Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Very Special Tuesday!!

Louis Dean and I are still basking in the glow of such a wonderful day!!!
We met up with a long time blogging friend and her husband at the Cheesecake Factory in Arlington.
To let you know how excited I was - Louis Dean and I were there a half hour EARLY!!!!
I can't remember the last time I arrived somewhere EARLY!

Meet Brian and Bev!!
We connected instantly! All four of us!!! In no time at all we were laughing and talking a mile a minute!!! People around us probably thought we were long lost relatives or something!

They are a fascinating couple from Alberta Canada! Their winter home is in Arizona.
I love how they live life and all the adventures they have!
This and That is her blog and you can travel along with them as I do - armchair style!!
The thing that stood out about this special couple is the way they love and admire each other!!
It was a beautiful thing to see how proud they are of each other and what a good time they have together! Married for 43 years, you can tell 'the new' still hasn't worn off!

Lovely, lovely people!!!
Can you SEE that awesome food in front of us???
Louis Dean had sweet and sour chicken while the rest of us ordered the avocado egg rolls.
Oh, my goodness, they were good!!!!

I especially like this pic Bev took of us.
I am so blessed to have a husband who looks at me the way Louis Dean does.
Makes me smile......

We met at 11:30 and it was well into the afternoon before we left our table!
We had coffee and CHEESECAKE, of course, and talked and talked and talked!!!
Louis Dean was in hog heaven!
We already knew a lot about each other but there were plenty of blanks to fill in!
Louis Dean just finished reading The Shack - for the second time - and he seemed to magically reference nearly every conversation BACK to The Shack!
It was incredible and hilarious at the same time!

As much as we wanted to - we could NOT keep them forever so we had to let them get on the road. They are headed back to their winter home in Yuma.

Before they left we got to see their RV!!!
They plan to see all 50 states!!!
They have a few more states to add to the map when they get back to Arizona.

What a great set up!!!!

I was so excited to see where they 'live' when they go off on these adventures!!!

Louis Dean got a bee in his bonnet and got online as soon as we got home today - looking at these awesome rigs!

The guys got on so well!
We're talking about flying in to Yuma - or better yet - to Alberta and visiting them!!
Lunch will be OUR treat then!

We drove away talking about what a good time we had!!!
We're STILL talking about it!

We had errands to run this afternoon so, as they drove west, we headed back east.
The blue skies and fluffy white clouds began to turn gray and dark.

This is the pecan tree in the front yard.
Pecans are one of the last trees to bud out in the spring.
You KNOW all danger of frost is past when you see them begin to bud.
They aren't doing that just yet.

The birds love this tree!
I was out there filming nature and enjoying the sounds.
Can you hear Louis Dean come out the back door calling for me?
Then Lucy starts barking, of course!

Quiet time doesn't last long around here!

Now this is the big elm tree that towers above our gazebo.
We drove out of the driveway this morning at 10:30.
When I pulled in late this afternoon - the tree had budded out!
The picture doesn't show it very clearly but that is GREEN up there!!!
In less than 7 hours the tree turned green!

All this green reminds me that everything around here isn't really ALL brown!!!

One of my errands was to buy a new address book!
Who KNEW address books would be hard to find???
People keep addresses on their phones these days so I felt very old school and prehistoric when I had to ASK if they had any at Barnes and Noble. The lady said, "Yes, I do believe we have a COUPLE!"
The one with the old fashioned telephone even has a section for passwords!
The smaller one is where I keep all my blogging friends information.

The only regular Tuesday Thing I did today was hit up the thrift stores.
Ruth Ann was feeling under the weather so Louis Dean went with me.

I found eight white napkins......

a little bunny book and a cute headband.
I am starting to gather things for the grands Easter Baskets!
I put these on top of a floral sundress I picked up for myself.
I just fell in love with the old fashioned fabric!!!
I happen to LIKE 'old fashioned' things!

Harrison will LOVE this!
It reminded me of his Paw Patrol program he likes to watch.

I also found stickers by the ROLL for him!!

I just heard from Amber and the babies are all still so sick!
Every day Louis Dean and I are getting a little better. I am praying the quads will soon be well.
It's hard to see little ones suffer.

Instead of getting my art out tonight, Louis Dean and I just relaxed and spent some time together.
This little Maddie really and truly loves LD!!! If he sits down, it's just a few minutes and here she comes! She stays either on his lap or tucked under his arm.
The quads are still in quarantine so perhaps I will get my paint out in the morning!
That's a novel idea - paint on a day other than Tuesday!
I think I will!!!


Linda said...

Linda, your photos are beautiful, as always. Looks like a wonderful time, and I love that RV!!! I love your finds at the thrift stores. It is so nice that somebody else loves thrifts stores as much as I. :)

Deb said...

That is so cool you got to meet with them I read her blog too! Such a fun and loving family! Will keep the Quads and Amber in my prayers

Bev said...

Oh Linda....You guys are so great and were a real HIGHLIGHT on this trip...and you better come visit!!!

Diana Ferguson said...

So wonderful you got to meet up with blogging friends! I'll jump over to say hi to them!

Robin said...

How interesting-- I am originally from Alberta although I live on the opposite end of Canada now. You would love it there in the summer-- you would find it very cool and dry! You would love travelling in an RV like that too! I am curious if you took a photo of the outside of it. We have a smaller one and it has brought us many friends and adventures. Unfortunately my working life gets in the way of my travels!

Changes in the wind said...

What a great day:) Glad you both are feeling better and sorry to hear the quads are sick.

Sandra said...

tell your birds i love thier tree to.. so beautiful. that is a really nice rig they have and the perfect way to travel and see the states... i can tell you were all having a great time..

Linda said...

Yes, you are so blessed to have LD. What fun to meet online friends, and at the Cheesecake factory makes it even more special. Sorry the quads are sick, must be extra hard on their parents, hope they feel better SOON! take care :-)

Susie said...

Linda, It's wonderful you met up with blog pals. One day girl, I hope it's me. :) You and LD look so cute together. I am so happy you are better. I pray for Amber and the little ones. I saw a robin yesterday , Linda it made me smile. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

NanaDiana said...

What a wonderful post, Linda. I love it when meeting someone in person exceeds our expectations. They look like a wonderful couple and that is a great picture of you and your hubby.
How awful that the quads are sick. You feel so helpless when that happens.
Hope you have a wonderful day planning and dreaming about your trip to see your friends in the future. xo Diana

Cheapchick said...

If you go visit them in Alberta make sure to go June July or August - otherwise you would freeze my friend! We moved out of there as it was way too cold :) That is why they escape to Yuma for the winter.

Penny said...

Oh how lovely to meet bloggy friends! I am so glad that you and LD had a treat after all your days and weeks of not being well. I love that big lorry thing they live in whilst they are touring, that looks like fun, though I don't know how I would cope driving something that size! Sorry to hear the quads are still under the weather, you must be desperate to see them. Take care X

Vee said...

And ba bam! They're back! Such a fun post. So glad that you had such a fun time with your "real life" friends. I love the point at which cyber friends become real life ones.

I had to go check in on the quads yesterday. Been praying for them to feel better asap. Hope Kailey's new prescription works well for her.

Have fun painting!

Carole said...

Linda, I hope you all recover really soon. I am going to an auction in about 2 hours to try to buy a house! I am so nervous ... so many things to worry about.... Wish me luck! Cheers from Carole of Carole's Chatter

PS Am enjoying using your country diary so much!

Carla said...

Well that's pretty cool getting to meet a fellow blogger all the way from Canada. I think Pam and I ate at the cheese cake in Arlington before we came home that weekend I got to see you. And yes I know it was out of the way. We kinda got turned around.
When I saw that picture of you and LD I thought look at how he looks at you. Precious. (deep sigh)
Glad y'all just relaxed together that night. Guess what ? Notice that I'm reading a current blog..... yep I'm caught up at least for the week. LOL
Great post