Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Curiosity Shop, Tuesday's Treasures and Santa Paintings to Come!

It's after midnight as I write about the wonderful Tuesday Ruth Ann and I had!
Since I was up late last night, it was 10:00 when I woke up this morning and I knew I was not going anywhere anytime soon. The first thing I do on Tuesdays after my very first cup of coffee is to call Ruth Ann to firm up our plans for the day. We decided I would pick her up at 1:00 - which changed to 1:15 and I actually showed up at 1:30! I would have been there at 1:15 if I had not spent 15 minutes looking for the cookies I had bagged up to take to Reaoma! Turns out, I had put them in the foyer - where I always put things to take - and Logan assumed they were for them - and she took them to the car last night when they were loading up. Of COURSE, they were for them! It's a good thing I made a double batch!! Turns out that the butterscotch chip cookies are dry and crunchy and Reaoma can barely swallow as it is. 

I left them for Pam and made a mental note to bring the chocolates she loves and that Pam had in a drawer for her. I fed her one of them and licked my fingers! They are seriously GOOD!!
We had a nice visit and I'm not quite sure how much I should share about our dearly beloved Reaoma. I tend to share just about all of my life and sometimes I'm reminded that MY life overlaps with the lives of OTHERS who have more of a concern for privacy - and rightly so.
However, I will say that Reaoma has been steadily declining and is in need of additional care to make this last part of her life more comfortable. Her daughter, Pam, is an amazing person who has been there for her mom every step of the way.
During our visit, I gave Reaoma a leg and arm massage, fluffed her hair, rubbed cream on her hands  and fed her chocolate and plenty of water. We watched a little TV together and talked about the summer she painted her house - wearing a red bikini!
And the time she celebrated her 40th birthday by buying a bright red Jeep!
I kneeled by her chair before we left and had prayer.....thanking God for our friendship and all the wonderful memories we made together and how she has celebrated every stage of life.
She squeezed my hand and our hearts met together with God in prayer. 
I will admit that for awhile, I would visit Reaoma and come away with confused emotions.
Not so now. I had a friend who died from breast cancer several years ago. I was there for her and her family in so many ways. Stephanie and I took food in every Friday for over a year. However, when the cancer was so obviously winning, and she wanted to talk, I couldn't do it. 
I learned from that experience. I hope Connie had other friends who were more present in her time of need. I wasn't one of them. I have since tried to redeem that experience. When my friend, Carol, faced the same situation, I was there. When my cousin's daughter fought and lost her battle, I was there. Not to the degree of others who were of far more comfort than I - but - I WAS there.
And I am humbly there for my friend, Reaoma.

When we left,  our spirits were good knowing that God has set a plan in motion and that Reaoma is loved. When I left,  I told her that I love her and she tried to talk. I said, "I know you love me, too." And she squeezed my hand.

Ruth Ann and I love this place!
Located at the corner of Rock Island Road and MacArthur.....


this little shop has recently been bought by a couple of feisty ladies!
We told them last week we would be back on Tuesdays and so we were!

Afterwards, we hit up the DAV, Goodwill and Thrift Giant!
These are my Tuesday Treasures!
The little pillows are for gifts to Mother and Lillian. I will make satin cases for them and they can keep their Friday hair do's a bit longer. Plus I will make one for myself! The white plate finished my set of four for the den table. I use them to layer the fall dishes. The tablecloth is now in the dining room and looks lovely!

I dropped Ruth Ann off at her house and we made plans to do art at 7:00.

We meant to start Santa Paintings in July!
Normally, I play Christmas music and serve hot chocolate and candy canes while we paint Santa Claus! That didn't happen this year - or even last year!

We have selected our Santas, made a pattern and traced it on the canvas using graphite.

It is now ready to paint - next time!

We tradiitionally do two Santas each year and this is our second one.
 Actually - the FIRST one we chose!

And this is the way we hope he will look!
After Ruth Ann left, I started decorating and cleaning.
The den, foyer, living room and most of the porch was already done.
I had already started on the dining room.....

so that's where I spent the next two hours!

Nothing is in the same place as last year and that keeps it interesting.

I have to tell you - no matter what is going on in life - decorating helps!

I missed my goal of posting by midnight!
But I met so many other goals today that I am going to bed happy!!


Kathy said...

It is sad to see our friends and loved ones decline in their later years. Bless you for being there for your friend. You and Ruth Ann have the best adventures. You always get great things in your travels. I love both Santas that you are doing and can't wait to see them finished.

Andrea said...

Oh how I loved reading this post, Linda! From the beautiful reminiscing about Reaoma (I look care of my mom for 7 years in an addition we built onto our house for her) to the plans of painting the Santa (I paint too!). We have much in common & I look forward to reading your future blog entries. Hope you had a good night's rest last night! ~Andrea xoxo

Vee said...

God love you, dear Linda. You've left me in a puddle of tears, but good ones. Thank you for this thought-provoking post.

Susie said...

Linda, You have a good heart. I know you friend Reaoma knows you love her and you know she also loves you. I am glad you spoke of the memories with her. You are a comfort for her and her daughter. Ruth Ann and you going to your favorite shops makes me want to tag along. I am loving the picture you have decided to paint this year. I also enjoy your decorating too. Blessings, xoxo,love you, Susie

Arlene Grimm said...

Linda, one of my regrets to this day is my care of a patient who had leukemia and wanted to talk about dying. I was 22 years old and I put her off....I still think of that conversation that took place over 40 years ago. My Christmas in July(August) post is up today. It was fun and less stressful than the annual Christmas in December.:)

Sandra said...

I love wandering in a curiosty shop and now just thought of you live in one and I would like to wander and look at your things to.. I am like you, I tend to tell everything and anything that happens in my life, while others rarely mention there private lives. you and I are sisters in that... wow on a red jeep for birthday

Deanna Rabe said...

Linda, I love how open you are. Its not easy for people to be able to deal with end of life issues, but you are amazing that you've grown in this area and are able to do it now. Reoma's journey 'home' will be much nicer because of your tender loving care.

I love your days with Ruth Ann. Your santa paintings are going to be so cute.

Enjoy your decorating!

Carol Slater said...

I love that you are there for your friend in this time of her life and I appreciate that you respect their privacy as well.
I enjoy seeing your decorations, but I can't make myself decorate for fall yet. I don't want summer to end. Maybe in September I will put those fall decorations up. I do love your Santa though!

Ginny Hartzler said...

I know how hard it is to visit with a dying friend. I have lost several of my best friends through the years, this is one of the hardest things about getting old. But Reaoma is so blessed to have you! You are so full oh joy, and I always love hearing your laugh. I KNOW what a huge blessing you are in her life. You must be like a cool breeze walking in her room. Talking about joyful times, praying, even feeding, this is all we can do. The Curiosity Shop reminds me of the movie by the same name!! It loos wonderful! And I love the tablecloth! Your home is looking more and more beautiful!

Jaybird said...

Just sending you a hug...we are losing a friend as well, and it is tough!!
Decorating has always been my stress/sorrow/exhaustion reliever. Just give me a box of "stuph" and I can lose myself for hours. I have not started with the fall décor, because hubby just "doesn't get it", but I am making new valances for the den and kitchen, so I am a happy camper.