Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tired Tuesday!!!

I started not to journal tonight since I am so very tired. Tired to the bone.
But in the spirit of keeping it real, I decided long ago to share not only the good times but the tired ones too!

I skipped the thrift stores as well as a movie and lunch with Ruth Ann. Not often does that happen!
I did get my hair cut - which made me feel SO much better - and then went to the airport to pick up Summer, Sabrina and Rayne from their trip to Orlando, Florida! Summer spent her birthday at Walt Disney World! Perfect!!! I was actually there EARLY and waiting for them at Baggage Claim!
They were so surprised!

Summer's motto is - Growing up is optional!!!
I hope she never does! She is a super fun gal with an awesome sense of humor!!!
Everyone loves to be around her!!!

Back home, I hovered around doing housework and checking on Louis Dean every little while.

That's a honking long drain he's going to put in!

He worked really hard today! Rain is coming Friday and he needs to pour concrete by Thursday.
He has patiently explained to me - several times - just exactly what he's doing!
I still don't have a clue except THAT drain will go UNDER the patio and deck and a sump pump is involved in some way!

Sherry came over for art this evening and helped Louis Dean do some digging!

He took that opportunity to rest and supervise!
He worked so hard yesterday he kind of wore his knee out! 
This is NOT the knee he had surgery on but the other one.
He called it quits and soaked for an hour in a piping hot bath to ease his muscles.

Sherry brought dinner tonight!

Their tacos are so big I had to eat mine with a fork!!

This photo makes me dizzy but I didn't want to show one of the projects that I just noticed was on the table! Ruth Ann is all but finished with her Santa!

I'm calling this one DONE!
Not a good photo of him - but  I'm too tired to try and take a better one!

The twin Santas are now DONE!!!
I am pretty happy with them now.

Here's the Big Guy!!
He's all but done!
I will live with him for a week and after looking at him that long, I will know if I need to tweak anything.

That's all for this Tuesday. Not a normal one for me by any means but at least I still did ART!!


Jutta said...

LD is my hero too! Linda, you must be the best mother ever to have such wonderful kids! Summer has taken in the point! I never been to the Disney eventhough several times just few steps away.
Hugs hugs hugs

Angie said...

That Louis Dean is quite a worker. He's always busy doing something it seems. Hope his knee is feeling better.

You rest up gal. Sometimes we push our bodies more than they need to be. Tired means slow down. I'm one to talk though!

mxtodis123 said...

Our bodies let us know when they need some rest. It's important that we listen to them. Took me a long time to learn that one.

Those tacos do look good. I adore Mexican food. Used to be a place downstairs from my job that sold the most awesome tacos for $2 apiece. Here in New York that is quite a bargain.

Nita said...

I sorry you've been so down to the bone tired. I hope you're okay ! But I must say, even on your down to the bone tired, you still do A LOT ! Love and prayers for recharging yourself.

Debbie said...

oh how well I know that bone tired feeling and yet the need to press on....why do we do that? lol. I am just loving those santa pics! Hope your rested up today and ready to meet your no doubt busy day! Hope it's a good one!

Sandra said...

just seeing the photo of all that digging wore me out... love love the twin Santas.. they look complete to me... what a fun birthday trip

Susie said...

Linda, The only good thing about digging now, after the rain it may be easier. I bet LD was thankful for that and Sherry's help also. Glad your family is home from vacation now. You ladies have done an awesome job on the Santas. They all look great. Hope you feel better today (Wed.). Blessings, love you, Susie

Cheapchick said...

Sending some rest vibes your way - and tell that hubby of yours not to hurt himself getting your drain issue fixed.

Carole said...

oh, LInda, you did make me giggle about the drainage work - my better half is currently obsessed about replacing one of our toilets - and I have heard way more about types of toilets than I ever wanted to hear in a lifetime! Cheers

Linda said...

Hi Linda, I like your art! I hope you are feeling better today. I have had days feeling tired, so I can empathize.

Carla said...

Love your Santa's. I do hope you're feeling good again. LD is a man of many talents