Saturday, February 28, 2015

Weather Changes Plans!

Thursday I woke up in the guest room with three little quads! Kailey was sleeping in MY bed! She slept in the royal position - on her back with her face pointed upwards and her hands by her sides.
Harrison slept on the crib mattress on the floor while Logan slept at the foot of the guest bed and Trystan beside me. It was a full house!

On Wednesday morning Trystan woke up about 7:00. She was on the floor and she couldn't see Logan and Harrison up on the guest bed. Granddad was out in the den and Kailey was in our bed but covered up where Trystan couldn't see her either! She found me in my bathroom and, spreading her arms out to her sides, declared, "I can't find ANYBODY!"

The kids did so well being away from home for 48 hours!
Kailey was so sweet giving Logan a drink!
They really do take care of each other.

Trystan was pretty proud of herself for getting all that lipstick on!!!
These kids are a lot of fun!
Brings back memories lots of good memories when mine were little!!!

I let the girls play dress up with the summer dresses I picked up at Goodwill.
They just wore them over their regular clothes since it was so cold.

Logan looks like a little angel.

They ALL want to wear make up like MeeMaw does!!!

Kailey is a natural performer!!

She has her own camera!
Notice the place mats, napkins and napkin rings.
The quads PREFER to eat in the dining room but when we eat in the den they always request these.
Remember, Tuesday they had breakfast with plate chargers and plates, saucers, coffee cups and bowls.....all breakables. NO child proof plastic! They loved that and they have not broken a single piece! Even if they did, this is good training for them. Nothing I have is more precious than my grandchildren - or my husband. 

Afternoon entertainment....
A rare look into Louis Dean's music room.
You can see why.

We had a tea party after naps!
When I told the kids we would have one when they woke up, Trystan said, "And we'll have MUFFINS!"

And so we did!!

A little beading to make necklaces was our craft for the day.

Dinner was an easy Take Out Pizza Meal and then Amber arrived.
She received a wildly warm welcome from her children!!!
They laughed and smiled and yelled in delight when they saw their mother!
I went home WITH them!!!

Then this morning we woke up to THIS!!!

Lots and lots of SNOW!!
Texas usually just gets ice!
Louis Dean left home at 10:00 to come over and get me.
By 11:00 he was forced to turn around and go back home!
It took another 3 hours and then some to get there.
Mind you, he had not even got OUT of Irving!

I was worried about him until I knew he was safely home.
This is a text I received from our beloved next door neighbor, Stephanie.......

She had brought over clam chowder and Louis Dean promised to save half of it for me - for whenever I DO get home!!

Amber bundled all the kids up and we went out to enjoy the snow.

It was beautiful - if you were HOME and not out on the roads!

We don't see much snow around here!

Still......we were excited!!

The kids loved it!!

For once they could play in the bird bath!

We had measuring cups to scoop up clean snow!

Sweet thing!!

They made one more trip outside with Mama and Dada while I made Snow Ice Cream from snow I had scooped up earlier. I had set the bowls out on top of a bush and the snow fall continued to fill them and kept the snow all fresh and powdery. I just brought them in and added vanilla extract, sugar and milk.......

like MAGIC we had ICE CREAM!

They all loved it!!

Thank You!!!

We are several chapters into our Little House in the Big Woods.
I read one to the quads at nap time and another tonight before bed.
They can all tell me the name of  the book now and look forward to me reading to them.

Well, that's it for the last couple of days. I'm hoping to go home tomorrow but we'll see what the weather does. The strange thing is that we will be in the low 70's on Tuesday!!!
Crazy weather!


Ginny said...

I love the video where she is singing along with Grandpa. And all their sweet little cold faces in the snow! Such cute makeup photos! They love you, so they have to copy everything you do!

Deb said...

Have fun and stay warm!

Kathy said...

So glad LD finally got home safely. I hate driving in bad weather. I read on fb about Louis Dean dancing on the roof and I don't doubt it for one minute.

The quads are so cute all dressed up in their warm clothes and playing in the snow. What kid doesn't love to do that.

Be safe going home. At least you know you can get home on Tuesday with those temperatures.

Penny said...

Louis Dean's music room is a real 'man den', looks like he has all his treasures in there! Lovely to see the quads playing in the snow X


It's been darned cold here on the coast too!! I'm tired of it all...want Spring to arrive. But then, when it's Spring...nothing to look forward to 'cause of the hot, long Texas Summers.

Darling children!! The best part was the "I can't find anybody!!"

Diana Ferguson said...

It certainly is crazy weather here in North Texas! And I think you are awesome---you make me tired! LOL Stay safe.

Vee said...

Oh my! Lots going on down there! It had to have been worth it for Amber to go away to get that kind of a welcome. Your neighbor is a hoot! "Up on the roof, eating a cheeseburger." Ha! Well that is a kinda cute snow...just the right amount to enjoy and then be gone with 70° soon. In the meantime, take it easy...

Sandra said...

my favorite photo today is the one of you and the quads in the snow.. Kailey sings really well and i love all those dresses and make up

Shirley said...

I chuckle about LD on the roof. You all have had your share this year. We have been lucky so far and the snow has gone around us. Just the bitter cold. I am going to the nursing home this morning because I don't know when I will make it back if the weather man is right. Your quads are so precious and how the snow ice cream brought back memories of my childhood. Take care, be safe, and warm. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend Shirley

Mrs.Rabe said...

What fun! These quad's will keep you young!

Enjoy your snow! What a treat for you all!


Jan said...

Our weather is crazy here, isn't it? Glad LD got home safely. Love the pictures of the girls putting on makeup!

Linda said...

Linda, I love your photos. I can see you are enjoying your time...and, please, send me some snow, we haven't been getting a lot in Montreal, well, not as much as some other places are getting. Instead we have had frigid temperatures. It's all good, because thankfully I love the winter. :) Stay happy, warm and safe. :)

Cheapchick said...

Whats with all your snow! At least the kids get to see and enjoy it but it makes for difficult living in a place that is not prepared for icestorms and snow. Stay warm and cozy!

Nonnie said...

Your photos are delightful!!! And the note from your neighbor about LD was funny!! Your kids are so lucky to have such a fun Nana.

Susie said...

Linda, You and LD are the best grandparents. I always love seeing your pictures and film clips. Those children are growing way too fast. Snow is rare for all of you. Glad the kids played in it. We are in for a snow storm tonight. I am about wore out from this winter. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

NanaDiana said...

Those little ones are so darned cute, Linda. You are good grandparents! I know that you don't see much snow where you are-unlike us.
Hope you have a great rest of the weekend- xo Diana

Robin said...

Your adventures were fun to read. If you want more snow for icecream please let me know and I can send you several inches of it!

Carole said...

Hi Linda, I could do with some of that snow. Although it is the first official day of fall here it is still very hot and still today. Cheers from Carole of Carole's Chatter

Say What? said...

Precious littles. They are growing so fast!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Of course they loved it! You have had more snow over there than we have had here near Vancouver this winter...a wee skiff is all we had!

Pondside said...

It's hard to believe that there is so much snow down there in Texas!! Big Sympathy from here. It looks like you made the best of it though and that everyone had a wonderful time. I loved that little clip of 'Old MacDonald'!

Bev said...

So enjoyed your post!! Brian loved listening to LD and the the grand singing!!

Carla said...

LD dancing on the roof. I have visions of him dancing like a leprechaun
This is some crazy weather. Y'all stay warm and safe.