Friday, April 3, 2015

Hippy OR Love Child???

I have had a fun day!!! Thanks to my sisters!!
Nita invited me to a 70's Costume Party at a country club next week and I am so EXCITED!!
I dressed up in my costume and Deanie did a photo shoot for me!

We will have a BALL!!!
I think I need some layered necklaces and large loopy earrings!
AND some sandals!!

Back view......

I actually never wore this kind of thing in the 70's.
I was more into the hip hugger pants and mid drift tops and daisies.

I am SO looking forward to next Friday!!!

However, ANY Friday I get to spend with my sister, Deanie, is worth celebrating!
She is amazing! Anyone who has been a caretaker for an elderly parent can appreciate what she does....and what my sister, Nita, did for seven years,
It was not easy for Nita and it is not easy for Deanie.

I came home to see my sweet husband working away on our camper!!!
We are getting it all tuned up and repaired and ready to go back down to our son's ranch!
That can NOT happen soon enough for ME!!!


  1. Lol you're a hoot Linda! A very 'groovy' hoot I might add ;).

  2. You are adorable! I wore hip huggers and love beads in the sixties. By the seventies I was a mom, so had to settle down just s BIT!

  3. You looks groovy! Here's to good times!! :)

    Jane xxx

  4. Linda, I love your spirit! Have a great time at the party - you look wonderful!

  5. I think you look very cute! And it is something I would have worn in the early 70s.

  6. I live your dress Linda! You are going to have a fantastic time at that party, I can tell! Take lots of photo's to show us! X

  7. How fun!! I was more into bell bottoms and flowy tops but I was just in high school during the hippie days and our high school had a dress code. Girls could only wear pantsuits when I was in high school in the early jeans allowed. And I do understand your gratefulness for your sisters. My mom is still able to live on her own but I have two sisters who live nearby and care for her so faithfully. As I live in another state, that is a blessing to me.

  8. I agree with Doreen, you are a groovy HOOT... and a cute chick to. i love that vest. you can wear that with your jeans and a t shirt. fringe is IN i saw it on TV.. so it must be so.

  9. Love love love it!!!! Your sense of humor is great and what keeps you young. :-) Several years ago our red hat group dressed in the 60s or 70s theme for Halloween. I like dressing up. Yes, it is a wonderful blessing that your sister can care for your mother. Happy Easter!

  10. Hey hippy girl. Linda you looked like you were enjoying that. It will be fun to see everyone's costumes. It is some special for your sister to care for your mother. They seem to always be happy. What a cute man to come home too. LOL... LD looked so cute peeking out the window of the camper. I know he enjoys going to visit his son's ranch too. You usually get some great photos there . It just a relaxing time for you. I am praying you all stay healthy and get the camper fixed up in time for some relaxing fun. Blessings to all of you for a glorious Easter, xoxo,Susie

  11. There is going to be a lot of fun @ that party!
    I love the costumes😊
    I may have to come over Saturday morning & hear all about the evening ❤️

  12. Love it, Linda. Happy Easter to you and your family.

  13. Great outfit!!! Glad to hear you will be in the camper soon.

  14. You are too cute! You did need look the part. Where ever did you find your clothing?