks. Without the pecans this year (the few that were on the trees have already fallen) it's not as messy as it usually is.

It was a good day to slow down and enjoy the little things.

I don't keep the outside lights on all the time but this evening I lit them all up!

Spooky? Nope.

My heart has been at peace today.

Louis Dean is feeling better after his mishap with his medicine yesterday.
He has rested and played music. He has not done one lick of what you could call work at all.
Days like this don't happen often for him!

I had promised a Santa Give Away - and then forgot.
Glad I remembered before Christmas!!!
I actually thought the Santa was finished but when I took a picture of him - I noticed I have a bit more work to do.

No worries! I have kept the art table out and that's where I'm going as soon as I post this.

I chose the Sledding Santa since I painted THREE of them! 
One for my friend, Brenda, for her birthday. 
One for me.....and the third for one of YOU!

I promise it will be finished and hopefully dry by the time I pick the winner.
I will put your name in the 'pot' every time you comment and Louis Dean will draw the winner's name on November first.

Now I am going to go paint for awhile!


Ginny Hartzler said...

Well, I sure am excited about your giveaway! I love everything you paint! So glad that Louis Dean is all better now. Your table settings are always so pretty and seasonal. Your handwriting is so small and beautiful! I guess that is another facet of your artistic ability. Mine has never been pretty. Your lights are all so twinkly and pretty...especially the ones in front of the white fence.

grammitch said...

Love. love your paintings

Denise said...

Love all your paintings and would like to enter the drawing

Arlene @Nanaland said...

I love all your twinkle lights..they are so nice. And your giveaway is so generous. Who would not love to have a Linda Chapman original?

NanaDiana said...

Well, I hardly every sign up for giveaways but I will have you throw my name in the hat for this one. It is the one thing I am hanging on to--my Santas that I have that I hang. I gave most of Santa ornaments to my kids but kept some of the things I loved best. So...anyway...sign me

Glad LD is feeling better and it won't hurt him one little bit to take a 'do-nothing' kind of day once in a while. He doesn't do it often enough.

Have a good night/week, Linda. xo Diana

Unknown said...

So glad you had a peaceful day. I would love a Sleighing Santa 🎅🏼

Unknown said...

Oh! This is Candie!!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I love seeing your deck with the table and chairs and bench. It would be lovely to sit out there and enjoy the pretty garden! I guess you don't use these area during the hot months.

Happy to hear Louis Dean is doing okay, and enjoyed a day of rest and relaxation!

You're sweet to do a giveaway!

Bernice said...

Love quiet Sundays, the cool fall weather has arrived here while it was a beautiful day highs in the mid 70s it is currently 48 heading down to 40😲
So glad LD is taking it easy,and is feeling better.
LD is not alone not eating at the table hubby does it just about every meal unless we have company😏
Love all your lighting🙂

Mary said...

I don't think I ever commented before, but I am a faithful follower. I started reading your blog before the quads were born. I would love to be in the drawing for one of your Santas. Your wall of Santas that you hang up every year is my favorite. Mary from Boston

Kathy said...

I use my blog as an online journal also. Joe will ask me when something happened and I'll say, "Let me check the blog." Ha, ha!

Aloha Acres said...

Oh, I love that painting. Put me in, Sam. LOL I'm glad you had a good day. Your post always cheer me up, as today was a particularly bad day here. Yes, there's even bad days in paradise, but it won't last long. God is already picking me up! Have a good week, friend.

Bev said...

I wish we still had warm weather . We need heat in the house in the mornings now! We haven't sat outside for a bit tomorrow looks like we will have an outside day! Glad LD is taking it easy ! Yes I'd love to be in the draw for Santa!!! Hugs to you both!!

Suezk said...

I'm sure your quilts are filled with more love than any fancy schmancy quilt. That's obvious. Please enter me in the drawing

Bluebird49 said...

Oh, I'm glad your day was peace-filled. I seem to be up one day, down the next. I really hope Summer learning to deal with Fibro---it does bring one down!

Of course I'd like my name in for Sledding Santa. One lucky someone will enjoy that piece of artwork!

Carol said...

OH YES! I want my name in that drawing for that sledding Santa because I absolutely would love to have that to add to my Santa room in my home. Each year, I decorate with snowmen but I always choose one room to decorate with all my Santa's and this year it will be my grand doll's room/ my office. I will be working on it within the next few weeks so that I can enjoy it all of November and December.

Estelle's said...

What a lovely thing to do...putting your daily thoughts and accomplishments in a that! I too, would be thrilled to own a Linda are such a talented artist....we have cool autumn weather this morning..let's enjoy every minute!

Susie said...

Linda, When you show us pictures of your outdoor areas, they look as inviting as the inside of your home. I think it's those little lights, it makes things warm and cozy looking. Softer. Glad to hear that LD took a day off from working. LOL. Bet you just about had to hog tie him. Blessings to you both for a wonderful new week. Love you guys, xoxo, Susie

MimiG said...

Loved that photo of your gazebo, looks so welcoming! You will enjoy your visit with Summer and Rayne I'm sure, enjoy all the hugs and giggles.. So glad that family is back safe.. Prayers continue for Summer and her health issues. Ooh, the Santa picture - love it, love it..

Sandra said...

so glad LD is ok after the meds thingy... I like your non spooky lights and punkins... and love the photo of your yard with the lights and the gazebo glowing. it is a decoration to... thanks for the giveaway

Joyce F said...

Reading your post just felt relaxed! Good to have those kinds of days in our lives. For LD too! Enjoy seeing your paintings and would love to have one!

Unknown said...

I love your blog but I never comment! It amazes me how much you all do on a daily basis...No moss grows under you two for sure!! I collect something "Santa Claus" every year and would love an opportunity to cherish one of your paintings on my wall! So please enter me in your drawing!

Norma said...

Such a great giveaway :)

Pam said...

I am loving this "fall" weather here in northeast Texas also! I would also love to have a chance at your painting, it is so awesome! I hope you have a wonderful Monday!

Debbie said...

your slow day, would be a busy day for me. yep, i am not so sure how you fit so much in but i love it and i enjoy reading about it!!

our weather is starting to change but each day is different than the one before. it's cool and rainy today, we have had a lot of rain, but the temperatures are all over the place!!

i can't believe you are going to give that santa away, it is a beauty as all of your paintings are. i wish i lived closer, so you could teach me...i am silently jealous of ruth!!

Debbie said...

and i forgot i was going to say that my blog is my journal to some extent. and if i want to know what i did one day, i look at my pictures...then i know what i did because i take pictures almost every day!!!

Tina said...

I have never commented before but I love your blog! You have such a way with words and your posts are uplifting and inspiring! I would love to win the sledding santa, you are such a talented painter as well! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful give away, the sledding Santa is wonderful!
Dawn R.

Vee said...

Oh please do toss my name into the hat! Your outdoor areas look so pretty and Narnia magical.

Beth said...

Your yard looks pretty, Linda. Sometime could you please show pics of your 3 ponds and talk about them a bit? I'd love that!
Your Santa is adorable and I'd like to be included in the drawing.
Prayers for Deanie and for Summer. Have a good week!

Unknown said...

You are so generous - love your giving nature!

Eva said...

I'd just love to be able to paint like you do! I just bought a paint by number set. Does that count? Ha! It's not a Santa, though!

Jodi W. said...

Always an inspiration Linda! Love all the lights outside, think I need to do the same!!!
Blessings from Ohio.......

Sarah K. said...

You are so talented and you accomplish more in a day than I do sometimes in a week!!! I love your blog and always enjoy your adventures!