Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tuesday News......

No Christmas take down today. Louis Dean and I took most of the day off and spent it running errands and going out for lunch.

We ate at Big State Fountain Grill and Louis Dean ordered the Buffalo Burger!!!!
Combined with Cajun Seasoned Fries and ONION RINGS - he was in HEAVEN!!!
I ordered a regular hamburger and was STUFFED!!!!
All I wanted to do after we ate was go home and take a nap!!
That would have allowed all those fatty calories to pick a place and STICK!
Before we left this morning, I DID do 20 minutes of Yoga. The problem was that I haven't been doing this as often as I used to and there were TWO yoga positions that I found - um.....shall we say.....challenging??? I could do these easily just a few short weeks ago!!!

From lunch we went to the library for books, Cd's and movies for the quads when they come over tomorrow! Goodwill and the grocery store followed and it was nearly 5:00 when we got home.

Instead of spreading my loot out on the living room sofa - I decided to take pictures of them after I put them in place.

I really like this little perpetual calendar!

Louis Dean spied this crock pot and rice cooker! We plan on taking them down to the ranch with us when we get the camper fixed up!

I hit the jack pot of rain gear for the smaller grands!!
EXCEPT!!!!! The very PRETTIEST pink raincoat was RUINED when I washed it!!!!
Who KNEW you couldn't WASH a rain coat???

This is NOT the ruined raincoat but you can see what that pink one did to it!!
As if I didn't have enough to do this evening - now I must try to clean up the litter that stuck to the others!

Enter my patient loving husband!!
While I was getting things set out and ready for tomorrow - HE sat there and picked pink spots off of a green raincoat!

I got rid of MOST of the pink spots on these three!

I also found cute rain boots to go with them!!

They are just sweet looking and I know the quads will be walking in the rain come spring!

Harrison's is a little big - so he can wear THIS for a very long time!
No boots were found for him but I'll keep looking!

The quads are always standing on my black kitchen step stool and pushing each other off.
These two stools should help!! AND they stack for easy storage!

The den table is set with art supplies and things to make Valentines with.
I filled a small mason jar with M & M's so they can snack and create at the same time!!!

I have the den tree all trimmed up in a Valentine theme!

I think I'm just about ready to go to bed!!!
We have a big day in store for us tomorrow!!
We also have a big surprise for the quads!
They ALWAYS ask where their cousin, Rayne, is!
Well, SHE will be a surprise guest for dinner tomorrow night!!!
They all play so well together!
I saw a delicious looking recipe on Facebook for Crock Pot Chicken and Dumplings!
Hope it tastes as good as it looks!!!


Ginny said...

I love the cute raincoats!! I think my favorite is the yellow one with strawberries on it. Wonder WHO and WHY they turned in so many? I guess their kids had grown out of them. They will have a ball making valentines and eating M&M's! The cute little stools were a great idea!

jamarson1 said...

Please share the recipe if it turns out good:)

Amber B. said...

The rain coats and boots are cute - and something they don't have yet!! Love the stools too. Looking forward to my break tomorrow, this afternoon was pretty hard. Thank God for grandparents...

Jutta said...

Linda. Always the Best way to wake up is reading your positive and beautiful blogging! Thank You!!

Jutta said...

"The trick about life is to make it look easy". I think you have accompliced that with all the beauty! :)

Linda said...

I have a husband who would pick pink spots off a green raincoat. Every family needs to keep one around for just such times. They come in handy. I'm thinking you need to look for a white Christmas tree for valentine decorations as well as St Patrick's Day, Easter, May Day, June's Flag Day, and The 4th of July. Then perhaps you could have grapevine tree for Back to School decorations, September sunflowers, Halloween & Thanksgiving. Then back to the green tree for Christmas and January's theme of birds, lots of cardinals, bird seed decorations, small bird houses & a few nests. How's that for something to do in your spare time? Then Louis Dean won't have time to pick pink spots off a green raincoat. He'll be busy building another storage shed in the back yard.

Penny Miller said...

Lovely finds at the charity shop! I love perpetual calendars too, they look so nice on a desk or hallway x

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Fun day and LD and more fun tomorrow!!!

Arlene Grimm said...

My grands are making Valentines as well Linda. When I asked Landon who was his Valentine, he said, Margaret, his first cousin. You know that made this Nana's heart just grow three sizes.

Sandra said...

have lots of fun, you are prepared as usual.. what a find on the rain gear. wondering why only the pink one did not wash up

Susie said...

Linda, That LD is a wonderful granddad. You can tell he loves the children and you too girl. Glad he had a big old man lunch. :):) Hope your Wed, goes well with all your sweet little guest. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

NanaDiana said...

Great finds for the grands with the rain gear. Too bad the pink one fell apart. Glad you had a nice lunch and day out. xo Diana

Vee said...

What fun that the quads ask for their cousin Raynie! It's fun that they all get on so well together. Love seeing your bargain finds! You always find such fun things. (Our Goodwill does not sell toys, boots or raincoats. They say it is out of concern for plastics. I call them "moonbats.") Sorry about the pink coat, but am I wrong to hope that the one you find is yellow? It's a perfect color for a raincoat. Hope that you are having a fun quad day and enjoying your yummy supper even as I visit.

Bev said...

what cute coats and boots.... I have a hubby like LD...he would pick for me too:).... What fun you will have tomorrow... what a wonderful grandma you are!!