Sunday, August 6, 2017

Big Buys at Big Lots and Preparing for Fall......

After church this morning I had this irresistible urge to go to Big Lots!
You have to DETERMINE to go there as Highway 183 is under extremely serious construction and it is NOT an easy in and an easy out place these days!

I scored on so many things!
These three candles will be lit on September first!
That day is like my very own personal holiday!
I will light the candles, sip coffee from my vintage fall cup, drink tea from my fall goblets and play Neil Diamond singing September Morn nonstop all day!
I will also bake pumpkin spice muffins and fruitcake cookies and take them to my friends.

I made a pretty big haul! TWO buggies FULL to the tune of over $200!!!
But I bought such a great bunch of goodies!
Everything from Blueberry Tea to shortbread cookies to candles to a fan to crackers of every kind and on and on........

We came in and unloaded and ate a good lunch of leftovers......
pizza, wings, fruit.....we cleaned out the fridge!

Since it's too early to watch the Dallas Cowboys play football.....

.... we watched Space Cowboys instead!
We have seen this movie before but we enjoyed it yet again!

Louis Dean went off to take a nap and I had this overwhelming urge to get out some of my fall debris.

I am at the stage in my life when I am re evaluating what I can and can't do.

I can't clean and decorate the entire place in one fell swoop anymore. 
And I am growing weary of always pushing and pushing to get the things done that I so fervently want to do.

I'm in a period of contemplation. 
Of course, I want to do it all! Don't you?
When I was in my 30's and 40's I was a force to be reckoned with when it came to energy and what I could accomplish. I slowed down in my 50's due not only to age but life changes. Surgeries and divorce and later remarriage. I pushed on through the 60's in hearty style.
We closed up the house here when I was 64 and took our camper to Katy, Texas and lived in it for 7 months so we could be there for Amber and the babies. It was long and hard work and I would get so tired I would go back to the camper at night and cry from sheer exhaustion and yet wake up the next morning and do it all again and never let Amber see how tired I was because she was fighting so hard to survive herself! And through this entire period of time, I had a nonstop run of Urinary Tract Infections that I cannot even imagine dealing with now that I have not had one in over a year!
Sometimes I look back at where I've been in life and what I've done and I am amazed that God gave me the strength to do it. In 49 days I will be 69 years old and I am beginning to feel my age and thinking about my goals and dreams and desires. 
I truly believe God gives us the desires of our heart - but we have to know what it is we truly desire.
I am at a crossroads in life. They come not only for young people but for us older ones as well.
Pretty deep thoughts for a Sunday night but that's where I'm at.

The one thing I have figured out so far is that I will always decorate for fall! As long as I have the least bit of energy, I will be throwing up garlands and scattering leaves and setting out pumpkins and lighting candles.....and celebrating my most favorite month - September - and my most favorite season - Fall! It will just take me longer to set the stage than it used to so that simply means I must start a bit earlier. And so I have!


Deanna Rabe said...

I love that you are figuring out new ways to get things done! Fall is my favorite too!

Ginny Hartzler said...

I KNEW you were going to talk about the Neil Diamond album!!! I guess I will just have to buy it! I had "Hot August Night" when it was an actual record album. We are exactly the same age! I can only clean one or two rooms at a time now, not the whole house anymore. And need more light left on at night, and sticky soles on my slippers...things one never needs or thinks of when we are young. I have been to Big Lots this week! But did not buy anything. Tuesday Morning tempts me more, you need to go THERE, too! They have wonderful Fall stuff! And cheap games and puzzles for the kids. And candles! I believe the older we get, the more we have to do things that make us happy, because getting older can be depressing at times. I love your little angel lamp!!

Bluebird49 said...

What a haul! Yes, I can remember the things I could get done in my 30s, then a hysterectomy in my late 40s was a really bad game changer. I had a blood clot in 1996, then another in 2016, and many fallsduring ''16 and '17. I still have clots in my legs and in my lung---so I don't get around too well anymore! But I'm still here, and reading your blog! ❤️

Linda said...

I love this post. Fall and fall decorations are also my favorites. I believe goals and lists are essential for planning the future. I am so ready for fall to come and the air to become crisp and cool. Heat drains all my energy. It's interesting how our 'wants' change as we age.

Kathy said...

I have been slowing down for quite awhile so I know exactly what you mean. When I moved in my house at age 27 I could clean the entire 3 stories in one day. Not so now. One room in a week now.

You got a lot of things at Big Lots. I've never been to one. Enjoy those candles.

Arlene Grimm said...

Linda, I am 62 and I agree with what you said, we do slow down. There was a time I could clean everything in one day but now I break it down to several days of the week. But like you, as long as I can go I will celebrate the seasons and enjoy life.

Estelle's said...

I love, love, love seeing your fall posts....I am right there with you in wanting to decorate but am holding myself back until after vacation. It just makes the soul come to life....the older we become it seems harder to find our purpose....let's count our blessings..enjoy the decorating Linda.

Susie said...

Linda, Wow girl, that's a big haul from the Big Lots store. I know you are ready for your favorite time of year. I hope it lasts for a really long not ready for winter...even tho we have had days where it was miserable hot. I have enjoyed having the AC off and the windows open...but that is coming to an end...the 80's are returning here. And I am not talking about the big hair 80's, I am talking about wilted hair 80's. LOL. I wish God would let keep some of our strength throughout our lives. I was really my strongest in my 40's too. Trim, fit and carrying ladders and conduit. Now I am starting to feel weak. I need to start exercising on a regular basis. Blessings to you sweet girl, love you, xoxo, Susie

Diana Ferguson said...

Enjoyed this post, Linda!

Sandra said...

when you start posting about fall decorations and the weather man says there are 3 possible hurricanes out in the Atlantic I know my birthday is looming.. I will be 73 in 28 days. you are getting a head start and that is good because it gives you more time to enjoy it.. I agree with Ginny, at our age we should do what makes us happy and you are.

Patricia Abbott said...

I always enjoy your posts Linda my friend. Fall has always been my favorite season. How God brings the beautiful colors to life is amazing. Thank you for the beautiful photos that you share.