Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Making Out Like a Bandit!! Good Times!

I made out like a BANDIT yesterday AND today at Goodwills!!!
Monday morning I was at Amber's house shortly after 9:00. She had injections in BOTH of her knees and I am ever so glad I went with her!! She was in a lot of pain - both BEFORE the injections as well as AFTER! That girl is a real trouper!! We had planned to spend Monday together even before they set up her knee injections so we went right ahead with our lunch plans!
We lingered long at our table just catching up and visiting with each other like old times.
No kids or anything to distract us!

Later we even shopped one of Amber's favorite little boutiques!

I very nearly bought this pop up wine glass to carry in my purse!
You never know when you might have an opportunity to use it!
I may go back and get TWO!!!! My friend, Carla, down in Houston would LOVE one!!!

While Amber was and is a trouper - we still thought it best to head home so she could rest until it was time to pick the kids up at Mother's Day Out.

Meet Bandit! He's Amber's new cat and only a year and a half old!
That makes him MY grand cat!!

We all love him already!!!

Amber and I did what we enjoy most - watching a movie - or in this case - a TV show together!
Louis Dean arrived in time to watch it with us!!
He said, "It gets lonely without you so I decided to come over here, too!!"
We all went together to pick up the quads and you better believe they were EXCITED to see GRANDDAD!!!!

Even with all Amber went through with those injections - she STILL dished up a gourmet dinner for all of us!! I gave the quads baths while she cooked in order to make an earlier evening of it for the kids. They get real tired on Mondays after being in school all day.
Louis Dean came on home while Amber and I caught another TV show together.
I was gone over 13 hours today and as I turned onto our street, all I could think about was going straight to bed! As I pulled into our driveway what should I see but Louis Dean sitting out there with two glasses of wine and waiting for ME!
He and I ended up sitting there for over two HOURS and another glass of wine!
When I DID crawl under the covers, I went right to sleep!!

Today was TUESDAY and this was an extra special Tuesday!!

It's been five years ago today that she and I have been Movie Buddies and Goodwill Sisters!!!

I picked her up for lunch......

and we ate at Big State Soda Fountain and Grill!!

Our movie of choice was Paddington and we loved it!!!
We started out late and so the day ran late.
It was nearly 5:30 before I got home and Sabrina and Rayne were already there!

Summer brings a craft for Rayne to do on Tuesdays and tonight she made a cool plane!

I love it that she knows Tuesdays are ART days!!

She went out to find Granddad so she could show him her plane!

I showed her the roses in our garden and picked the very first big bloom of the season to give to HER!

We gave her the big fragrant one and a tiny white one.

We are winding up the boots!!!
Sabrina is all but done!!

Ruth Ann has two more sessions to go.

Mine is DONE and already framed and hanging on the wall as I write!
I am not starting a new art project until the camper is all done. Louis Dean works better if I am out there with him so next week I hope to get a LOT done!!
I am itching to get back down to the ranch!

Now to the part where I made out like a bandit!!!

These are the things I bought to WEAR!
A Coldwater Creek cami, a cool skirt, Liz Claiborne Capri's, White House Black Market Jeans (which Amber found at the Goodwill in Dallas where we shopped while waiting for her prescription), a Chico jacket, a zoo print bag, and TWO super snazzy tops!!!

I totally LOVE the fall runner and the candy corn wreath!
Four wine scented candles - LOVE those! - and a ceramic pumpkin cookie jar were all good finds!

In the linens department, I REALLY scored BIG!!!
FOUR Turkish towels from Restoration Hardware!!! $1.99 each!!!
Do you KNOW how much they retail for???
I found a great duvet cover for a down comforter that was stained when the camper bedroom ceiling leaked. Now I can just pop it into the cover and the whole thing is redeemed!!
The Docker full size sheet may be used as a quilt backing - or something else!!

Four wooden crosses will be the art project for the quads tomorrow!
Amber has a cross wall up the stairway so I thought these would be perfect!

What ARE these??? Pedestal wine glasses??
I bought them not even knowing for sure what I was buying!!

A great little sign for an outside wall.
Yes, I have started decorating the OUTSIDE of the house!!

Lastly, a spring plaque which I will add to my collection!!

I got a second wind after art class tonight!
All my finds are now in the washer or the dryer or have been put in their proper places!!

Louis Dean has been sitting outside on the driveway with our neighbor from across the street who just so happens - as we discovered last year - to be a distant cousin of mine.
His uncle was married to my aunt!

He has come in now and we will take our wine out to the camper to bask in the work he has accomplished!!! It may not be PRETTY yet - but it IS now STURDY!!!


Amber B. said...

You still had "zoo on your mind" with that bag you found at Goodwill, lol! I like the spring plaque, too. It was a good Monday, despite the start with my knees. Thanks for always being my mom! I love you!

Deb said...

Busy busy girl found so many cool things!!! I love hearing about your fun days

Penny said...

Great energetic post Linda, you are on top form! Glad to hear you enjoyed the Paddington movie, I saw in here in UK and really loved it. Paddington books were a great favourite in childhood years, and it was nice to see it come to life. Didn't you just love the kitchen in the Brow's house? I had a real case of kitchen envy after watching that film! Your Goodwill finds are very pretty too X

Susie said...

Linda, Bless that sweet daughter Amber. She is a wonder to me. I loved your finds and those art pictures and Rayne, oh my gosh , she is so cute. LD touched my heart when he said he was missing you. He is a good man...those guys are hard to find in life. Wishing you great success with the camper, I know your trip will be more fun when you never have to worry about leaks. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Sandra said...

sorry to hear Amber is having problems with her knees.. hope the shots work quickly for some relief... i would love to see Crazy Heart.. five years is fantastic and you both still love it. a day out with your daughter is a priceless gift for both of you

Ginny said...

Your Goodwill finds are awesome this week!!! I made out big too, got a big fancy rocking horse for the kids for ten dollars! The boots are awesome!!! They should be the center of attraction in the room. Does being artistic run in your family? I love those glasses, they would be good for parfaits or tiramisu too. Your roses are gorgeous!!! Roses are not even blooming here yet. Yours are prefect in every way, just like the Quads!

Carole said...

Hi Linda, I had a bit of a giggle over your title - making out is what we used to do in cars when I was a young thing! Cheers from Carole's Chatter

Bev said...

You have the most wonderful days!!!


Thrilling AND fun news!! I always like reading about your Goodwill finds and your art, and your family! It just makes my day so much brighter, and I seem to leave here with a big smile on my face.

That was so sweet that your man showed up 'cause it was lonely without you. Darn....good man.

Say What? said...

I so want to be you when I grow up. :D I just love your post.

Cheapchick said...

Great score at Goodwill!

Vee said...

Love these kinds of posts...except for Amber's needing injections...a little of this and a little of that. You do so well at the Goodwill store and such like places. I loved seeing the paintings finishing up. They left the best part off your little garden's a Shaker saying and I live very close to a Shaker community..."Hands to Work and Hearts to God." They ran out of room. Raynie is so cute and I love that she got two roses as gifts. That's the kind of gift a gal remembers. Rugged and sturdy sounds very good. It won't take you long to get it pretty.

Carla said...

Man you are good. What a haul!

Love it that LD is waiting on you with the wine poured. And what do you mean you know Carla would like the pop up wine glass. I mean I don't drink wine. cough cough. I drink lots of grape juice. LOL Yeah right.