Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tuesday! Movie, Treasures and ART!

Tuesday started early for us! I picked Ruth Ann up at 10:00 and drove straight to Goodwill!!
Our movie of choice today was Taken 3 and we made the first showing at 11:10!

That put us out early and we walked in the beautiful Centennial Park on nice paved trails.
We are back to our walking schedule again!

It is a lovely place to walk!!

Next time we'll bring some bread to feed the ducks!

This was my haul at Goodwill!

I scored big on this classy skirt from Coldwater Creek!
It is brand new and still had the original price tag of $69 hanging on it!

I LOVE all things Coldwater Creek!!!

What a nice skirt!!!

I can always use a cool pair of white slacks!

Overalls for the quads - these would be for the taller ones - Harrison and Kailey!

I saw a pair at the Tractor Supply Store and they sold for a lot more than the $2.99 I paid for this one!

I also picked up a pair of Khaki pants for Harrison.

THIS is just the CUTEST thing!!!
I may dress a scare crow in it for fall!

Since we started out so early - we had a few hours break between our activities today!
 I came home and took a nap! For some reason I was really tired!

Art class was good tonight. The whole day ran early and class was no exception!
We painted about as far as we could go on our canvases and called it a night - early!!
I have about two more sessions on this and I will be DONE!

Ruth Ann's!


Louis Dean spent the entire day working on the camper!

He started at 10:00 this morning and didn't stop until nearly 10:00 tonight!
He took breaks and rested but that was still a pretty good day's work!

Our daughter in law, Sherry, came over this evening and helped him a lot!!
Thanks to her he got the window put back in so he could shut the camper up for the night!

Speaking of campers - look what Rayne made for me this evening while we did art!!!
Isn't it precious???
I have it 'parked' in a good camping spot in the den!
She even added a string of lights because she knows how much I love those things!
I smile every time I look at this!!


Deb said...

I love Cenntenial Park...Mom lives around the corner from there...I read an article that said you shouldn't feed ducks bread...all this time I thought it was good for them....looks like you made another great haul! looking forward to seeing you at the end of the month!

Ginny said...

HOW did she make the little camper scene...is it a kit? It is one of the cutest things I have ever seen! The Coldwater Creek skirt is so YOU! And the boot pictures look professional!

Dee said...

That little camper with the lights is so cute. What a sweet surprise. That was a cute video. We went for a short walk yesterday, too since the weather was so nice in the morning. Blessings... :)

Susie said...

Linda, Love where you walk. I like that new skirt, what a buy. The kids things are still very good,. You girls are doing a fine job on the paintings and LD what a working man. HE needs to sing that old Merle Haggard tune"working man blues". Rayne is a little artist isn't she? That is adorable. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

Sandra said...

that tiny camper art is adorable. and that is a really big job on the real camper. what a gorgeous place to walk. don't take bread, it is harmful to ducks and other wild life. just read that last week. it said to

Instead of feeding ducks bread, take cracked corn, fresh peas or grape ... is largely irrelevant; they don't need it to find the feeders, but it won't hurt them if it is there.
it said over feeding makes them bloated and hard to fly and more prone to predators and that white bread is really bad for their health.

Sandra said...

there are dozens of articles about bread and ducks, this is one and i cna't find the one i read last week.

Changes in the wind said...

That little camper is soooooo cute! She did a great job.

Vee said...

What a sweet little camper! It looks just like yours will look down at the ranch.

Say What? said...

That little camper your Rayne made is the sweetest thing ever. She has a good heart to add those special touches.

Carla said...

Rayne's creation there is pretty darn cute. She did a great job. Love the park y'all walked in. It's really pretty.
That LD is a hard working man.