Friday, October 2, 2015

A Chilly Morning!

At long last we woke up to a chilly morning!!
Chilly according to Troy Dungan when he said, "Folks, this is what passes as Fall here in North Texas!" Troy Dungan was the weatherman here on WFAA from 1976 to 2007 and he will always remain my very favorite weatherman ever!!!

I pulled down a big flannel robe but it wasn't so cold that we couldn't prop our bare feet up while we had coffee!

Louis Dean has made a back yard habitat for the birds! This is right beside our gazebo and we never tire of watching them.

They are just normal sparrows and such but we delight in them.
We do see an occasional 'special' bird as we are fortunate to be in the migratory path.
These are what we call our 'everyday' birds!
This morning we heard a woodpecker in the elm tree above the gazebo but we never found him with our eyes!

I love this water fountain and it makes a perfect bird bath!

It doesn't take much to keep us entertained!

We came in to eat a good old fashioned sandwich for lunch and watch The Blacklist.

We do love James Spader!!!

I had a doctor appointment to go over the CT from yesterday and it was all good news.
I took these Cream Cheese Brownies for them today.
Taking treats to the office is as much fun for me as it is for them.
Once I was on public health care - over 13 years ago now - and it was at a time that I struggled with many health issues as well as going through a tough emotional battle. Parkland Hospital scared me so I turned to John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth. It took over a year for them to do the surgeries I required and put me back in good health where I could hold down a job. I am forever grateful to those fine doctors who treated me with such kindness and respect. This is a training hospital so I had a gifted teacher as well as an excellent student as my doctors. At every visit I took cookies or cake or something special. With each hospital admission I carried a big batch of snicker doodles or chocolate chip cookies for the nursing staff. I was the very first person in North Texas to have a toe joint replacement - and also the second! Not only did they do the extensive surgery I needed including a hysterectomy - they went the second mile and made sure I would no longer be crippled in my feet.
I have painted a lot of Santa paintings in my time and those two special doctors each have one. I will always remember them. Doctors and nurses give so much to their patients and I count it an honor to be able to treat them with a little something special from time to time.

I was skipping our of there with the good news that I have been pronounced well!
My next stop was the grocery store to get all the food and ingredients for this weekend.

Look what I found!!!

While I shopped, Louis Dean went over to Roy and Ruth Ann's and picked up Lucy!

I must say I was glad to see her! Even if she DID start barking at Louis Dean before the day was over!

This evening I prepped all the food we will be taking tomorrow to the State Park for our Family Reunion. It's mostly cousins now with Mother being the oldest and our cousin Paula the second oldest. When we first started coming, my siblings and I pretty much sat together and I can't say any of us knew very many of our cousins' children. All that has slowly changed and morphed into a true 'Family' gathering. We have all come to know each other so much better over the last few years and this is a real highlight of the fall for us. We owe a huge thank you to my cousin, Anthony, for taking the lead on this and making it happen year after year.

Louis Dean dearly loves finding a 'new' old song!

I have to do it in bits to get it to post......

He's just SO cute!!!!
That's how we are spending our Friday night - in the music room practicing our songs and gathering the music and stands up to take to the reunion tomorrow.

Even as I am surrounded with such joy and happiness, I am remembering those tonight who are struggling with pain and loss.......let's not forget to pray.


Kathy said...

I am in love with your little bird sanctuary. How nice to be able to go out there each morning and see them. I really have to get my things set up for the cooler months when the birds have more trouble finding food. Tell LD I always enjoy hearing him sing. Hope you have a good time at the family reunion.

mxtodis123 said...

Congrats on receiving good news on your CT. It's always so hard waiting for test results and I know you are now much relieved. Pretty darn cold here as well along with wind and rain. I had waited and yearned for fall, but didn't exactly have this kind of weather in mind.

Have a great weekend.

Susie said...

Linda, Love your little bird habitat. It enjoyable to listen to bubbling water and birds. So glad you got all good news. Wonderful. I like that you and LD enjoy music. I think LD has a gentle soul. He loves singing to you. Wishing your family a grand time at the reunion. Blessings to all, love you two, Susie

Sandra said...

does Lucy only bark at LD? if so have you tried to figure out why? if i can't sit with bare feet up, it is to cold for me. i love cool weather, but not the kind i have to wear socks..

Vee said...

Amen. Let us not forget to pray.

Does Lucy need a visit from the dog whisperer? Silly dog to bark at the one who cares for her.

What an interesting background story you have shared here. You are no newcomer to health issues! So glad that you got the care that you needed. I can't imagine much slowing you down these days!

We have wondered all summer why we have so many birds in the backyard. We discovered that our neighbors put up feeders and we are also reaping the benefits without any of the costs! Cool. I might have to purchase a bag of meaties or something.

Have fun at the reunion!

Cheapchick said...

Have a great time at your reunion! I didn't realize all of the medical issues you had in the past - sounds like they certainly took good care of you. I am sure the cookies/treats didn't hurt!

PATI CLARK said...

Love your bird sanctuary, I too enjoy feeding our birds at our home....I have Finches,Blue Jays, Red Cardinals, Doves(or they could be pigeons) and my least bird that I despises are the black crows( they shove all the good birds from feeding) Glad your feeling good and received the picture of good health from the Doctors ....May your Autumn season be Blessed !!!!

Carole said...

Fab news, Linda! We had a cat visitor today and she started leaning over to drink out of our pool - I was scared she'd fall in so shooed her away and have now left a dish of fresh water out just in case. We don't have a cat but about 6 different ones come visiting. Cheers from Carole's Chatter
PS I notice that your live tRaffic feed says I'm from Christchurch - but I'm in Auckland!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Great news, Linda! Praise the Lord for the gifted doctors and the care you have been given!

LD did a great job on the bird sanctuary! They are loving it, aren't they?

Enjoy your chilly weather!


Angie said...

I hope your reunion is a blast. Such a special time with family :)

Carla said...

Cool I love the bird habitat. Birds are fun to watch how they watch us and flint to an fro.
So was that strawberries on that sandwich?

Penny said...

As an ex-nurse, I am always delighted to hear when someone really appreciates the care they have been given by a good health care team? X

Penny said...

That should have of course been a ''!' at the end there Linda, not a '?' x