Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Quad Monday and Thrifting Tuesday!

This week we did something a little different for Quad Monday.
I prepared breakfast for them and their mommy brought them over in their pajamas!

Here they came!

I served chocolate gravy - courtesy of Estelle's!
Harrison loves hash browns so we had that and crispy smoked bacon plus biscuits!

They loved it all!!

Here they are giving Mommy goodbye hugs.

Then we we told them about the new sand......

and they were so excited!!!

Brand new sand!
We used to have a hot tub here and the hole is really deep so there is a LOT of sand in that box!!

The kids were a lot of help in cleaning up the sand toys.

You notice it's mostly the girls doing the work!
Can you see Harrison back there playing in the sandbox??

We taught them about gardening - at least a little.
They know not to pick the flowers or we won't get any tomatoes!
All these little arms and legs came in handy in spreading the cedar mulch around.

It's not the beach but toes in the sand still feels good!

Silly kids!

We ate a really good lunch of three cheese tortellini in Alfredo sauce, Italian salad and garlic toast.
Then we took equally good naps! Solid sleeping for all of us!
They usually wake up one by one and yesterday was no exception. Trystan was first so we spent a little cuddle time before Logan woke up after which we tip toed out of the den. It wasn't long before Kailey wandered in and then we had to go wake Harrison.

I promised them a bike ride before dinner and their dada was picking them up at 7:00.
They were the cutest things pumping their little legs. Sometimes one would get stuck and say, "I need a little help here!!" We went around the block twice and by that time we were ALL worn out!

We were just about to run out of time but we needed to get to Rule #4 of the Rules of the House.

The quads are pretty good at doing this already.
In explaining what it means, I said, "We take care of each other." 
And they do.

A hurry up tea party that doubled as supper!!
Win! WIN!!! We got it all in!!!

Then it was wine time in the gazebo!!
And this ended our Monday!

Tuesday morning we had an appointment with Louis Dean's cardiologist....
he got an EXCELLENT report!!!

We celebrated with a trip to Lovely Nails!!
He declined choosing a color!

He doesn't look nearly as happy as Ruth Ann!!
PLUS - he got a manicure AND a pedicure!!!
He cheered up later but I am proud of him for taking care of himself!

I took him home and then Ruth Ann and I do what we do nearly every Tuesday!
Hit up the Goodwills!!!
Here's my haul!

Some beautiful dishes!! These are Laurie Gates except for the one in the lower right hand corner.
I got two of those just because.
These will look great this summer on the dining room table!

I hit the jackpot with black and white!
One was brand new with a $39.50 price tag still hanging on it!!

The napkins were brand new.....
The Chocolat is really sturdy and I have a new outside wall in mind......
the vinyl love saying will go on the hall closet....
that pretty tablecloth will be used right after Easter.....
The plate rack will be re purposed - outside....

I could NOT resist this little bit of debris!!


I made it home in time to unload all my goodies and rest a minute in the gazebo with Louis Dean and then it was time for art!

Ruth Ann actually got ahead of me at one point!!
That's not supposed to happen!!

Session #2 on this canvas.

We still have a few sessions to go!!!

It's been a really good Tuesday!!!


I got my DNA results back today!!
Indigenous Amazonian.......
Who KNEW???

Tonight as I write, we are awaiting some serious T-storms with possible hail and winds.
I think I will go on to bed and just let them wake us up!!


Kathy said...

You have had a good Tuesday! I had a sandbox as a kid and loved it so I know how much the quads love theirs. I don't think I would like chocolate gravy. I'm not much for putting chocolate on my food.

Susie said...

Linda, I think the quads will be good citizens. They care for others and they are not afraid of working. I bet riding down the sidewalk with all those guys looked cute. We used to see a family ride their bikes when my girls were small...we called them the "blond haired family." It turned of to be the physic teacher from H.S. and his wife and children.
It's good that everyone got pedicures and manicures.
Glad the kids liked the chocolate gravy and biscuits. I used to eat that as a kid....but my aunt's was the best. Ruth Ann is doing very well in art. You are a good teacher. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Arlene @Nanaland said...

I always love seeing what you are painting Linda. I love that pretty. Maybe you could teach me to paint!! I love watching the painting classes on Create TV a part of our local PBS programming. I think my favorite is the truck you painted for Dean. And I will have a chocolate biscuit...yum yum.

Sandra said...

black and white is my favorite color of clothing and you did hit the jack pot. I would enjoy the toes in sand box to and by the squeals I know it was a big hit to have new sand.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Great quad Monday!

Your Tuesday was great too! Ruth Ann's painting is looking so good. What a nice painting to copy!

Glad for Louis Dean's good report!

Estelle's said...

I just always marvel at your energy! Bravo!

Gypsy Heart said...

You're like that little just keep going and going! :) I so wish I could do that! Glad you had some fun times! The kids are so adorable...always. You continue to make such treasured memories with them.

Awesome find on the black & white! Those are my favorites in clothing. Just add some red and turquoise on occasion. :)


Ginny Hartzler said...

So exciting about your DNA! The black and whites are a fabulous and beautiful deal!! I bet it was so much fun for Louis Dean to see the gleeful results of all his hard sandbox work! The seasons of our life-from hot tub to sandbox! That would be a good book title. The painting you have chosen to do is so pretty! Now I will recommend a movie for you. Chocolat, with Johnny Depp and Juliette Binoche. It is awesome! We are having a friend over on Friday to watch it the third time! You knew just where to put the wreath, and it looks fabulous there! I should have known the chocolate gravy comes from Paula Dean. I am very tempted to make it.

Linda said...

As always I enjoy reading about the quads and seeing pictures of them. I believe my girl Haley has gone back to a recessive gene and pulled in some heigth not evident in the photos I've seen of family.i see her as a very tall willowy teen with long narrow feet. Melissa Obama is 6'1". She's a striking tall willowy young woman.

The Goodwill plates are really pretty. Are they plastic or China? Morning glories always make me smile and sigh.

Our son did his DNA. He found it all very interesting.

Wanda said...

I love your Tuesdays....I think you get the Grand Prize for best MeeMaw. What love those children have for pour your life, love, fun and faith into them each time you are together. That's what us "Older Women" are instructed to do in Titus...You are that godly woman. Love and Hugs.

Vee said...

Well that was an interesting DNA report. Have your siblings done one? Interesting to compare them if so.

The quads loved the sand box, especially Harrison! Another great day with them.

The painting you are working on now looks like we look...snowy. I like that it will evolve to a beautiful garden.

Louis Dean is a smart man to take good care of himself. So much easier this way, too. More men should catch on.

Nancy Chan said...

Such a great bonding and blessed time for the quads and grandparents. They are learning so much from their grandparents. The dishes are beautiful and I like black & white too!

Bluebird49 said...

You got some great "debris"; those plates are so pretty! Anytime you post about the quads, it's a good day for me! What a rich life you have, Linda, and you seem to nurture it every single day.