Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Quad Wednesday!

The quads know just exactly what to expect on Wednesdays!
They come to MeeMaw's house!

Today was extra special for a couple of reasons!
One - Lisa and Warren came to visit with us for a few minutes.
They are back in the USA from Malaysia where they have been living the last couple of years.
It was so GOOD to see her with my eyes and hug Warren - AND Lisa!!
I love following them on Facebook but there's nothing like being WITH them - even for a few minutes!

Another special guest was my sister, Luann.
She called me first thing this morning and wanted to come visit and take us to lunch!

I guess we can count Granddad as a visitor today since he was working outside on the Drain/Sump Pump project! Kailey was crying big tears because he couldn't hold her. What did he do? Stopped working and dusted off and sat down with the kids. Kailey climbed up on his lap and upon seeing he still had dust and dirt on him - said, "GRANDDAD!!! YOU got me DIRTY!!!"  She proceeded to dust herself off with great indignation!!!
Later when he came inside she was all snugly!

Lisa and Warren left and Amber went off to do her errands and WE all loaded up!
Amber and I exchanged vehicles so I could have the car with all the car seats!

Our first stop was at the Disabled American Veterans Thrift Store.
They were all decked out for Halloween and the kids loved it!
We even browsed the store and they all found a costume - which they wore later in the day!

Lunch was at Big State Grill and it was delicious!!
They had strawberry milkshakes and enough food for lunch AND dinner!!!

As soon as we got home, it was nap time all around.
We all told Aunt Luann goodbye before I changed them into pull ups and we snuggled down for naps in the guest room. Logan and Trystan slept next to me while Kailey sprawled across the foot of the bed. I heard Logan whisper to Trystan, "I'm right here, Trystan. I will keep you safe."
I say it over and over again! These children are so sweet to each other!

We all tend to wake up at the same time so the late afternoon was playtime!

The kids loved a big batch of old costume jewelry!

Kailey decked herself  out big time!!

I think she's three going on thirteen!

They also loved the Etch a Sketch!
I think every child should play with one!

I gave the kids showers - one by one - BEFORE dinner tonight since we ate such a late lunch!
Harrison was thrilled with his Spider-Man pajamas!!

I made all the girls pajama bottoms from leftover fabric I had from a few years ago when I sewed for Rayne.
I had just enough scraps for THREE! Sunday I finally found three plain black tops - in a little larger size than day wear since they are for sleeping in. The girls loved them!

We all worked together to make Halloween cupcakes this evening.
Trystan poured in the butter, Harrison poured the milk and Logan broke the eggs.
Kailey manned the mixer!

The other three put the cupcake liners in the pans.

We ate dinner in the den while the cupcakes baked!

Our art appreciation this evening was "The Line Storm" by John Stuart Curry.
This was a perfect one since we had just had all those thunderstorms last weekend complete with lightning!

Tonight Granddad read The Ghost Eye Tree by Bill Martin.
It's a tradition to read this every Halloween. He used to read it to our neighbor children - until they grew up. He's read it to the older grands and has been reading it to the quads since they were babies!

And tonight he read it for the FOURTH time and I think they are really beginning to understand the story!

We ended our day together with CUPCAKES!!!!
As Mama and Dada gathered them up to go home, one by one, the kids came to tell us goodbye. They all thanked us but Trystan especially touched my heart when she said, "Thank you, MeeMaw, for such a nice day!"


Linda said...

Looks like a great time, Linda, and your photos are lovely and heartwarming, as always! :)

Linda said...

Looks like a great time, Linda, and your photos are lovely and heartwarming, as always! :)

Sweet Tea said...

What fun! Lots of "busy" in your quad day.
Wish I had one of those cupcakes right now!

NanaDiana said...

I love how you love your grandkids! What a blessing to your heart and you to theirs. I love that you do so much with them-no wonder they love coming to your house! Your hubby is so wonderful with those kids, too- even if he DOES get them all "dirty"
Hope you have a great Thursday- get some rest today---lol xo Diana

Deanie W said...

That was a fun day, love it:)

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Looks like another fun day with the little ones...making memories for sure!

Sandra said...

i like that first photo with ALL of you in it and i love LD's hat and the quads are just beautiful doing there Wed Thing with the two of you...

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

They are such precious children! Amber and Mike are doing such a great job with them! And of course having such wonderful grandparents in their life is extra special!

Thanks for sharing the quads with us!


Nonnie said...

You make everything so special, Linda. You just seem to have a gift! I am curious to know how you get them to share the little chores such as making the cupcakes. Do you tell them each what they get to do? Not getting to crack the egg or do the mixing can sometimes become a bit of a squabble around here.

Susie said...

Linda, Another busy day full of fun and love at your house. That just touched my heart that LD stopped working to be with his little sweethearts. They are growing so quickly...They will always have fond memories of being with you and Granddad. Blessings to all, I just love all of you so much, Susie

Small Kucing said...

Lovely surprise for you with so many visitors .

Yup...even for a few minutes, it's better than just following via FB.

Can' help laughing at Kailey's antics. She is sure a pretty little lady

Angie said...

Such a blessed day! Those kids are so lucky to have You and LD to be such a huge part of their lives!