Wednesday, March 15, 2017

My Tuesday - Short and Sweet!

Ruth Ann is in Florida and Summer is still recovering here in her childhood home, so this Tuesday was not my typical kind of day - but it was still a GOOD one!

It's important for Summer to get plenty of rest, take her meds and eat healthy.
Breakfast: Panettone toast, egg salad and fresh fruit bowl.

Lunch: a hearty salad with plenty of veggies, some fruit, cheese and chicken.

Dinner: Pork loin, green beans and a loaded baked potato.
(The pork loin and green beans were from our sweet Stephanie next door!)

Summer's assignment today was to find a recipe for cooking the green beans.
She did that! Microwave with garlic, butter and a little water.
I used 2 containers of the Little Caesars Garlic Butter!

It's important that Summer eat 'real food' and not just snacks.
Her body is slowly healing but she still needs plenty of protein and fruits and vegetables.
Now you would think these three meals were served in a timely manner.
They were - Chapman style!
We sleep late and stay up late and have a teenage schedule.
Breakfast was served slightly before noon.
Lunch at 3:30.
We finished dinner at 10:30.
Louis Dean is in his room playing music, Summer is watching TV and I am in here writing.

In between lunch and dinner, I did laundry, changed the sheets on both beds, did some more work on the back yard and when I was weed eating I found yet ANOTHER strand of rope lights!! AND they still work!!

It was nearly 7:00 when I left to run errands. 
Picked up a prescription for Summer and then drove up Beltline to Aldi.

Since it WAS Tuesday and it WAS right on my way, I dashed in to Goodwill just as the lady was giving the '45 minutes to closing' call.
Enough time to browse a bit and find this comfy cushy pillow.
In my house, we have LOTS and lots of pillows!
This one works perfectly to slip under Summer's ankles and has far more 'cush' than the one we were using!

My only other find was a clear acrylic pitcher which I will be taking with me to the ranch.
We leave tomorrow to report in for Critter Care Duty!
I feel much relief in that Summer is improving. She has been here 10 days - making it 2 full weeks since her surgery. I feel that she has turned a corner and is doing so much better.
Granted, she has complications in that she is diabetic and that she has that huge issue with her piriformis muscle - in BOTH hips!
We have friends that can come and check on her and I laid in a good supply of easy food from Aldi.
Of Course, I will be calling her everyday and hopefully Rayne and Sabrina will be getting well and be able to come over and visit.

In other news, I have been following Deanie and Andie on their adventures.

Deanie spotted this cool truck and shared it on our message link that we keep running with each other. She thought Lonnie would get a kick out of it. Lonnie can tell you about every vehicle we have ever been in since he was 5 years old!

This right here is a true picture of love!
Have I ever mentioned that Andie was extremely premature??
Andie is a strong fighter! She's pretty amazing!

Speaking of premature......

I saw the following picture on Facebook today.
This is what Amber said about it on her page:

"A sculpture of quadruplets in the womb at the Ontario Science Centre. It still amazes me that my body grew four babies all at once! They had to have been incredibly squished..."

I think that's one reason the quads are so close and play together so well.
They are always looking out for each other and are in tune with one another - seemingly from before birth.

Isabelle Science Centre - Isabelle -

I just heard the news tonight from my friend, June, and her daughter, Kimmy, that someone in their family is expecting triplets!! 2 boys and a girl!
How exciting and thrilling and SCARY!!!


Arlene @Nanaland said...

Have fun at the ranch...I know you and LD are like me and Marvin, enjoying the good life on the farm. Fortunately BIL, Bruce, takes care of the critters!! So glad to hear that Summer is doing better. Y'all have a fun trip. I look forward to seeing spring on the ranch.

Susie said...

Linda, I am glad Summer is improving daily. I hope your weather is good for being at the ranch. It will be a nice break for you and LD.I know you love that relaxing time. Hugs to all. Blessings, xoxo, love Susie

Sandra said...

that sculpture is amazing and so are your quads. glad you get to go to the farm. bob is like Lonnie, he can tell every car he ever owned or saw or wanted and the kind and what he did to it. like 6 transitions in his first car.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

God's handiwork is beautiful!

So glad Summer is recovering and has turned that corner of healing!

Still praying!

Curtains in My Tree said...

"A sculpture of quadruplets in the womb at the Ontario Science Centre

That is nothing but a miracle from GOd, amazing , love seeing it thanks

Gypsy Heart said...

Good grief, that food looks divine and I'm sitting here drooling! :) I'm so happy that Summer is improving and that she's had such wonderful care from you. My Dr told me that I would feel a lot better after 2 weeks.

Enjoy your time away ~ I know that you rest and relax while there. The sculpture is amazing! Only God could create a woman's body to produce 4 amazing babies...or 3 or 2.


Ginny Hartzler said...

This Quad sculpture is beautiful, and so well done. Now we can SEE how they all fit in there. I have your hours! We are real night owls, and I never have breakfast before noon. I am so glad Summer will be able to take care of herself, with the help of your easy food. She has come so far, with your help. I recently got a hip shot of cortisone, I wonder if that would help her? This pillow is so YOU. Phil likes to say that I close down a lot of stores. So many times, spur of the moment things are the most fun. So great that Deanie and Andie are having quality fun time together. Have fun at the Ranch!

Debbie said...

summer looks really good, you have taken such good care of her!! i have always wished i had someone to take care of me and prepare all my meals for me. i would love to live with you!!!!

here at my house we eat twice per day. 10ish and 3ish, i don't like to eat anything, even snacks after 5 pm. the quad sculpture is beautiful!!!

Carole said...

Love that statue! Cheers

Vee said...

That sculpture is impressive and teaches in a way that really makes one realize how amazing God is...Psalm 139 all over again. So glad that Summer is doing lots better. Praying for the discomfort in her hips to be healed.

Jill said...

So happy to hear Summer is doing well in her recovery! Those meals look so delicious... so I am having surgery March 27th.... I think I'm coming to your house too to recouperate, lol. ;-) Have a wonderful day!!