Thursday, February 5, 2015

Sick Days for the Quads.......and a Pretty Poem!!

We eagerly await the arrival of Amber delivering the quads to us each Wednesday!
All four of them got sick on Monday and were in the pediatrician's office late that afternoon.
After Amber determined they were at least well enough to spend the day with us, it was all systems GO! As soon as they get here there's a period of 'swarming!' It's like a hand full of busy bees as they hit up all their favorite places and find their favorite toys!

If it's warm enough - and it was! - they LOVE to go outside for awhile.
Trystan proudly carried our newest bird house out to hang up in front of the den windows.
It replaced one that had lost its flooring. Louis Dean will be mending it!

They helped me fill the bird feeders and then we did some sidewalk chalk.

Our daughter in love, Sherry, brought us over SIX nifty little chairs she found at the curb!
These are PERFECT for our little people!!!

Aren't these two adorable???

Since they had a late breakfast, we decided to try a little bowling before a late lunch!
The pins now stand up well thanks to Granddad filling them up a little bit of sand. Now we just have to find the right weight and size ball for them at this stage. The set came with two 'bowling balls' that will work just fine once they are a wee bit older!

Tuesday night after art class the ladies helped me set the dining room table back up.
I used a quilt Nita gave me in place of a tablecloth and really like the cozy look of it!
Works well with the natural fiber place mats and woven chargers.

After a lunch of tacos and all the fixings, I gave the kids their choice of napping place.
The guest room BED or the den FLOOR?
Guess which one they chose?
The den floor! Works for me!
I darken the room and put down lots of warm fuzzy covers.
Logan was admiring the Valentine tree while I was getting the 'bed' ready.

Little Kailey slept on the couch. She has been the sickest with this illness and was the first one to go to sleep and the last one to wake up.
This picture looks EXACTLY like Amber - 27 years ago now!

I have a Play Station of some sort in nearly every room.

Playing with the Lego table and blocks Aunt Deanie gave them - to be kept at my house!

Since Kailey was still asleep in the den, I took the other three into the guest room.
Who KNEW that a small TV would be a special treat???
We don't really have connections in this room but the TV has a built in DVD player.

They watched Shaun the Sheep!

Harrison looks like a little man here! Logan and Trystan and I all piled up on the bed behind him and watched the program. It was my first introduction to Shaun the Sheep!!!

For our art project, we tried our hands at Finger Print Art!
Let's just say FORTY little fingers opening all those paint pens and markers in a frenzy of pulling off tops and then grabbing another marker was a bit chaotic!!!
I have GOT to find a way to make this easier - for ME!
THEY had a ball!!!

We go from one activity to another - kind of like a progressive dinner!!!
As I was cleaning up the art table, the kids could hear Granddad singing.

They found their way to his 'music' room!!!
Now THIS room is a bit of a 'NO man's land!!'
Even so, the quads were welcomed in and then Logan proceeded to pull the door closed on ME!!
The special attraction was the amplifier and microphone Louis Dean had hooked up!!!
I see lots of singing into a mike in their future!

Our last activity is designed to keep them all in one place while I get dinner ready!
Louis Dean found the movie Garfield free on demand!
It proved to be a hit with everyone - children and adults!

Logan is MY 'Mini Me' and went with me to the kitchen to get the meal ready.

Poor little Kailey sat with Granddad for dinner.
She would say, " I don't FEEL good!"

I noticed when I was plating the food - everything was all the same color!
More or less! Sweet potatoes, Ranch Style Beans, smoked sausage in a 'blanket'.....only the mustard and ketchup added color! Even the root beer cake was a drab color!

Harrison and Logan had THE best time at dinner last night!

By this time Kailey was feeling even worse and was asking for her MAMA!!!
Then she started asking for Mama AND Dada!!!
Instead of doing baths at our house, I just packed my bag and went home with them.

Baths and medicine and the whole night time routine.
I helped Amber while Mike drove BACK to Irving to pick UP my bag!!
When we unloaded in Quadville he notice my bag was NOT in the SUV - even though he SAW Louis Dean bring it out! Come to find out, LD had set it inside the back window. Then he brought out my laptop and Mike again opened the back window but Louis Dean put it inside under Logan's car seat. As we drove off and the window closed - my bag fell out! It was misting rain and was sitting in the driveway WITH my iPad inside it!
All's well that ends well!!! Mike called Louis Dean and he took my bag inside the house and Mike picked it up.......driving from Dallas to Irving to Dallas to Irving and finally back to Dallas!

For some reason I just LOVE this picture!!!
I take photos all day long but my favorites in this entry are:
Kailey sleeping and this one!!!

They are all so entertaining - right after baths when we are trying to get them to bed!

Good MORNING!!!!
Kailey had a rough time of it last night as did Mama and Dada!
I got the rest of the kids changed, fed and dressed.
They didn't eat much breakfast so they were especially interested in MY coffee!

Cafe au lait - on the waterier and milkier side!!!

Reinforcements came in the form of GRANDDAD!!! He arrived and Amber left with Kailey.
Her fever had spiked again last night - over 104! Another trip to the doctor which resulted in lots of testing. So far all results came back normal. If she's not better by Monday they will do some blood work.

By the time they got home the others were sound asleep for their naps!!!
The REASON they were sound asleep is that Granddad rocked Harrison. I got Trystan and Logan down and THOUGHT they were nearly asleep when I slipped out of their room. 
NOT SO!!!! Granddad went in twice to find them climbing a bookcase after turning on the lights.
The second time he sent them scurrying back to their beds like little mice. 
He then proceeded to sit down and sing softly until they were sawing logs!!!

Kailey insisted she 'woke up' (after having slept late this morning) and didn't need a nap.
He worked his magic on HER, too!!!

I have been trying to record Trystan singing her ABC's for over two weeks!

THIS would be my third favorite pic!

Little Logan wearing her mommy's shoes!

I often thought of this poem when Amber was a little girl.
I even had a framed print of part of it!
It still holds true for me as a Grandma.

A careful woman I ought to be:
A little girl follows me;
I do not dare to go a stray
For fear she’ll go the self-same way.
I cannot once escape her eyes;
What’re she sees me do,
she tries
Like me, she says,
she ’s going to be,
The little girl who follows me.
She thinks that I am good and fine,
Believes in every word of mine;
The bad in me she must not see,
The little girl who follows me.
I must remember as I go,
Through summer’s sun and winter’s snow,
I am building for the years to be,
For a little girl follows me.

-Author Unknown

We left after traffic this evening to come home - stopping at Whataburger on our way!!
It was COLD in the house when we got here! 58 degrees!
Tomorrow will be in the 60's and 70's the day after!

That's it for the past two days!!!
We are both tired and ready for BED!


Ginny said...

I love this wonderful poem!! Have you tried Dot Art with them, craft stores have it and they are just the right age. Big fat paint markers that make a dot on the paper. And you draw things with the dots. None of the big mess of painting! We have gone through several sets here. Poor little Kailey, sweetheart. What a wonderful idea to put a quilt on the table! Especially in the winter. So cute how they like the little screen! Maybe because THEY are little, it fits right in with their size!

Linda said...

Linda, this is a great poem, I really like it. I love all your photos, the quads are absolutely delightful. And the dining room table looks very warm and inviting.

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Really BIG two days. Hope that everyone is getting better and that Kailey is ok. LD bless his heart indeed. Hugs for everyone.

Deb said...

You and Loiuse Dean are a great team... Love seeing all the photos of your sweet quads! I look forward to your posts

Penny Miller said...

Sorry to hear the quads were poorly again, poor little Kailey, hope she improves. X

Vee said...

Logan shutting the door on you! =D How could she?!

Praying for all to feel better and an extra prayer for Kaileykins to feel better very soon. Heavens! No wonder she was feeling poorly with a temp of 104°.

We all could use some "sing me to sleep" music from time to time. Perhaps Louis Dean could do his favorite lullabies. You know that I think "Moon River" is a great one. Have a good Friday, my friends.

Kathy said...

If I commented on all I liked about this post, you wouldn't have any room for anyone else. Poor Kailey. We are praying for her and hope she is feeling better today. Bless LD for being such a good grandfather to these munchkins.

I had to laugh when I read about your meal being all the same color. Once I was in a restaurant with my mom and my sister. I ordered fried chicken, hush puppies and applesauce. Everything on the plate was brown! The cook must have felt bad about it because he added an orange slice and some parsley. LOL.

Estelle's said...

Oh my goodness, it takes a small village to raise these darling babies! What a blessing that you live fairly close and are so involved in with your grandchildren! They have so many activities don't they? I just so enjoy reading about your days Miss Linda! I hope the little ones feel better soon!

Mrs.Rabe said...

You are a special grandma and LD a special granddad! What a blessing to Amber and Mike to have you involved with the quads. And those darling quads are a blessing and are blessed by your relationship too!

I love seeing your photos and hearing the stories. Hope Kailey is better!


Sandra said...

they are so darn cute there are no words to say it.. no matter what they are doing. my favorite pic is yours, those little feet in the big shoes. so sweet. love the sleeping and the brushing to...

Sandra said...

sorry they are sick

Shirley said...

Good Morning, Your grandchildren are so precious and cute. When they are sick, you try lots of different things to make them feel better. I love seeing pictures of the them and watching them grow. Praying everybody gets better soon. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend Shirley

Cheapchick said...

It is so tough when such little peepers are sick. I would love to you to your house too - you have the coolest toys and activities!

Susie said...

Linda, I think LD is a charmer...for those children all love to be held by him. He is good with them, as are you. They are going to be well trained and smart children. I love those little voices. Precious. I hope they all get well soon. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

darlin said...

Oh my goodness, the quads are all so adorable and have they ever grown! They're so precious, seems like it was only a little while ago Amber was pregnant, where does the time slip away on us Linda?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Denise said...

I hope the kids are feeling all better. Mercy Logan has beautiful thick hair, I envy her!

Kelly said...

I always enjoy seeing what the quads are up to. I'm so sorry to hear that they have been sick. At that age, they pick up so many germs and I'm sure they get passed around to all of them too. You always find the neatest things for them to do at your house. the bowling game looked fun and even helping you in the kitchen! no wonder they love coming over to visit!

Diana Ferguson said...

Always fun to stop in here with you and the fam!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, your sweet grand babies! I hope they are all well soon! I love reading your quad adventures & seeing your pictures. {{HUGS}}

Carla said...

I do hope everyone is back to running and playing soon. Poor Kailey. I think Logan got her momma's thick flowing hair.
I love how you always have activities planned.