Tuesday, August 8, 2017

My New Poppy Apron and a Quad Monday!

Look what arrived in the mail this morning!!!

A brand spanking new apron from My Mother's Apron Strings!
I was so excited!!! 
Thank you, Susan!!! I cannot believe I won this and am feeling so blessed and honored to have one of your famous aprons.
This was a perfect day to  break it in, too!!
Quad Monday happened here at our house.
The next to last Quad Monday for 2017!
The kids start school soon and we won't have a regular day with them until school is out next spring.

The kids arrived around noon and I had set out a couple of play stations and they went right to them.
Rayne had left a super cool magnet set and a Pirate Ship complete with dozens of little figures.
I had placed these in the den and as they played, I could hear Kailey say, "MeeMaw has put out some cool things!!" I also had the den completely cleaned and decorated and they noticed every little detail! I had been working in the living room and foyer with some fall decorations so a couple of the kids decided to help me. I'm really happy they enjoy all the debris around here!

Our first project of the day was Rules of the House!

We had got behind a bit so today we did Rule #10 and Rule #11.
It's not surprising how often we or one of the quads recites a Rule at just the exact moment it's needed.

Granddad got the kids interested in a program - it used to be Paw Patrol but now I think it's something called Blaze - while I prepared lunch.

Both of these items purchased yesterday at Big Lots were big hits with us today.
The quads have a much larger palate than the average 5 year old.
I knew Trystan would love the Pesto Mac and cheese - and they ALL did!
The girls love olives and nearly devoured a large container I bought at HEB's olive bar when they were here last Thursday!
I added some cheese and these Focaccia crackers to the remaining olives on a tray and it was a big hit!

Lunch was served in the den.
The cool front and rain that was promised in the weather forecast failed to show up!
Too hot and too humid to eat outside.

While I did the dishes, Granddad set out their pallets and the kids chose books and had a quiet time.
Once I was finished in the kitchen, I read three chapters of On the Banks of Plum Creek out loud before we ALL went sound asleep for nearly 2 hours!
I make the den dark and crank up the AC!
Everyone gets a snugly blanket and that makes for a great nap experience!

Our special 'after nap' snack fell rather flat.
I thought they would enjoy Cracker Jacks far more than they actually did!

Good thing we made a double batch of cookies!
Chocolate chip and butterscotch chip.
We really need to give away most of the butterscotch ones.
I LOVE them!!!

Granddad was on KP duty for dinner so, while he manned the kitchen, the kids and I went out in the front yard to do some gardening.

Harrison is picking mint for our tea.
He also picked some rosemary which I used on the garlic toast tonight.

Can you guess who this little princess is?
She has walked on her tip toes ever since she COULD walk!

I gave each child a small pair of scissors - much to Granddad's dismay since he thinks they should live in a bubble! They dead headed the roses for me and clipped piles of mint and whatever blooming flowers they could find in this August garden of ours.
Kailey said, "I never knew picking mint could be so much FUN!"
I think it was more about just being outside and exploring that provided the charm.

At one point as we were all out there in the front yard - scissors in hand and baskets on our arms - 
the promised rain decided to pour down - all of a sudden and without warning! It lasted less than 15 minutes! After a little pandemonium - it was over and everyone calmed down and we all went back to our activities.

Just look at that smugness on Louis Dean's face as he announced that dinner is served!!
Actually, he said it was ready!
He held court with the kids while I plated the food and set up the table.

I thought they enjoyed the lunch I made!
That was nothing compared to the way they wolfed down their dinner!

Amber arrived in time to eat and then she and I set to work on a couple of swim suits for Trystan.
We are all so excited about our upcoming Beach Trip! It will be a big family experience! First experiences for the quads in so many ways! I am counting the days!

As they drove away tonight, Amber paused in front of the house with the car windows rolled down and the kids all called out - "See you at the BEACH!!!!"
And so we will!!


  1. You look fabulous in your new apron from Susan! Another wonderful Monday and beach time just ahead. Can life get any better? (Perhaps a little more rain, but not while you're at the beach.)

  2. Linda, I love your blog so much...it makes me smile reading about all the adventures right there at your house. Your sweet quads are growing up. Always such good helpers. So nice that LD prepared dinner while you could garden with the little ones. I think you and LD will truly be missing the quads once they are going to school. You both can take a bow along with Amber and Mike, as you have helped teach the children so many things of life...kindness, art, gardening, the love of reading and even picking good TV for them. Blessings to all of you, love you guys, xoxo, Susie

  3. Lovely apron Linda!! And a fun day as usual. Your grands are going to have so many wonderful memories of days at the grandparents house!!

  4. I love the apron! I'm also jealous your going to the beach:)

  5. I have not had anything butterscotch in about 10 years and I do love that flavor... that apron may just be the prettiest one I have ever seen. love the bright colors, it is a happy apron... my aunt would want it. she had a huge collection of aprons.
    cool way to nap... yet another fun day in quadville

  6. Another special memorial day. I would love to be able to jump into the future and hear what the quads would say about these special times.

  7. Going to miss your Quad Monday posts, they have grown up so fast, still remember their first tea parties, you have created memories they will always cherish.
    Have a great time at the beach,I am sure you will. We are heading to Florida and the beach later this month before visiting Melissa.
    How is Summer feeling? Love the apron,and your butterscotch cookies sound yummy.
    Thanks for sharing🙂

  8. We are all going to miss Quad Mondays! Why do kids grow up so fast?! (smile) They are going to love Kindergarten!

    You're family beach trip sounds like a great time!

    LD is looking strong and healthy! How nice that he likes to cook, too.

    Great apron! I wear one almost everyday too, while I work around the house!

  9. You look adorable in the new apron!! It is so YOU!! And your Fall table is so pretty. Louis Dean can come over and cook me spaghetti any day!! How did he learn to cook so well? Not only that, he can both bake AND cook!! Well, surely they at least got a kick out of the toy in the Cracker Jack boxes? This makes me think that I will now get some boxes of it for our girls! I bet they have never tasted it before. I am looking forward to your posts from the BEACH!!!

  10. I know we'll all miss Quad Mondays. They've been so lucky to have you and Louis for them this long! I know they'll always remember these days.☺. And Amber and Mike have had some "us" time, too. I'm sure all the time you're needed, you'll be there for all your kids and grands---and Louis Dean, as he is for you. God has made you two a wonderful life! I hope you enjoy the peace of slowing down a bit, and decide if you need a new, slower pace, that you will embrace it!
    Love, Trudy

  11. Hi Linda, I wonder if you'd be able to volunteer at the Quad's school - that is assuming you want to fill the time freed up on Mondays? cheers

  12. What...no more quad Mondays? We have all enjoyed them along with you! Love the apron.