Friday, March 10, 2017

Mystery Reader, Salmon Dinner, Vinegar Cocktails and The Hunt for Red October!

Thursday was a happy day for the quads and their granddad!

They have been celebrating Dr. Seuss month and Amber, being the awesome mom she is, made them these great t shirts in the wee hours of Thursday morning to wear to school that day!

Guess who was the Mystery Reader???

Granddad!!! It really WAS a surprise and I appreciate the teacher taking these great photos!
They all closed their eyes as the reader came in and took his place.
This was when they opened their eyes!

And all four headed straight for their granddad!!

I love this photo sequence!

They got to him!!

And this is one happy Granddad!!!

Good job!

Now Louis Dean is reading to them.
And since Louis Dean is such an amazing man - he WROTE the book he is reading just a few weeks ago. He titled it, 'The Search for the Greatest Thing in the World.'
It was a success!!!!
Amber thinks it is worthy of being published and, since she is a professional writer, this is high praise indeed!

As Louis Dean was driving home from Dallas, I was on my way over there!
Amber was in need of my Rainbow vacuum cleaner and carpet shampooer.
I was all too happy to take it to her since I haven't seen the kids since last Saturday.

Harrison was the star of the afternoon! 
He was showing off his hula hoop skills!
Not only can he keep that hula hoop spinning - he can add an additional one on his arm!!
(Sorry my video wouldn't upload! Maybe tomorrow!)

While his mama was cooking dinner - to which I had been invited - Harrison and I entertained ourselves with my iPhone and my PIP app.

I think the quads have advanced palates for their young age!
Salmon is one of their favorite meals! This whole platter was full of salmon!
By the end of the meal - it was ALL gone!!

After reading the comments on my last blog post, I stopped at Aldi to pick up some organic apple cider vinegar to make a 'cocktail' using ACV, honey and some cold water.

Thank you to the dear reader who recommended this to improve Louis Dean's kidney functions.
Back in the 80's, I drank this every morning. My friend, Gram, advised us to take this 3 times a day and that's just exactly what we are doing!
While Louis Dean is not a big fan, he IS doing it!!

Update on Summer - Home Health Care came today for an assessment and she is hanging in there. Off the super strong pain meds - which were making her jittery and shaky - and on to milder ones trying to find the right combination that will work for her. She is recovering well from the back surgery but still dealing with the extremely painful piriformis which is in BOTH sides of her hips. She is the best patient in the world but my mother's heart continues to ache as I to watch her deal with all this pain.Thank you, everyone, for all the prayers for her!

Our Friday Night Movie was The Hunt for Red October!

I read the book in 1984.....

and saw the movie in 1990.
It was good then and it was just as exciting tonight!


Linda said...

Those photos of LD and the quads are too special for words. Glad to hear Summer is hanging in there. I know her recovery is far too slow for her liking.

Ginny Hartzler said...

The pictures of Louis Dean and the Quads at school are priceless!! They truly worship him! The title of his book sounds very good, and so intriguing! Harrison has great coordination! What is the outlook for the piriformis? Will it be getting better? I have read that stretching and P.T. can help.

Kathy said...

Love those pictures of the quads seeing their granddad. A special moment indeed that I am glad was caught on film. He should look into having his book published.

Still praying for Summer.

Latane Barton said...

Those quads are just adorable. What a wonderful surprise for them when Granddad showed up to read to the class. I was drinking the vinegar/honey drink. Then I stopped. Guess i should start back. They say it's good for you.

Susie said...

Linda, I love the t-shirts that Amber made for the quads. Perfect . I bet the children squealed when they saw their granddad was the reader. I love all the photos.A wonderful memory. I am still praying for Summer. It's great that she is not taking the strong meds. Sending hugs to all, Blessings for a great weekend, xoxo, Susie

Vee said...

What a warm, joyous welcome! Loved that. Yes, Louis Dean must publish his book so all children can enjoy it. Did the quads give it a collective thumbs' up?

Praying for Summer...

Changes in the wind said...

How fun for the quads to have Grandpa as the surprise reader...Hope Summer gets better soon.

Sandra said...

I wish I could hoola hoop like Harrison.. what a fun surprise to have LD as the reader.. I can see their joy. and I am thinking all the kids loved it to. this is a great idea having the family reader come

Debbie said...

LOVE those shirts, LD is the best!!!

G Dazeez said...

Continued prayers for comfort and healing for your Summer Dee! The quads are adorable in their red shirts! LD is smiling from ear to ear!

Terra said...

How exciting for your grands to have the mystery reader be their grandpa, and I like the title of the book he wrote and read to them. I pray Summer is healing. I like your comment on my blog today; "we don't know what life without books is and we don't want to know." So true.

Gypsy Heart said...

LOVE, love these photos of the quads and LD!! The teacher is a jewel for doing them. The shirts are so cute too! Glad they liked the salmon ~ so good for us! When Alex & Abby were small, their mom was out of town and I picked them up from school and prepared dinner, etc. until their dad got home. I planned to have salmon for dinner and they did not like that idea!! All the reasons for *not* liking it were given and I kept telling them it would be a surprise. :) They absolutely cleared their plates, not a bite of it left!

I hope Summer feels a bit more settled in getting off the heavy drugs. They adversely affect me too. She's still in my prayers for her recovery and healing.

The movie is a great one!

Nita said...

When the kids saw the Mystery reader was priceless, it made my heart melt when you saw the excitement with all of them running to Granddad . The smile on Granddads face was pure joy .

Carole said...

Not sure about the apple cider vinegar thing... I must get back to making lemon ginger tea in the mornings. Cheers

Arlene @Nanaland said...

So fun to see that mystery reader!!

BeachGypsy said...

Apple cider vinegar is an amazing product and helps so many things healthwise-- i need to start drinking mine again as well! Get well soon Summer!

Carla said...

OMG love the laughter on LD when the Quads saw there granddad. Too precious.