Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A SHAKY Tuesday: Hair Cut, Earthquake, Goodwill, Earthquake, Movie, Earthquake......

It's been an shaky day here in North Texas!
As of the time I am writing this (10:51 pm) there have been SEVEN earthquakes in less than seven hours! That's a whole lot of shaking going on! Five of the seven were centered in or near Irving - where we live!!! The strongest registered 3.6! There have been 22 earthquakes in the Irving area since November 1, 2014!

No matter the earth shaking!
I had things to do!

The 'magic moment' of I MUST GET MY HAIR CUT arrived last night.
I couldn't WAIT to get to the salon!

Blurry pic but trust me - it looks so much better!!!

I headed straight over to Goodwill then!!!

I made quite a haul today!
I even unloaded a trunk of donations!
It's a coincidence that I always seem to bring back as much as I leave!

I seriously LOVE these new purses!!! The gold one is my favorite and is large enough to use as an overnight bag!! The Ralph Lauren comfy pants will be perfect for tomorrow!

I had so much fun - even if the ground shook as I shopped!!

Summer came over after she got off of work and we decided to take in a movie!
I have been wanting to go for weeks now but it just didn't happen.

We chose Fury and it was pretty intense!
I think we watched the whole thing with our shoulders up around our ears!!
It really felt like WE were getting shot at!!!
As we were driving home, a car passed us. As the windows rolled by, I prepared myself to duck!!!
It took a few minutes to acclimate back into reality!

MY reality is that I am getting ready for the quads to arrive here in the morning!!
We came in from the movie and I blitzed the house while Summer set up the toy table with the Thomas Train set. I do better if I have the house all clean and ready before they get here.
I can't wait to see them play with the new things I have out.

Last night I stayed up until 2:00 am reading! Not this night!! I told Louis Dean, "Do NOT go to bed without me!!! I have GOT to get to sleep earlier so I can get up earlier tomorrow!!"

Morning comes EARLY!!!


Linda said...

Gracious, what has happened to Texas? We expect earthquakes here on the west coast but not in Texas. I hope you wake up energized in the morning.

Ginny said...

So you are having them over every Wednesday now...what a wonderful break for Amber! And a great time for them! I can hardly believe about the earthquakes...I have not seen a single thing on the T.V. news or the paper! And you were not scared? I guess by now you are used to it. We had one a couple years ago and it started with the noise, a big low rumble like a train was coming straight at me! But it was the GROUND! Your purses are great! I have not gotten any purses at Goodwill yet, but I have gotten two jackets, two sweaters, and eight blouses recently! Plus baskets and trays and Christmas decorations. Now I am working on finding things for Easter! It comes very early this year and I love decorating for it! I have already gotten all three Easter baskets for the girls at Goodwill.

Kathy said...

Earthquakes? I hope everything is OK there. I have lived through 2 earthquakes in my life and that's enough.

You made me laugh when you said you brought back as much as you left at the Goodwill. Well, the money is going for a good cause.

Have fun with the quads tomorrow.


...and a busy day ahead!!!

Penny Miller said...

I can't imagine going about my business with an earthquake going on, but trust you not to let it phase you Linda! I laughed at your leaving the goodwill shop with as much as you donate; my rule of thumb is that I must leave with less than I donate, but it doesn't always work out that way.... X

Stacey said...

We couldn't feel the earthquake here at our house in Rockwall. You know we moved here from Oklahoma almost 3 years ago. I heard on the news recently that Oklahoma has had more earthquakes than California in the last year. Crazy things happening in this part of the country.

Paul and I saw Unbroken over the holidays. There were definitely parts when my eyes were covered but it's a wonderful story. You should see it.

Have a great day with the quads. :)

Susie said...

Linda, Are you on a fault line?? That is a lot of earthquakes. Since we moved here(10yrs.) we have had 2 quakes at the 4 mark. Two ice storms and two floods. I am ready to move back to town. I am glad you to things to donate...don't buy it back. Once my mom bought a shirt from the church rummage, that I had donated. We laughed about that every time she wore it. I saw the weather map and it is showing colder weather way down there in Texas. Today and tonight may be our worst. Hope no more single digit temps. Hug the little guys for me. Take care, xoxo,Susie

Sandra said...

Fury is on my list of want to see when it gets to TV.. you are just like the US mail... neither rain not sleet nor hail or EARTHQUAKES will keep me from the salon and Goodwill. LOL.. that is a lot of shaking going on and is a tad scary for our earth..

Debbie said...

Good morning! Living in So. California like I do earthquakes are a way of life, lol. We barely blink at a 3.something though trust me it does get your attention. I have lived in the same city the quake was registering twice and trust me that makes is 3 times as noticable though. The biggest I have experience was a 6.4! Now that was scary let me tell you! We had lots break in that one. Anyway, glad all is OK over there. Hubby wanted to see Fury but we never did see it. Hair cut is cute. Enjoy your day with the quads!

Vee said...

My brother-in-law is rolling through the width of Texas today on his way from Utah to Florida. I always like to have a tidbit to share so the quaking will work nicely for that. =D

Haircuts...I remember them fondly. Your hair always looks great.

You will have a happy, busy day with the grands. I hope that all are feeling lots better.

Packing up Christmas here today. My least favorite thing in all the world to do.

Enjoy the day!

Linda said...

I heard about the earthquakes this morning......I'm happy to say I've never experienced one. What a great haul you made at Goodwill! Have fun with the grands!!!!! I think you will :-)

peggy said...

I'm glad your haircutter had a steady hand. It looks good!

Linda said...

I love that first photo, Linda, you look great...but then again, being as lovely and photogenic as you are, you always do!

Beth said...

Imagine you and Louis Dean are having a busy and very enjoyable day with the quads today! Grandchildren are such a treasure. :)
You got some great items at Goodwill. I just love thrifting!

Kelly said...

I never new that Texas got earthquakes! Is that normal for your area? Glad that no one is hurt and didn't cause any damage. Looks like you got some nice things from Goodwill. We just took a huge donation to them today. I got rid of a lot holiday décor I wasn't using. It felt good to part with it and give it to someone that will be able to enjoy it. I need to take some things to a consignment store too. They require an appt. though so that will have to be done later. Have fun with the quads today!

Anonymous said...

You have had a shaky day indeed! I hope that your evening is still and restful. I wonder what is causing all those quakes? Love your treasures!

Carla said...

Okay I always said I wouldn't move to California because of earthquakes. Do I have to say that about the Dallas/Irving area? Dang My fav of your haul is the red purse I think.
So Fury is good. I guess I'll have to wait for the DVD. Can't tell when the last time we went. LOL