Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Tuesdays are BACK!

Tuesdays are back and Ruth Ann and I had a good one yesterday!

The first thing we did was visit a dear friend of mine at the Assisted Living home where she lives.
It's hard to see someone you love suffer and my friend, Reaoma, is suffering.
She has an extremely rare neurological disease which has steadily taken away her eyesight and ability to speak or even stand up and walk by herself. She's been to the ER twice in the last week.
Her daughter is an amazing woman and has done a fine job in caring for her mother but it has been painful for her - and exhausting. She never complains and there's nothing she wouldn't do for her. Reaoma spent two years caring for her husband before he passed away and her symptoms became more noticeable.
Reaoma has lived a magnificent life and done so many things.....
she painted porcelain dolls - Indian dolls since she is part Cherokee herself.
She raised, trained and sold miniature horses.
She and Doug retired to East Texas and built their dream home together - a log house cabin.
I took Amber and Benjamin down to Rainbow's End every August for a week where Doug would take them fishing, riding horses, shooting, practice with bow and arrows and he even taught Amber how to drive! Reaoma would cook wonderful meals and she and I would sit for hours and talk. We would go to garage sales and doing large painting projects together. We did this every single August for years! ! I remind her of all these memories every time I visit.

We left Reaoma and headed to Starplex to see The Mummy with Tom Cruise.
I whipped my $1 out and Ruth Ann got hers plus another dollar since they had gone up on their price recently. We were astonished when the guy said,"That will be $10.50 please!"
What??? He explained, "AMC bought us and we are no longer a second run theater."
Well, The Mummy was released June 9th and is no longer playing in the 'first run' theaters.
Sooooo.......I told the young man, "I'm afraid our relationship with Starplex is now over."
They are upgrading the theater and we will certainly be back when there is something we really want to see. Plus, Summer told me about AT&T Ticket TWOSDAYS!
You buy one ticket and get one free!
Win! WIN!!
This is good at ALL AMC theaters!
While we passed on a movie this time - we will plan ahead and definitely see one next week.

Next stop? Curiosity Shop! It now has new owners so the bargains and finds are as good as ever!
We will be making this a regular Tuesday Stop!

I got this beautiful wreath there!
Sunflowers are perfect for August decor!

We shopped DAV and Goodwill next and finished up with a trip to Aldi.

Brand new basket must have held a wedding gift.
I like the chalkboard tag.

The rest of my haul!
We are reading the Norman Schwarzkopf book in the small paperback version, so for $0.25 I upgraded to this nice big hard cover one!
I scored on FOUR pair of high quality clip  on earrings as well as the pieces of the vintage Vino hand painted collection dinner and salad plates.

I dropped Ruth Ann off at her house and came home to make dinner for the four of us - Roy and Ruth Ann and Louis Dean and me.

This was really GOOD!!! And easy!

We sat in the gazebo and visited while the casserole baked before eating together at the den table.

We enjoyed catching up with each other so much that we visited and forgot all about doing art..
We had rather talk....and so we did!
We made plans to paint tonight and that happened!

I picked Ruth Ann this morning for another day of adventures!

We both love Lovely Nails and had pedicures!
We walked right in and sat right down and had the place all to ourselves!

Totally relaxing! Even the weather complimented the ambiance with some light refreshing rain.
Rain in August in Texas is always something to celebrate!
The temps were mild as we drove down the road to eat lunch at McAlister's before going to Dallas to shop at Central Market.

We stopped by Quadville so I could pick up Harrison for some one on one time.

As soon as we got in the house, I pulled out all the Legos and he set to work building and making things. He was completely absorbed in his project and only stopped for a few moments to get himself a grape soda from the gazebo fridge and a tea cake from the treat basket.
He had one end of the dining room table and Ruth Ann and I had our art spread out on the other.

At long last - I finished the seascape!
I was not happy with the sky so I painted it again and finished up everything else.

I like it!
It was a fun painting. Just challenging enough to be interesting and not so hard that it made my stomach hurt!


This is Ruth Ann's and she will paint one more session on it next week before we start our Santas for the year.

**Update on Mother**
She is still enjoying her new surroundings and is as happy as she can be!
So are we!
Ruth Ann and I will be going over to see her on Friday.
We are still praying for her roommate, Lillian, who has been in the hospital for the last week.
Hopefully she will be back by Friday but if not, we will go visit her as well.

It's been a really good day!
Rain is still in the area and I am going out now to sit with Louis Dean in the gazebo.
I'm counting my blessings tonight......


Ginny Hartzler said...

My favorite of all your haul is the wreath. It is the most beautiful sunflower wreath I have ever seen!! Your seascape is gorgeous!!! You have been busy, busy! And sometimes that is a good thing!

Susie said...

Linda, I love your new wreath. So glad you and Ruth Ann got to have two days with each other. I bet it was nice to have dinner with her and Roy. That way the men get included and have some fun talking too. You got some fun things junking. I love the painting. Good work. Hope your mom's roomie get well . Blessings, xoxo,love, Susie

Vee said...

Made me smile throughout...lovely seaside paintings going there. I am proud of you gals for declining the movie. I probably would not have been able to turn on the dime to make a better choice. Well done! Glad that your mother is doing well. That makes everything so much easier. Saying a prayer for her roommate and I think you folks are such a loving second family for her. Have a sweet week!

Sandra said...

sorry to hear about your friend and that horrible disease. and happy to hear your Tuesdays are back... wow on the price at the theater.. you can buy the dvd for that price and watch it when you want to... or rent it. glad you are back to paintings and had a day out with Ruthann

Arlene Grimm said...

So glad that things are going well for your mother at her new residence. And your sweet friend...praying God's mercy over her. Glad to see you and Ruth Ann having fun together!!

Nancy Chan said...

I like the wreath and the paintings. Good to see photos of your friend and family members. The food look delicious! Have a beautiful day!

Deanna Rabe said...

Lovely days with a good friend! Glad your mom is still so happy in her new place! Such an answer to prayer!

Susan said...

I want to let you know you won July's apron on my blog!

Wanda said...

And you share a Winnie the Pooh saying..."It was a VERY good day." Love all your pictures, and that your mom is still smiling. Hope her roommate gets better real soon and can return to be with your mom.

Carole said...

Did I spot a bottle of wine on that table.... Glad you had a great day. Cheers

Diana Kosmoski said...

I am so glad you had a good time, Linda, with your friend. It is so good to see you having so much fun with an old friend. I am glad you went to visit your friend, too. It is hard to see friends start to age and fail...when we remember them as vibrant people full of vitality and sharp as tacks.

Much love to you- glad your mom is doing so well. xo Diana

ps. You might want to send the above comment to spam. He has been on my website, too....not good. If you go into your comments to send it to spam and then delete it Google won't let him post to your blog again.