Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Quads, Update on LD, Goodwill Treasures, Nature Walk and Solo Art! What a TUESDAY!

It's always fun to wake up in Quadville!
Four happy, healthy kids gather around the table for breakfast!!

They are so stinking CUTE!!!

Good MORNING, Granddad!!!!

I mix a tiny bit of coffee with a lot of whole milk, thereby giving them COFFEE for breakfast!!

Mommy's Mini-Me's!!!
Pardon the kids talking with food in their mouths!
It's my fault for asking them questions when Amber is trying to get them to eat breakfast!

Kailey is so concerned about Granddad!!

Just LOOK how tall they are now!!!

Harrison and Kailey are the tallest!

Trystan and Logan a tad shorter!
This is Logan. I forgot to get Trystan's pic.

The girls are learning to put their dishes in the sink.
I overheard Trystan saying, "We need to put our milk up!"

I helped Amber get the kids ready and out the door. The kids were excited! They were going to the GYM! They love the play area there.

I left shortly after they did! I swung by to pick Louis Dean up and we went to the DOCTOR!!!!

Bless his heart! He called for an appointment as he as he woke up this morning.
The diagnosis is acute bronchitis. He got a steroid shot and a Rx for antibiotics and cough.
We had planned to pick Ruth Ann up and go to lunch.
Louis Dean said, "It pains me to say this but I don't feel like going."
I took him home and tucked him in bed.

Ruth Ann and I had lunch at Sweet Tomatoes.
We LOVE it but both our husbands do not!
I don't know why because they have both eaten there and enjoyed it!
Oh, well. We skipped the movie we intended to see today and lingered over lunch just talking.
It was wonderful!

Goodwill was next on our list!

You can meet all kinds of people there!
The lady who owns these dogs was super friendly!
She kept rolling her window down to show off her pets - so naturally I took a picture of them.
She seemed pleased. However, she bent herself over double to stay OUT of the photo!!
Louis Dean was still in bed when I got home this afternoon.
Ruth Ann and I had made a Sam's run and picked up his prescriptions in addition to all the Goodwill finds - so I had a car FULL of STUFF!!!! I unloaded it all, gave LD his medicine and then proceeded to take Lucy for a walk.

I love this time of day.......it's light when we start out but dark by the time we get back.

Nature sounds on our walk tonight! Sounds like crickets to me!
But I tend to think ALL night sounds are crickets!

Here are the Goodwill Finds today!

'New' chairs for the kitchen table.
Tomorrow I will clean them good with Murphy's Soap and then wax them with Bri Wax.
Not bad for $30.

The girls will LOVE these dolls with magnet clothing!
I know I did! I meant to put them all in a box but found myself sorting and putting together outfits!

They will live in two of the boxes I found last week!

Fall is my favorite season!
I got two fall plates to put up for next year.
$0.59 cents each!

No telling how many of these I have but this one will make a good gift.
Painted and decorated - add a tiny shade and it will be really nice!

This craft booking album was only $2.99 - less 30%!

I thought Summer might like it!

Place mats for $0.29 each - less 30%!

Crocs for yard work......

cards and envelopes.......

and a sweet plaque!

Now for the clothes!

I found Rayne a super cute skirt!

I got a Chico blouse.

Good price, huh???

Lots of summer dresses for the quad girls.

AND a little something for Harrison!

I painted solo tonight. Louis Dean is considered highly contagious!
His doctor said so!
The party we had planned for Thursday has been cancelled and now we are just concentrating on getting him well!
No Quad Day tomorrow either!

That's it for this Tuesday!!!
Time to blow out the candles and hit the sack!!!


Ginny said...

I love this last candle picture! I am so glad Louis Dean finally went to the doctor, and am hoping when he wakes up in the morning he will feel a good bit better. How long will he be contagious? Oh my, the Quads are growing leaps and bounds. Sitting at the big table now and drinking coffee for breakfast(ha ha). Your painting is so good! And what a Goodwill haul you got this time!! That is exciting, especially the pretty chairs! I would have bought the fall plates! the Quads will have such fun with the magnetic paper dolls, I gave Anne Marie one years ago, and they are expensive! So that was a great find.

Blondie's Journal said...

You made out like a bandit...I love the new chairs and all those odds and ends will be put to good use. Love the cute clothes, too.

I hope LD feels better soon. It's hard sometimes to get men to go to the doctor, and then to rest. Good for him.

What a busy productive day you had! Wish we could hang out together!

Jane x

Deb said...

You find the best treasures!!!! Hope LD is on the road to recovery! I hope you don't get it!

Kathy said...

LD is highly contagious, huh? Be careful YOU don't get sick. You did good at Goodwill today. So many things! I'm trying to get things OUT of my house so I don't dare go someplace like that. I love the autumn plates you got. And I think those chairs are beautiful. And for only $30? Hmm. Maybe I will go take a look for something like that. Our kitchen chairs are in bad shape.

Luann said...

I love the boot painting. It turned out wonderful. The red fringe is a total eye catcher. Those chairs are awesome! you ARE the best bargain shopper I know.

Arlene Grimm said...

Hope LD is feeling better today. You were fortunate to find those Melissa and Doug Magnetic Dolls. I bought some at full price for my granddaughters.:) And you are right, antique little girls like to play with them too.( I saw a cute sign that said, Grandmas are just antique little girls!).

Vee said...

Praying for you both to get plenty of rest today. So glad that Louis Dean went to the doctor and now has the meds he needs to kick the bronchitis to the curb.

As always, you had a wonderful day at Goodwill. I don't know how you do it. I have never found such good deals.

peggy said...

You must have a wonderful GOOD LUCK store. Our name for Salvation Army
Is SALLYS .so glad your husband caved and will get well soon

Estelle's said...

What great Goodwill finds Linda! I so hope LD feels better....horrible to feel bad when our weather has been so wonderful! I so thank you for sharing such interesting posts with us! Big hugs!! The kiddos get cuter everyday!

Changes in the wind said...

So glad you got him to go to the doctor and hope he will be well soon...love the magnetic paper dolls!

Susie said...

Linda, Would you please give LD a big hug for me. He looked like he wasn't feeling good at all. Bless his heart. We know he loves to go with you to eat, and he didn't even feel that good. You did get some nice finds at Goodwill. It was nice that you and your friend decided to just linger over lunch and talk. Hugs to you too dear friend. Squeeze the kiddos, they are growing too fast. They love their granddad, don't they? Blessings to all of you, xoxo,Susie

Sandra said...

good deal on the two chairs. the quads are talking so good now and so cute to.. those steriod shots work really well and pretty quick to, so here's hoping LD will be better soon... in time for the next sing.

bj said...

So sorry LD is sick...mine was sick with the exact same thing...and it took him 3 solid weeks to get over it....now, this morning, he woke up with a cold and went right back to the doctor. I sure hope you and I don't get it...

Debby said...

Glad that your Hubby went to the doctor. He must be miserable to give up lunch and outing with the ladies. My husband came home tonight and told me he quit his job. I was so excited. He was kidding but I know it could be any day. I was not happy that he was playing a joke. I am excited for when he does. We may have to have our dinners out ad Mickey D's. The quads are so cute. I want to come and play with them. You are a busy one. Hugs