Thursday, August 10, 2017

A Fort Worth Day!

Once again - Ruth Ann and I were heading west on yet another adventure this morning!
First stop was Trader Joe's - our most favorite place these days!
I'm becoming a fan of wine with screw top caps instead of corks - especially for our upcoming beach trip. I stocked up on a few bottles of bubbly cranberry wine and a couple of our favorite whites.
No 'Two Buck Chucks' for THIS trip!
I also picked up another two bags of those cool chips and Island Salsa to share with everyone once we get there.

Our lunch place today was Charleston's and we LOVE that place! It's on Hulen Street and was cool and dark and had gas lights which just added to the ambiance!

Ruth Ann all pretty and smiling!
We each ordered a bowl of potato soup - which was delicious!

Then we split the Chicken/Avocado Club Sandwich.
Even splitting - we were STUFFED!!!

Tuesday Morning on a Wednesday afternoon?
Yes, please!
I loaded up on tea, seasonings, coffee and tea!
AND a room fragrance space called Autumn Harvest and one that smells like that old favorite of mine - Claire Burke Apple Jack and Peel - which I will save for Christmas!
On September first, I will scent the house with the Autumn Harvest!

Next was to visit Mother in the nursing home.
I'm happy to say that Lillian is much better and will be returning to their shared room tomorrow.
She has been across the hall in quarantine. 
Mother is still loving it there and we continue to pray that all goes well and she can stay!
Deanie is still jumping through hoops and filling out forms and getting papers signed so that everything will be just as it should be. It may take three months to get it all settled.
Nothing is ever easy.
While Mother says she is still happy to be there, she is not happy about the quality of sheets on her bed. Sometimes you just have to make do with what you have.

We met Deanie and Charlie in the parlor after their appointment with the financial director and it was good to see them. They are the ones carrying the burden of all the paperwork along with the phone calls and requests for additional information and so many other details.
I'll be honest - a bit of a concern is that they will want to give Mother back to us - at least that's a concern for me and I'm pretty sure the others feel it as well. That's not an option so I am hoping and praying the Lord will work all these million little details out and we can rest our hearts and minds about this. It was 6:00 when we got home and I went right to work cleaning in the sewing room.
My goal is to leave the house clean when we go on vacation. That's a worthy goal but I'm not convinced it will happen this time!

Tonight we had a bit of a celebration!
Frozen Mango Wine Slushies!
They were good - but I think I like the strawberry ones best!

Reaoma's daughter, Pam, joined us for dinner.
Tomorrow is her birthday so this was a perfect time to celebrate!
Louis Dean cooked the meal - Shake 'N Bake Chicken, Seasoned Green Beans and old fashioned mashed potatoes! This is one of his favorite menus.

Just before I came in to write my journal post, 
we were sitting in the gazebo and he started singing 'Paper Roses.'
It's been a long day and we are ready to call it a day.

It's time to turn out the lights!!


Ginny Hartzler said...

I love those glasses the slushies are in! Surely they would not have admitted your mom in the first place if there was a chance they would send her out? She is looking good! And I'm so glad her room mate is better now. Louis Dean must know the words to so many songs. How wonderful to be serenaded by his lovlely voice!

Bluebird49 said...

Oh Linda, I hope you all have a wonderful time at the beach! And I pray everything will go well with your mother's place in the retirement home. I feel so badly for Deanne! Hope you all will find the right place for all of you to be in after the three months are over. We made our little GI house "home" to both my dad and moms. Not at the same time, but we wanted to let them know we were here for them. I can't imagine that for years as Nita and Deanne have done!It was stressful no matter how well we got along-- with both our own kids at home in this little 3 small bedroom, 1 bath house, well- we did what we needed to do! I hope your mom will be able to remain where all of you are pleased with--- with people living longer these days, situations are different for us all. I lost my mom in 2011, and I know I will never stop missing here!

Andrea said...

Oh what a beautiful home you have, Linda, and what beautiful pictures from a blessed day. I too will pray for Mother's situation. So hard! Don't let your mind "go there"... just trust God as He will take care of everything. Lovingly, Andrea

Estelle's said...

Wishing you a fun filled beach trip! Gulf Shores is usually a great place to vacation..holds dear memories for us! Relax and enjoy your famiy time!

Arlene Grimm said...

I hope you have a great beach trip Linda. I know the cares about your mother are weighing all of you down, praying all works out and she can stay in that lovely facility.

Vee said...

Well I certainly hope that you bought a paper rose! That was sweet singing. Another wonderful day with those you love.

Susie said...

Linda, I am going to pray for you and your siblings that your mom gets to stay there in her new home. I know it will be the best thing for all of you and her too. I like that you girls split your meal....I can't get Ted to do that with me. I absolutely love that LD knows all those old songs from long ago and will sing when the mood hits him. Makes me smile. What a sweet surprise for Pam. Blessings to all there. xoxo,love, Susie

Deanna Rabe said...

Linda, I'll add my prayers that all the paperwork will get settled and that your mother will be a permanent resident!

We don't have a Tuesday Morning here anymore and I miss it! I'm glad you are preparing for your beach vacation. I love Trader Joe's too!

Louis Dean is a wonderful singer, and he sings from the heart!

Kathy said...

My prayers too that your mom will be able to stay where she is. So good for everyone involved including her. I love those glasses you showed. So pretty!

Sandra said...

you have so many wonderful adventures and with so many different family and friends. enjoy.. loved the song from LD.. and the lights out at the end.. that sandwich is HUGE and looks delish. good idea to share

Carole said...

Screw tops are the way to go - all NZ wine pretty much now has them - not only are they convenient,the wine is never off (or corked) when you open it! Cheers

Carol Slater said...

I wish you the best of luck in getting your home cleaned before you leave on vacation. I am thankful that your mom is enjoying the home and I pray that she can stay there. I know that it has been a hard decision to make but one that needed to be made.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

It seems you are always up to another adventure! Hope you are able to get your mother's paperwork completed and that she can stay where she is.

Nancy Chan said...

Good food and company always go hand in hand. Love all the happy faces in the photos. I hope you mom wouldn't mind the quality of the sheets too much and overlook small things like the sheet. Have a beautiful day!