Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday: Cleaning for ME - Camper Repairs for HIM

Cleaning has always been good therapy for me for as long as I can remember! Even as a little girl, I loved everything about CLEANING.

Today I have felt the need for a little bit of therapy and I think my bathroom and bedroom benefited from it!

Of all the rooms in a house I appreciate the bathroom most of all!
This goes back to my childhood when we had make shift bathroom facilities.

Even then I dreamed of lace and soap and toothpaste and fluffy towels and CLEAN!
All my dreams came true and I will never take them for granted!
What motivated my cleaning today was the fact that I broke my favorite coffee cup this morning while I was getting ready to go to the chiropractor. It was one Amber had made for me and featured a picture of the quads at six months old. I will be ordering a replacement soon!

I painted this Country Ten Commandments years ago! It hangs over my shower door.

All the vintage knobs holding my necklaces have a connection with Louis Dean's history.

I love that we have combined both of our  histories in our home.

I would rather have vintage than new any day!

This knob just makes me smile to think of how many hands in different 'lives' have turned it!

The white door knob and plate came from a family home in Comanche County.

After I cleaned the bathroom - I decided to clean the bedroom as well.

Since we keep our doors open and the attic fan on in good weather, we get a good collection of DUST and dead may flies!

That's a small price to pay in my opinion.
I LOVE hearing the music of the birds and the wind and the night sounds!

I also LOVE that we have a back door we can open so we can enjoy all of that!

I suppose our bedroom and my bathroom are my VERY favorite rooms in the whole house!

So many little treasures tucked in here and there!

It will never be magazine worthy but it is REAL and I love it!

This is Louis Dean's side of the bed.
He read all of  Paul Young's books.....and has now moved on to a book about the Comanches.
You know Louis Dean is a card carrying Cherokee and has a deep interest in Indian heritage.

I finished cleaning and felt the better for it!
My doctor's nurse called me this afternoon with my lab results and they were not what I was hoping for. Nothing to panic about - just recurring conditions that never seem to go away.
I will pick up my medicine tomorrow and have additional blood work scheduled for later this week.
It is what it is.

While I worked inside......

Louis Dean was busy  in the camper.

He has his work cut out for him!

All those leaks back when we were down at the ranch - and even earlier when we lived in the camper down at Katy - did a good bit of damage.
As bad as it looks - he says it is not NEARLY as bad as he thought it would be!
Tomorrow he will take the window out and do repairs and then there is the ceiling to consider!
Hopefully THAT won't be as bad as we anticipate!

We are closing out our day in our favorite place - the gazebo!
We each have our glass of wine and the air is cool, the fountains are bubbling and the wind is softly blowing the may flies away from our plate of assorted cheese and crackers.
I am grateful for a smooth ending to a choppy sort of day.


Kathy said...

I love reading about your home. It seems so peaceful there. And lived in. I like a clean house, but not those sterile white don't touch anything kind of places.

Tell Louis Dean that I also am part Cherokee. My great-grandmother was a full-blood. Maybe we're related?

Deb said...

I can't say that I love cleaning but I do love a clean room...I would rather dig in the dirt!!!

Penny said...

Your house is a real home Linda, like a treasure chest with memories and lovely things round every corner. X

Arlene said...

I am glad that you love your home Linda. I think all of us as little girls dreamed of our own haven. I try to remember to be grateful for all my blessings. I was interested to find out that LD is a Cherokee. My hometown is Chatsworth, Ga near Springplace where the Cherokee were driven to Oklahoma on the Trail of Tears. I have heard we have some Cherokee blood but I have not been able to confirm it. I want to take one of the Ancestry DNA tests to see if the oral history in our family is correct. Back in the 1800s no one wanted to admit to being of Indian descent.Well off to get my day started..hope yours is good.

Vee said...

Photos of your home keep my eyes moving and that is, as far as I recall, one of the "rules" of decorating. I am sorry that the report was not what we all would hope, but glad that there are meds to set you back on the road to good health. You don't allow not feeling great to stop your cleaning. Guess that it really is therapy. Praying that Louis Dean finds his work therapy today, too. John suggests Proflex comes in many colors and matches any color siding. It is more pricey than regular, but works beautifully, and if it needs replacing, it pulls off in one piece.

Mrs.Rabe said...

You have a thankful heart and it shows. I think your posts are so fun and encouraging because of your cheerful spirit. Your home is warm and welcoming and I just know that Louis Dean is going to get that trailer fixed up and you will be able to go to the ranch soon!


Sandra said...

I am buying your plane ticket to come and clean my house, it will only take 1.4 of the time to clean that ours does, what date should i make it? LOL
I hate cleaning and always have but i always kept my house spotless until i retired.. now i keep putting it off and putting it off.
I LOVE that door knob and faucet thingy and it would be beautiful with nothing on it as a decoration. great idea. sorry about the lab work.

Doreen@househoneys said...

Love your pink slippers Linda ;).

Water damage is by far the most common occurrence in trailers it seems. It's like having another house!

Before we retired last year we owned a cleaning business for 14 years. Finding and hiring people who actually enjoyed cleaning was rare!

Kelly said...

I find cleaning can be therapeutic too. Most people would probably be surprised to hear us say that wouldn't they? For some it's sewing. For others its cooking. Cooking is NOT therapeutic at all for me. I wish it was. But, I must need a lot of therapy since my house is usually pretty clean! LOL! I'm sorry to hear that your lab results didn't come back as well as you had hoped. I hope your health will improve. At least you're being proactive with it. I'm sure LD will get that camper fixed as good as new. He's so handy!

darlin said...

Linda your home is so quaint and I love it! I hope to have time in the near future, once the studies are done, to finally do some cleaning on this end as well.

I didn't know LD is Cherokee, what a beautiful culture and connection. I also have been reading up on my Cree culture and hope to work with "my people" on this end.

Have a wonderful week, I'd best get back to work on this end and solidify my final presentation... in other words get started on it as I present on Saturday! lol


Changes in the wind said...

There is nothing as beautiful as a content woman:)

Susie said...

Linda, It is nice to relax after a day of work. You and LD do keep busy. I like a clean house but I am all for hiring a maid...gee, I hate to dust and vacuum...but I do it for a clean house. I like to do dishes , but not all day long...I love to sweep floors, the porch and the driveways when they need it. . Blessings to all , xoxo,Susie

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

I wish cleaning was my favorite form of therapy! I like clean...not so much the process of cleaning. :)

I like your end-of-day routine.

NanaDiana said...

Love how much fun you have in your "girlie" bathroom. Looks like lots of work in the travel trailer. Sounds like the perfect end to the day- a gazebo and a glass of wine. xo Diana

Bev said...

Glad to hear unto new reading:)

Carla said...

YOU love cleaning... Do I have a house in dire need of a cleaning. I love how it looks when it's clean but I had doing it. I tend to run off out of town, shop or just play.
Ouch that's a lot of work in the trailer. But I'm sure LD will have it taken care of soon