Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Warm Fuzzy Feelings on a COLD Winter's Day!

We have been looking forward to today!!!
The quads arrived about 10:45 and we were READY!

Summer set this train table up last night and the kids went right to it!!

Amber was in need of a day of REST while WE were all excited about a day of PLAY!!!

Granddad can fix just about anything! Even a little people thing that goes with the Thomas Train!
Kailey went dancing after him!!!

Each child found things to play with and stayed busy!

The kids got the biggest kick out of the Polly Parrot their Aunt Deanie gave us!!

Kailey said, "I LOVE that bird!!"

It doesn't take much to keep them all entertained!
Kailey loves to figure out how things work.

They are very good at entertaining themselves!

All too soon it was time for lunch!!
Kailey is a big helper!

We eat lunch in the den and I admit I had to chomp my salad down  FAST!!!!
Keeping them all at the table is not an easy task but we ARE learning how it works!!!

I am smart enough to sit Kailey by her Granddad!!

A perk of them holding hands is that it also keeps her at the table!!

After cleaning up the lunch dishes - and I always clean up one event before moving on to the next - we prepared the den for naps.

The weather has turned bitter cold so we kept a fire going all day.
While I read them all to sleep, Louis Dean went out to insulate the outdoor faucets.
W have SEVERAL outdoor faucets as that is one of Louis Dean's favorite things!!
He likes to have one within easy reach - no matter where he is outside!!!
We even have one in our gazebo!
AND one to the left and one to the right of the French doors coming out of the sewing room.
He had already winterized MOST of them - just two he had forgot about!

Sweet sleeping babies!

After naps we ALWAYS have a Tea Party!!

Today we used a tea set from Japan and I served Constant Comment Tea and Miss Debbie's Gingerbread Cookies and Texas Trash. 
They loved it all!!!

Next up - Play Doh!!!!

It helped that I had so many tools for them to work with.

A simple dinner served in the dining room - complete with chargers and pretty place settings and their sippy cups of milk!!

Harrison is the first to say, "Let's pray!"
He even prayed at Tea Time!

Dinner for six!
I love to hear them say, "I love you!"

Logan is a good little eater!!

After dinner entertainment!

Baths follow dinner and once again, they all thanked me for their 'toys' in the tub!!
I save empty plastic bottles and they LOVE them!

After I had bathed and dressed Harrison, he put his arms around me and kissed me and said, "I LOVE you, MeeMaw!!! I'm glad you're here!!!"

After baths and warm pajamas - it's time to blow dry their hair!
TOO cold to go out  with wet hair!!

Perhaps it was because I was all prepared for today or maybe the kids are just getting easier or I am getting better - but this was the first Quad Wednesday that I have not been exhausted!!!

We ALL had fun today and are already looking forward to NEXT Wednesday!!!


Linda said...

Wow, you may not be exhausted but I am. Can't imagine having four that size for a whole day no matter how cute & sweet they are. I do love the way you deal with Kailey. You certainly have her number. I look forward to next week to see what special things you have in store for us. I enjoyed this post very much.

Jutta said...


Ginny said...

What a wonderful day! It does get easier the older they get! Plus all your good planning. I LOVE the video of them all quiet and napping in front of the fire, sweet babies. Everything you do with them is SPECIAL and they will always remember it. I bet you will sleep good tonight!

Deb said...

A great day! Too darn cold outside

Sandra said...

i love the tub shot.. so cute and if i turned in circles like that i would fall down... tea sets and trains, oh my.... all good things for when it is cold outside.

Susie said...

Linda, I think being ready for the grands really helps. It is nice you have so many fun things for them to do. I like that they pray at tea and dinner. Blessings to all of you, xoxo,Susie

Vee said...

Your good planning paid off! It is obvious that they love being with you and how wonderful that Amber has a day to herself once in a while. That is a blessing that keeps on giving. I had to listen to all the "I love you s" again...too precious for words and what great talkers they are becoming!

Diana Ferguson said...

Precious stuff here!!

Anonymous said...

My goodness your day was full! All the meals & tea party look so delicious. What a delightful time at MeeMaw's!

Mrs.Rabe said...

What an amazing day you had! Fun times!