Sunday, January 18, 2015

Head Cold, Bed Rest and a Little Dab of Crafting......My Weekend....

I woke up Saturday morning with a terrible head cold.

I did not get out of bed all day. I had my iPad, journal, Vicks Vapor Rub, phone, chargers AND a book! It was a beautiful day so I opened the back door to let the sunshine in.
Louis Dean waited on me hand and foot. Breakfast in bed. Lunch in bed.

Since it was a LATE breakfast and a LATE lunch - I just had hot tea for my supper.
Starve a cold! Feed a fever!!! Or is it the other way around?

I am still sick but feeling better than yesterday!
I have spent a good part of the day in the den. We watched Ed Young, Sr. on TV since I was too ill to go to church.

I love Facebook! I love the recipes, the status updates of my friends and family and the clever ideas people share! The one that caught my attention today was a denim apron.

I happen to have a couple pair of jeans lying around!
This was a pair from my sister, Nita. You can see they were accidentally bleached but still good jeans.

NO sewing required to make this! I am FOREVER looking for my phone or for my camera!!!
Now I can just pop them in the pockets and fasten the apron in the back and I am good to go!!
I wore this all day and since I look like death warmed over - trust me! - this was THE only cute thing about me!!! I have some really nice bright trim to sew along the bottom but when I sat down to the sewing machine I discovered the bobbin case wasn't there. So no sewing for me until NEXT Friday when I go back to the Bernina shop in Fort Worth.

I have also seen quite a few wreathes using cupcake liners.

I decided to try my hand at making one.
I covered a florist foam wreath with this fleece fabric. Too bad it has puppy feet on it.

Then I wrapped it with this beautiful wire beaded ribbon I bought at a shop in Mart, Texas.
Next I pinned on some cupcake liners! Last of all, I made a nice bow and wired it to the wreath!

Not too shabby for a Valentine wreath made with things I already had!!!

I managed to get one more Christmas tree down today. I lit this candle and set it on the 'vacant' kitchen table to celebrate! Just THREE more trees to go!! The living room still looks exsactly as it did Christmas Eve as does the dining room! The gazebo will be the last 'take down.'
We will not be hosting another party until February 12th so I have a little time to get it all done!

We've enjoyed some good football games this afternoon but now I'm waiting on Louis Dean to get out of his bath so we can watch Scorpion together. I'll save Downton Abbey for tomorrow.


Vee said...

My daughter visited today and she was sneezing. I think that I'll put a drop of hydrogen peroxide in each ear before bed and take an echinacea tablet. May your good resti set you right so that you'll be feeling better by morning. Downton Abbey was interesting... Know nothing of Scorpion. It is good that you take your time with Christmas. We are still enjoying the winter tree and I imagine that we will be until March.

bj said...

O, bless your heart. A cold is just the WORST...just hate them. Hoping you feel better every day until it's all gone.
I am lovin' your cute...but then, the artist in you can make things look sooo good.
Take care, dear heart...

Ginny said...

I saw your wreath and apron on Facebook and I LOVE them!!! I do not think I am crafty enough to make the cupcake liners look so pretty! But I have made swags and wreaths. I am so sorry you are sick! Louis Dan is so amazing. Downton was SO good tonight, you will love it.

Deb said...

Linda you get a lot done even when you are feeling bad that apron we are going to have to make some too...this sun shine has been wonderful!

Linda said...

Linda, bless your heart, colds are no fun. Tea is a great comfort, though, and can help ease it somewhat. That plus plenty of rest and relaxation. Love your photos.

Arlene Grimm said...

Glad you are feeling a bit better. Colds are no fun!!

Changes in the wind said...

I think the only way the good Lord has of slowing you down is for you to be sick....Take care and love the valentine wreath.

Bev said...

You still had a busy weekend...even though you weren't feeling well!!

Estelle's said... seems everyone is in bed with a cold or flu like symptoms. Please feel better and you are right where you need to be...resting. Good thing we have sunshine on our shoulders today! Hugs dear Linda!

peggy said...

I need one of those aprons, specially for out-in-the-garden time for that phone I can never find.

Cheapchick said...

I hope you are feeling better - I find head colds are the worst of the sickies!

Susie said...

Linda, I hate to hear that you are sick. I still got a lot done for not being well. I hope you get better as the day goes along. Clever ideas for crafts. Take care of yourself. Hope LD doesn't get it too. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Oh, not good to be sick. I hope you feel better soon. Head colds can be so nasty. Stay warm and cozy.

Penny Miller said...

I hope you feel much better very soon, and am so glad to hear that you were sensible and stayed in bed. It will have really helped chase that cold virus away. What a honey LD is for looking after you so beautifully, I am falling more in love with him every day!! (Only joking you know! ) XX

Kelly said...

Oh no! You're sick again???? I'm so sorry to hear that. This old "cold" stuff has really gotten to you this season. That is such a cute denim apron. I've never seen one like that before. Love the cute wreath you made from coffee filters too. Glad that you've felt like doing a few fun crafts to pass the time while you recover. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I hope that you are on the mend! Louis Dean is a sweetheart to tend to your needs. Your apron is cute and does look very useful. I love your wreath! Rest well.

Pondside said...

Take good care, Linda. You are on the go a lot and babies are little germ-donors!

Carla said...

What a cute wreath. Nifty idea. I hope you're feeling better. Cute apron. You get a head cold and still creative.
You take it easy