Friday, February 13, 2015

Quiet Days......

It's been unusually quiet around our home the last few days. Louis Dean is slowly recovering from his sickness and I finally succumbed to the virus going around as well. That was bad enough but then I came down with a stomach bug. I went to bed last night at 7:30 and did not get out of bed until 3:00 this afternoon.

 Right here and now, I would like to thank all my Scrabble and Words With Friends buddies and all those on Facebook who have provided me with some good entertainment and companionship today.

I finally got up at 3:00 and left the bedroom about an hour later fresh from my shower.
I emerged all washed and shampooed, lotion ed and scented in a fresh gown and robe - with matching pink slippers! I even clipped on a pair of earrings!

Normally when I get up (usually this is in the MORNING!) Louis Dean hears me banging around in the kitchen and calls out, "Do I hear a MOUSE???" I always respond with, "NO! Maybe a big RAT!!" This afternoon I banged around cleaning the 'clean' kitchen. LD had served me breakfast in bed - scrambled eggs, toast, fried ham and a few segments of a fresh orange. He cleans up after himself pretty well but I give it the finishing touches. I heard NOTHING from the den and when I went in search I found him asleep on the couch in front of the TV. I left him to sleep in peace.

Yesterday started out fairly well.
We had coffee and I opened up a fresh loaf of Panettone Bread.

All we did Thursday was watch old movies. 

Our favorite was 'Man of the House.'

It was totally entertaining!!!!

While Louis Dean napped - this was BEFORE my stomach bug hit me - I made a banana pudding for him! His weight has been creeping up so his diet is a bit more limited these days. Still, everyone needs a treat from time to time!

This was the only real thing I accomplished that day!!

I bought this cookbook at a thrift store and it is in pristine condition.
The only marking was on the inside cover with the name of the person who gifted it and the one to whom it was given,
Would you believe it was for Valentine's Day and the person had drawn a couple of hearts beside their name?

I hesitated to write in it!
After I took this pic - I DID write the date.
I am leaving the cookbook propped up on my kitchen counter and plan to use recipes from it all month.

This was my second - and last - meal of this day.
Perhaps we will both be a bit thinner soon!
While we haven't graduated to using forks just yet - we ARE working our way back to 'normal' life!

Maybe we will be there in another day or two!


Ginny said...

Oh gosh...well, I am glad you are up and about now, so you are feeling a good bit better? You two have really been through it! I say the banana pudding will be good medicine! What a wonderful deal on the cookbook!!! I guess I need to look through the books when I go to Goodwill, I usually don't. Happy Valentines Day!! I hope you are both well enough to celebrate it!

Linda said...

How nice that you were served what sounds like a delicious breakfast in bed, Linda. Happy Valentine's Day to you and Louis Dean, and I hope that you both are happy and healthy.

Blondie's Journal said...

Oh goodness. you just got over a serious illness a little while ago. The stomach bug is the worst, I haven't had one for years and years, I'm more of a bronchial infection/pneumonia/asthma sort of gal! Ha!

Love that banana pudding recipe and you made me smile about LD snoozing on the sofa. I feel a sweet affection for my hubby when I see him doing that...he is usually so busy

Stay well!.

Jane xx

Penny Miller said...

So sorry to hear that you too have been unwell Linda. Sounds like LD is making a steady recovery. You are sensible to rest when your body tells you too. Sending you a get well hug XX

Beth said...

Linda, Sorry you and LD have been so sick. I had that stomach bug last Sunday evening - it was horrible. I was to have a dr's appt Monday morning and I called in sick to the dr! ha ha (Well, it was a dermatologist - they don't deal with "sick" people!) I did recover quickly, thank goodness and it sounds like you and LD are both on the road to recovery too.
I have two of those BH & G cookbooks (they update them periodically). The first one I got as a wedding gift in 1976 and it is well-worn and much used. I like it better than the newer one. It seems like these days most of the new recipes I try come from blogs or elsewhere on the internet.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Kathy said...

I hope you and LD are feeling better today. Still praying for you to recover. I haven't had a stomach bug in so long and I don't want one. Glad I could keep you company with Words With Friends.

Susie said...

Linda, I sure hope you and LD reach the dryer setting (normal) soon. I looked all day yesterday for a new post from you...then I got a bit scared, wondering what could have happened...because you are a pretty reliable blogger. Please take time to get well. We all know the laundry and house will still be there once we are well. :) Take time for rest. Hugs to you and LD for a better valentine's day. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Pondside said...

I hope that by this morning you are feeling better! What a week you had! Really, it's the worst way to lose weight! Sending big sympathy on Valentine's Day.

Cheapchick said...

Jeez, you two have had the works for February so far - time for some GOOD health days!

Vee said...

Well shoot! I was hoping that you wouldn't get it...whatever it is. Glad that you are lying low as possible and that you are not passing it around. If more people would do this! Slow and steady still wins the race I think so keep taking it easy. (Your cookbook has found a good home...makes one wonder about its first one, though.)

Sandra said...

ha ha on the normal setting. love that and i rather have that Panettone Bread than chocolate or flowers. yum... it is a good thing to have your android to take to bed when sick. i read in my kindle or watch HGTV when i don't feel well.. gotta love all this tech stuff..

Wanda said...

I remember the first time I heard the "normal" definition was reading Erma Bonbeck years ago. Don's favorite is Banana Pudding. I have that cook books and just recently found an older edition, in pretty poor shape, but then I love old things, and it's sitting in my kitchen. Again.. how we think alike.
Hope your Valentine's Day will be healthy and good.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Oh I am so sorry about you being sick, and with a stomach bug. It's the worst.

You made LD a wonderful treat! That's an old childhood favorite of mine.

Take it easy and both of you will be good to go soon!


NanaDiana said...

I hope you are both completely well soon. Happy Valentine's Day..and that was a great treat for LD. xo Diana

peggy said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Linda and family. It's time for you all to get well now. I can't see why the banana pudding didn't save you.

Debby said...

You too feel better soon. Hugs

Kelly said...

So sorry to hear that y'all are continuing to feel bad. Hopefully, all of this sickness will be gone by the time Spring rolls around.

Carla said...

Let try this again. I hope y'all get to feeling a 100% soon
Y'all have really had a time of it the past few months.