Monday, March 13, 2017

The Last Few Days.....

The weather was beautiful over the weekend.
 We had some cooler temps, sunshine and blue skies and then some rain.
Perfect for working in the yard and sitting in the gazebo.

Saturday morning, I fixed breakfast and Summer and I ate outside on the deck.

Doesn't she look good??
She's off the high powered pain meds now so her fog has lifted.
She continues to get a lot of good healing sleep.

Every once in awhile, Louis Dean gets hungry for a certain something - like King Buffet!

He's asked about us eating here the the last week and Saturday we made it happen!
On our way back home, I saw the first bluebonnets of the season!

I filled a pair of boots up with my fake ones and hung it on the back wall of the house!
Spring has sprung! Before I went to bed Saturday morning night, I changed all the clocks in the house! We have at least one clock in every single room of the house except the hall and the utility room! I don't like losing that hour but it is a whole lot easier moving the clocks forward than it is when you have to put them back an hour.

This photo came up in my memories from last year.
I just love it!
Harrison's tiny feet there between his Granddad's big ones!

It was about 20 degrees cooler on Sunday morning when we woke up!
Louis Dean had a restless night and didn't get into really sound sleep until the wee hours of the morning, so he slept until noon!

Summer and I stayed in the den by the fireplace.
I had laid a fire ready to start over a week ago and it hasn't been cool enough to merit lighting it until yesterday, I kept it burning all day and all evening.

In the afternoon, we got out in the back yard and did some more redemption work!

Last year about this time, a huge limb from the big elm tree destroyed our gazebo and we spent all of spring and into early summer trimming the trees, redoing the deck and putting up our third gazebo!
That meant that we never got our property in shape for spring and played catch up all summer!

Louis Dean burned some papers and brush in our fire pit along with some firewood from what he cut up last year of the elm.

You could see the smoke through the gazebo walls and it looked so cool!
I knew that Sandra - aka Mad Snapper - would take pictures and then edit them into something special. I just took a video!

This is part of the giant elm that has been butchered at the top just about all its life due to the power lines.

And look what I found growing in a crack by the gazebo!!
Lemon Balm!! I've always wished flowers and such would spring up places like the weeds do and it finally happened!! I had lemon balm last year in a pot. This makes me smile and I have pointed it out to everyone who comes - do NOT pull this up! It is NOT a weed!!

This is the area I've been working on.
The stones where the bag of mulch is sitting and on to the steps by the sand box were all covered with overgrown Asian Jasmine. Later, when I was trimming the jasmine in the planter, I found THREE of those white rope lights underneath all that green! Back last year when we took stuff out of the old gazebo, Louis Dean just flung those over in the planter. While we were busy with the gazebo, the jasmine grew and covered the rope lights! It wasn't easy pulling them out of there!

Since we were working outside, I figured I would cook dinner out there, too!

I love stuffed Jalapeno peppers!!

Thus ended our Sunday!

Here's Summer Monday morning looking a lot better than she actually feels!!

Recovery from major surgery is not easy!
Today, her Home Health Care nurse came and did some exercises with her.
They stress NO BLT!!! Bending, lifting or twisting.
Her wound looks wonderful! However, it's mostly the piriformis pain that is still such a problem.

Amber brought the kids over to visit this afternoon - after all - it was Quad Monday!!
They were excited to see Aunt Summer and they have been praying for her.

I had a tray of Easter decorations and that really entertained the girls.

Aunt Summer had ordered pizza to be delivered right before the kids got here and that was a big hit!

Harrison was showing off his spelling skills to his aunt!

The girls nearly always end up at my sewing machine.
I may be the only grandmother that allows her grandchildren to play with straight pins.
Logan wanted to see on a few buttons and they all get some of my denim squares and 'make things!'
They use straight pins and tape to hold their creations together!

Harrison wanted to 'dig' something so Granddad took him out to his redneck garden!
I don't normally show pictures of this end of the yard but we really are reclaiming it!

Louis Dean wanted a garden so badly, he was willing to move Sanford and Son out!

Tonight Louis Dean and I were in his music room listening to a link Summer put on Facebook of Loretta Lynn and Willie Nelson's new music video of Lay Me Down.
Summer took this pic of us. I would share the link with you if I knew how - but trust me - it's a beautiful song!!

***I came back after reading my friends helpful suggestions. Hopefully, this works!***
Now before I close, I want to share my sister's fun with you!
Sister Deanie always takes Granddaughter Andie somewhere special for Spring Break.
Last year Deanie took her to San Antonio.

 This year she opted to stay right there in Fort Worth. They are staying at a hotel in Sundance Square.

This is the Cattle Drive in The Historic Fort Worth Stockyards!

There was a lot to see and do!

Carriage ride at night.......

and coconut Popsicles in the afternoon!!

Someday Louis Dean and I are going to go over and do this!!
It's amazing at all that's available and how many interesting places there are right in your own area!
It's also amazing that we tend to neglect the things in our own back yard!

Now! I'm all caught up and I hope I don't fall behind again!


Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Such a good post! I'll be praying for that specific pain that Summer is experiencing. Poor girl!

The kids are a delight and I'm sure they cheered Summer right up!

Ginny Hartzler said...

I just HAD to watch that new video, and I love it!! You will get to meet The Mad One in the fall? We say we are sisters from another mother, wish I could meet her, but we live across the country. Our state is in a state of emergency and the National Guard is here. Summer does look more relaxed than I have seen her! Your entire yard will be gorgeous! And in this post your gazebo looks huge! And quite cool with the smoke shadows. I love how you put the Bluebonnets in the boots! And I love the big and little feet. That ought to be framed and hung on a wall!

Kathy said...

So glad Summer is recovering. Now we have to pray for the pain. She looks good but I am sure she has a ways to go yet. I'm glad you are getting your yard cleaned up. It's going to look great.

Amber said...

It was a great visit and hopefully we cheered Summer up a little! Love y'all!

Hootin' Anni said...

Summer looks wonderful!! Such a beautiful smile. The kids look great, happy and busy with you two. Love the photo of the two of you in the music room. And the food....yum. Stuffed jalapenos? That would definitely be on our menu often.

I read your comment you left in Terra's blog about books....."What is life without books???? You and I wouldn't know! And we don't want to!!" Same for me. I love reading.

Nancy Chan said...

A wonderful post and enjoyed your sharing of photos of family members especially your grand kids. Have a beautiful day!

Sandra said...

summer looks wonderful and love the boots on the wall, and really love you and LD on one chair listening .. I am headed over to find the song. will send email with how to add link. the quads are so happy eating and digging and planting and singing.

Susie said...

Linda, Summer is looking better...she always smiles, bless her heart. LD is a meat and potatoes kind of guy. :):) He knows what he likes. I love that you both teach the little ones things they will remember all their lives. I saw on the news that the bluebells were growing there. Our winter has returned here and we have a fire going ..and going. But I do want spring to come back soon. LOL Hugs to all and blessings, xoxo, love you, Susie

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Linda, that gazebo looks wonderful!! You are going to really enjoy it. I also love the picture of you and LD...still love birds!!

Lori said...

I need to get out more... haven't seen bluebonnets yet!

Estelle's said...

So happy to see Summer is recovering. Takes so much out of you. Now, I just LOVE your gazebo! cannot wait for spring weather....lovely photos today Linda!

Vee said...

You are so right that we overlook what is in our own corner. Glaf that Deanie and Andie are having some fun in their own hometown. Summer is looking far more relaxed. She is a beautiful lady. Oh I do love that photo of Harrison's feet and of you and Louis Dean at the computer. Is this the video link?

Linda said...

I'm totally amazed by the difference in Summer's face. She looks so good! She may still be in a lot of pain but apparently a lot of stress is gone from her face now. I had to look up piriformis. I say a big BOO to anything related to the sciatic nerve, so painful. It does sound like it will go away, eventually. You and LD are indeed two romantics. That's a wonderful photo Summer took. You should frame that one. How about painting it?

Have you gotten President Bush's new book of the paintings he did of some of the veterans of the Iraq war? The story of how he decided to take up painting is wonderful. Try to catch him on TV or somewhere talking about it. I don't paint but I sent a copy of it to a sister-in-law who does and she thinks it's wonderful.

Vee said...

Oh look what I learned how to do!

LayMe Down

Linda said...

You are so clever!!! Thanks for the advice!! Between you and Sandra, I think I finally did it!

Gypsy Heart said...

I LOVE jalapeno poppers! Dinner looks delicious, as usual. I'm so glad Summer is feeling somewhat better! Just one day at a time and yes, the BLT is difficult. I've been mindful of all the bending that is just "normal" for our daily activities and it's amazing!

The quads are always sooooo cute! I love that they "make things". My son used to love to dig too. :)

Have a blessed week!