Monday, January 19, 2015

Three Clean Rooms Straight in a Row!!!

I knew when I woke in the night that I was feeling better and sure enough! I slept late but have not been back in bed AT ALL today! Not so for Louis Dean! I'm afraid I shared my cold with him and he spent most of the afternoon in the guest room bed with the door closed and sound asleep. 
That's okay because that's the only way to get better - sleep!

My homemaker's heart starting stirring with thoughts of a CLEAN house!!!
Tonight as I journal I am proud to say that I have THREE clean rooms and they are straight in a ROW! I like that!

The den was already clean so all I had to do was fluff it up and light my candle.

The kitchen was THE challenge of the day!!!
Louis Dean has been cooking all our meals and that meant a good bit of 'Damage Control!'

The floor was so dirty that when I vacuumed it sounded like a bowl of Rice Krispies with all that snap, crackle and popping going on!!!

No more Christmas in the kitchen!!!
Of course, the white lights stay up year round!

Room done!! Candle LIT!

The breakfast table no longer has a tree on it!

It's fun to unpack all of the stuff I packed AWAY to make ROOM for Christmas!
It's like getting NEW things!!!

I LOVE the Nature Candle Summer gave me for Christmas.
It reminds me of  a mini fire place with the soft sizzle sounds.

I filled a couple of tiny coffee cups with some whole cloves and put the clove studded orange beside them. Since I love the white lights, I strung a 20 count strand through the faux ivy.
The brown enamel cup holds scripture cards - I read one every morning and then try to keep that verse in my heart and on my mind throughout the day.
Today's verse: Matthew 28:20
"And, lo, I am with you always."

It's hard to take pictures of the utility room......
but trust me! It's CLEAN!!!
Candle LIT!!!

Staright from the den - through the kitchen - to the sewing room!
THIRD clean room!
Candle LIT!

Louis Dean and I took a break and sat outside on the driveway for an HOUR this evening.
We had no idea we were out there that long!
We waited for it to get dark since I never dressed today. I still had on my gown and robe!
It's always a special time for us - to sit with our feet propped up and watch the stars and just chat.

Since we came in Louis Dean has been soaking in a hot tub while I have been journaling.

I had thought about starting on taking all the angels down in the foyer tonight.
Instead, we will either go back to the driveway with a glass of wine or watch a program and then close up the house and go to bed.
No late night for us! At least not until we both get well!!


Debby said...

Oh no you both got sick. Sounds like you are feeling better. Your home is so cozy. Hope you both are feeling much better soon.

Blondie's Journal said...

Getting these rooms tidy so quickly after being under the weather is no small feat. You are something! I love that you can keep your breakfast table set. I just have a little dining nook, no dining has to be everything to everyone.

So sorry LD has the bug. I'm sure you are taking care of him.

Jane x

Deb said...

you two need to get plenty of rest...we want you feeling better quickly!
it was another beautiful day

Linda said...

Rest is indeed the best cure for many of the things that ail us, especially a cold. I also love tiny lights & candles but never use them. My husband is a man of many fears, fire being one. I can enjoy your lights & candles though. I enjoy looking at pictures of your house & reading your adventures with the quads & Louis Dean.

Wanda said...

Dear Linda, you did all this and with a cold. You home looks wonderful clean or cluttered as you would say. I cleaned out little apartment from top to bottom today, and it sure does feel good to have clean rooms in a row. haha.

Ginny said...

Your rooms are all so gorgeous, with so much to see. I hope Louis Dean is better now. When you live together, it is inevitable that you will catch each other's illnesses. I went to Hobby Lobby today and got the peel & stick for the kitchen cabinets!! I got the ones with coffee cups, I wanted two tubes but there was just one left, and it was half price! I can't wait to put them up!

Penny Miller said...

Sorry to hear LD has the cold now. Your three-in-a-row clean rooms are beautiful. X

Vee said...

May Louis Dean be back feeling like himself after another day of rest. Your home looks like such a magical (Narnia magical) place. Make me smile to see the candle lit. I am working in my kitchen area today. (It is a defined space, but part of a larger room.)

Vee said...

And I will be lighting a candle for sure!

Arlene Grimm said...

I know what you mean about bringing out the odds and ends you had stored during Christmas. It does make it seem like new things are in the house. I have been washing sheets and blankets as my little guest threw up last night. It reminded me of the days when my own kiddos were sick and isn't it always during the night? So I am moving slow today but we plan to end the day by seeing Paddington Bear. I have to admit i am really looking forward to seeing it as much as the grands!

Doreen@househoneys said...

Seems there's a lot of illness going around, and it goes back and forth but hopefully you're out of the woods. Good for you for cleaning so soon after your cold! I'm sure it feels great knowing it is done and you can move on to the next challenge!

Sandra said...

i love all the rooms with the candles lit and the sparkles with the chickens in them. hoo ray for 3 clean rooms.. glad you feel better but so sorry LD got sick to...

Shirley said...

I am glad that you are feeling better. It knocks you for a loop that is for sure. My son told me he finally feels like he is getting back among the living. I just hope the rest of his family doesn't come down with it. This weather is good for you catching colds because it is so changeable. The time is flying and I really don't know where it is going. I like the warmer weather, but it is only the middle of January. Take care. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri friend

Dee said...

I'm glad you're feeling better, too. It's too bad Louis Dean picked up the bug, but at least he's getting plenty of rest. Your home is so cozy and inviting. I couldn't help but smile when I read that you lit a candle after each room had been cleaned. I love candles and I do the same thing.

I love the scripture cards, too and it brought back a wonderful memory. My mother used to have them and I remember reading them sometimes when I was younger... :)

Jane@Bluebird1959 said...

Tis the season for colds and icky ness! I woke up this morning feeling like I'm getting a cold, so it looks like I am joining the club. Glad to hear you are feeling better and hoping Louis Dean gets better quickly as well. Love a clean to check off each room as it gets done. Lighting a candle to celebrate is a great idea. Jane

Maureen said...

Hi Linda, I enjoy your blog so much--thank you! It is one of the highlights of my day. I do have a couple of things I've been extremely curious about though. First, please tell me your secrets for having so much energy---how do you do it all? Any advice would be appreciated. And second, I do love your cozy home, but all the rooms look so dark. Do you keep the shades drawn or curtains closed so your candles and white Christmas lights stand out more? Or is it something else? I have the same Pfaltzgraff dishes and love seeing all the ways you use them! Your blog inspires me to enjoy the moment and enjoy what I have. You seem to enjoy your life so very much! Thank you once again for inspiring me!!!


I'm jealous! I will be finding a C'mas house to put awat when I get home as right this moment I'm caring for my DD Alex who had an appendicitis intervention and I'm far from home. I'm going back tomorrow.
I love it all, wish I had a magic wand!
Hugs Linda. Hope LD is feeling better, what a drag!

Nonnie said...

Wishing I had your red blood cells. You seem always to be busy, even when you're recovering from an illness. Very nice.

Susie said...

Linda, I love the cozy feeling I get whenever I look at your home. I am so glad you are let's get that sweet man well. I am with you...just let people rest when they are not well...helps so much. Take care of yourself. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

Bev said...

I love that you light a candle in every room!

Carla said...

I always get a warm fuzy feeling looking at your rooms. The mood lighting the contents I don't know something about your home is very inviting.