Saturday, March 4, 2017

Quads Soccer Game, Cold March Day and my Bathroom Full of Debris!

Our alarm went off this morning at 7:00 and after 2 snooze button pushes - we were UP!!
No coffee, just got dressed and staggered out to the car.

We left the house shortly after 8:00 and the game started at 9:00.
We were still slightly asleep!

Harrison was the star of the show making 7 goalies!!!
Every time he made one, he would get so excited and run over to the sidelines to celebrate!

Logan loves to play but I don't think this will be her favorite sport.
She LOVES gymnastics!

I love Kailey's poses here! It was a cold March morning but she seemed to have a good time.
She has a good kick!

Trystan is our surprise athlete!!
Who KNEW this little princess could play soccer??

All in all, I was totally impressed with what Coach Mike has taught them so far!
They may not 'get' everything about the game, but they are learning that five players should be on the field from each team. They know which goal is theirs and they know what out of bounds mean.

The little redhead on the right is adorable!
He is nearly a full year younger than the others but he scored a goal!
He would also walk off the field to come over and pat Trystan's hair. Or give Logan a hug.
Or take his shoes, shin guard, and socks off to scratch his foot. We laughed and hollered and cheered the team on and even clapped when the other team scored. It was a lot of fun!
They only play for 30 minutes so it was over in no time!

There are 9 players on the team so the quads make up just about half of it!
Good JOB, Amber and Mike!!

Little video snippets of this morning's soccer game!

Did I mention it was EARLY???

And COLD????

But you have to admit - they were cute!!

After the game, we went in search of hot coffee and a good breakfast!
We tried Mama's Daughter and the wait was out the door. We tried The Egg and I - same thing.
Then we drove all the way back to Irving and into IHOP - REALLY long wait!!

Just as we decided to come home and cook our own breakfast, I thought about The Corner Bakery and we went right in and sat right down! Win! WIN!!
We even sat with our coffee and read the paper after we finished eating.
We hardly ever read a paper anymore!

Then we came home, put on our comfy clothes and went back to bed where we stayed all afternoon!

I talked to Summer this afternoon and she was holding up pretty well.
Still in a fair amount of pain. They took her bandage off and unhooked her from everything except the heart monitor. She will probably sleep better now that she's not all tied up in cords.
There's a chance she might come home tomorrow. If not - Monday for sure.

After I woke up good, I started cleaning both bathrooms.
What with working outside in the yard everyday for the past week or more, the house was in dire need of a good cleaning.

I started with my bathroom.
I seriously doubt that anyone could put more debris in a tiny space than I can!!

I love my bathroom!

If you suspected that I was neurotic or,  at the very least least, eccentric - now you know it to be true.

The LOVE and MOM are from the 1970's and survived the house fire of 1983.

I should have taken the hats down so your could see the old faucet knobs I hang my jewelry on.

No doors on this bathroom - just white curtains pulled across.

No much room to add another thing but I DO see an empty frame!

Louis Dean custom built a small dressing table for me with make up lights above it.

So much memorabilia in here.

It's not every one's cup of tea but this bathroom is so ME!!!
Amber told me not long ago that she admires the way we make our house fit US!
I'll tell you a little secret. Growing up we did not have access to a bathroom most of the time. 
Back then we made do with an old Folger's coffee can - the metal ones that had wire rims that would cut into our bottoms if we sat down on them with all our weight. As a young 8 year old and on, I would dream about scented bars of bath soap, toothpaste and toiletries. I longed for pretty things and I dearly loved all that was feminine and lacy.
God truly does give us the desires of our hearts and, while a bathroom like mine might not be for everyone, it suits me perfectly!!
Louis Dean made it the bathroom of my dreams!
I smile every single time I go in there!

Now in the morning, as soon as I throw the covers back, I will be cleaning the master bedroom in anticipation of Summer's arrival.
Thank you all for the continued prayer support for my daughter.
It was a journey to get the diagnosis and surgery and it will be a journey to her full recovery but we are rejoicing that she WILL be making a full recovery!!

I will end tonight's journal with the video that wouldn't load up last night!
Today it went on as easy as pie.

Personally, I think the prayer of a child is more powerful than just about any other.
Thank God for children who pray!!
May you be blessed to have one pray for you!


Ginny Hartzler said...

I never know what to expect next from you two crazy guys, staggering out first thing in the cold morning with no COFFEE! WHAT will you be up to next? YES! I would have crawled back into bed for the afternoon too! Watching kids'sports is the best! I hope they can find a good pain medicine for Summer. I love your bathroom! It is tiny, just like ours! And you do have a lot of stuff in it, but it is very well decorated and organized. For the life of me I cannot figure out how you fit that all in there and it still looks so good!! But the thing is...we spend a lot of time in the bathroom, so we need interesting things to look at! Not just bare tiles and a bathtub.

Vee said...

Is it cold everywhere? Yikes! I do love soccer games and I know that you folks loved seeing the quads playing...there's so much fun going on in those games. They sure are adorable in their gear. And what's not to love about a great breakfast? Glad that you finally found a spot to land. (I feel the same way about long waits and crowded restaurants.) Glad that Summer is getting untangled and I know that she'll be happy to be sprung from the hospital to your loving care.

Kathy said...

Your bathroom is adorable. Even though there is so much in there it doesn't look cluttered, just decorated.

The quads and their friends are so cute playing soccer. It's good they are into organized sports so young.

It's cold here too. Another day and then it's supposed to warm up again. Hope your Sunday is a good one. Still praying for Summer.

Penny said...

Love your bathroom Linda. It is totally 'you' and I fully understand that it really is a 'dream come true' for you. Well done to the quads playing football in the cold! So good for them to try out new activities X

Sandra said...

I love the idea of the quads being half the team and they are so funny and adorable and talented. I just said to someone yesterday not sure who, might have been you. decorate to suit yourself. decorate so that when you walk in the room it makes you feel joy. if you had to use my bathrooms you would not feel joy. I feel joy when I look at my rooms to, but they are the opposite of what gives you joy. there is no wrong or right way to decorate. you said when you go in it makes you happy. my living area makes me happy each morning at 4 am. I get my cup of coffee and stand and look at the room and feel joy..

Cranberry Morning said...

I loved reading of the little ones' antics during the soccer match. match? Anyway, the wonder and joy of children is such a delight. About your decorating, I totally agree with Sandra. How we decorate should be a reflection of us and what brings us joy. I really enjoyed this post.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

This reminds me of accompanying my sister to see my niece and nephew play their soccer games :)

Have a beautiful Sunday!!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Those kids are having a blast. Landon plays soccer as well and those early morning games are killer.:) So glad Summer has you to take good care of her when she comes home. A good nurse if a blessing.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Your bathroom is looks like something from a movie set. Watch out...a movie might want to use it for a star's bathroom. Hugs, Diane

Nita said...

How fun...the quads playing soccer, Amber & Mike are the best team, role models and parents . When there is no time, they make the time for their kiddos ! And of course I think your bathroom looks like something you would in a doll house, pretty & lacy, it's so you !

Debbie said...

such a sweet prayer, i always enjoy hearing their little voices!! soccer was huge around our house both boys played and excelled but my older son got in to men's gymnastics and ended up doing that in college. both are such fun sports!!!

Susie said...

Linda, I feel that your grandchildren have the life you and I would have loved having , as we grew up. Especially a big loving family. I like that all the children are playing sports...they do not have to be stars to just get some good old fashion exercise. I would like to look at everything in your house. :):) Yes, we had a pot when I was small...not every house had indoor facilities. Just poor, not that we are that old. Blessings to all, praying for sweet Summer girl to be doing fine. xoxo, love, Susie

Gypsy Heart said...

Oh my word, that sweet prayer is the most precious thing I've heard! I believe God is so pleased to hear a child's prayer and blessings flow. I'm glad Summer is doing well and will be coming home. I can only imagine what she's been through...and imagining until my surgery is about all I can take! The quads are so adorable and hats off to Amber and Mike for being coaches. They are amazing parents!

Your bathroom is definitely "you". :) You would not enjoy being in mine. Isn't it a blessing and a privilege to be able to decorate as we choose? We lived in the country with family when we first moved to Alvarado. An outhouse and a #3 washtub were the bath facilities. Once we moved into "town", we still heated water for baths. I'm not sure the good ol' days were that good do you?


Linda said...

That little soccer team is just too cute. I can see Logan as being too much of a lady for soccer. Your theory about all your debri is interesting. Bob's thing is food. We once had a neighbor who grew up at the Masonic home in Ft Worth. After he died it took a truck to carry away all the cans of food he's stashed in the garage and house. Wonder if anyone's written a book about such a thing. I cannot lay down for a nap with my feet uncovered because my mother always spread her apron over her feet when she napped.

Hootin' Anni said...

Those soccer pics are soooo fun! Ya...who reads a newspaper these days? But I kinda miss that ritual.

Hootin' Anni said...

Ps...hope your daughter is home & recouping.

Carole said...

An empty frame ... calll emergency immediately! Love that you love your bathroom - a good reminder that not everyone is as fortunate as we are now. Take care! All my best to Summer

Nonnie said...

First of all, I love the cute quads and that they make up almost half the soccer team. That's gotta be a trick keeping your eyes on them as they play. I think sentimental would be a better word than neurotic and I love your bathroom story memories. We didn't always have the best bathroom facilities either. Glad to hear your Summer is coming to stay with you.