Monday, January 12, 2015

The Weekend AND Monday!!! I Got Behind!!!

I don't like it when I get behind in my journals - online as well as in my real paper and pen Country Diary! 

The weekend started with Saturday when we began the task of taking Christmas down......
I worked in the sewing room and we made a start on our new storage area.

If I don't PLAN something - it will never happen!!!
My friend, Brenda, and I PLANNED on a fun evening together with our husbands!

If you know BILLY, then you know it was a LOT of fun!!!
I was taking a pic of Louis Dean (to use in my blog since my blog is ALL about HIM!!!) when who should appear in my photo but BILLY!!!

This was the start of a great Saturday night!!
We all ate and talked and caught up with each other over a HEALTHY meal at Jason's Deli!

The party moved to their house where we played some 42.
I am SO not a good 42 player but Brenda and Billy are THE most patient teachers!
THEY are awesome players and we are grateful for them taking the time to teach us!
Between them and Roy and Ruth Ann, someday WE may become REAL 42 players!!!

Louis Dean is certainly looking the part!!

Me? Not so much!
I always PASS when it comes to bidding!

HE got the hang of it!!

My handsome husband!!!

Next time we get together I will ask if I can take pictures of our good sweet friends and use on the blog. I try to respect the privacy of my friends!
I do have to say - Brenda was looking exceptionally beautiful this evening and I SO wish I had taken some photos of her!!

Home for bed and I had every intention of waking up in time for SUNDAY SCHOOL and church!
I made it to church - late!
Louis Dean pulled his 'Old Man' card and stayed home. He DID watch Ed Young Sr on the Winning Walk on TV.

I got a bonus!!!!
Trystan went home with MeeMaw!!!

Granddad was out the door and waiting to get her out of the car before I even turned the engine off!

He had lunch all ready - BLT's! WITH potato chips!

We all ate fireside as the Dallas Cowboys played.

Trystan is like THE most perfect child!!
She plays. She eats.She sleeps. She is precious!!!

After our nap together ( YES! Louis Dean gave me the news about the game results and I felt GUILTY for not staying awake and cheering! I take some responsibility for their loss!) we had a tea party!

Is she NOT adorable????

We had Tea for Two using this ceramic tea set I made for Amber when she was just one year old. time flies......

We finished up our Sunday here at the house and Trystan said, "I want to go to Trystan's house and see Mommy and Dada!!" So that's exactly what we did ......

We stopped on our way at Central Market.
Just LOOK at all those birds!!!

It reminded me of the old Hitchcock movie!

I think these are starlings but not sure......

The BIRDS were a bit scary!!!

When I was checking out, the lady said they come every night!

Lots of things to look at in a grocery store like Central Market!!

We bought a muffin to share later in the cafe.
I SO wanted a whole CAKE!!!

Coffee on a Sunday night? Perfect!!!

This was delicious!!!
I brought a cup home with me and heated it up this morning!!!
I have no shame over leftover coffee!!

Trystan enjoyed being the center of attention all day!

I want to see the FISHES!!!!
In spite of what she said - she was ready to see Harrison, Logan and Kailey!

One last look at the BIRDS!!!

Ah!!! There were four kids SO happy to see Granddad!!!

We stayed to eat some of Amber's delicious Chicken Soup -
perfect for a cold January Sunday night - and she made it spur of the moment!
She can make up a recipe in her head quicker than anyone I know!

Louis Dean stayed in the play room with the kids while
I watched the latest episode of Downton Abbey while sipping a glass of wine from the Bota Box of Pinot Grigio I picked up at Central Market. Then after the kids were in bed - we all watched Madam Secretary together. It was a wonderful Sunday!!!

This morning Louis Dean and I started a new book -

We are in chapter two and love it already!!
Louis Dean is a big fan of Bill O'Reilly and now I see why!

We spent the day doing my least favorite thing in all the world.....taking Christmas down!
The bedrooms, bathrooms and sewing room are all done.
Next was the den and that was a JOB!!!
We worked at cleaning out the former 'Lawn House' and have now made it a Christmas storage room.

It's been a warm and cosy day INSIDE!!!!

Everyone snores around here!!!!


Lucy is a crazy dog and barks at Louis Dean.....but we really do love her!

It's a cold night in Texas!!
Louis Dean has the college football game on!
Oregon Ducks and Ohio State Buckeyes!
The Buckeyes were the underdogs and that's who we are rooting for!!!
THEY are WINNING as I write this!

While HE was watching the game......I was working on our front porch.
I bought a dozen pieces of pine picks at Hobby Lobby on Friday for 90% off!
I stuck these in the grapevines twined above the porch.

Since I keep white lights up year round - inside and out! - I thought I would make a WINTER porch!

I kept the red cover on the bench and the red and white snowflake pillows.
After I took these pictures I added some red wooden bead garland on the tree and over the door.

I can't tell you how many nights Louis Dean and I sit outside on our driveway and how much we enjoy the lights on our porch. Why, the last time we were sitting out there with a glass of wine we had TWO cars stop by and say how pretty it looks!!! In warmer weather, the neighbors JOIN us for a glass of vino!!!

I just LOVE the white lights! My porch ALWAYS makes me smile!

I'm working on the den tree - which stays up year round. This is a work in progress.
I haven't decorated for Valentine's in quite awhile - but I am embracing the holiday this year!

Tomorrow I will CLEAN the rooms I have Undecorated!
I also plan to go to the library and check out some videos, puzzles, books and audio books to use for our Quad Wednesday! We MAY make a trip to Big State Fountain Grill for lunch!
We ALL need to be rewarded for good behaviour from time to time.

The taking down of Christmas will continue on Thursday......


Deb said...

You had a good weekend! That sounds fun taking the quads to Big State for lunch they will love it

Bev said...

WOW what a full weekend!!

Debby said...

Go Bucks.

Blondie's Journal said...

I just left a comment on your last post and thought...where are you? Yes this is a great journal and your life is so full.

Watched your videos...those are definitely starlings. And I'm sure they came from Illinois. 143rd and Cicero Ave.

Jane xxxx

Linda said...

Sinful Night Delight? LOL! First I ever heard of this coffee.

Wanda said...

What a great weekend. I loved all of it. Your home is such a delight. Our quick trip was very good, and when I got home this afternoon, I realized it was time to take down my Christmas. Making scone to take to Women's Bible Study tomorrow and then I'll come home at start the "take down".

Linda said...

Is it too early for grackle birds? When we lived in Texas grackles took over everything. They're not only ugly bird their call is equally awful. I don't like it when you get behind journaling. I try not to go to sleep until I read your latest post.your life is too exciting to miss even one day of it.

Kathy said...

Those birds remind me of when I was in Virginia and I saw large flocks of black birds like that. It was scary! Your weekend was full to the brim. I so enjoy reading about your life.

Penny Miller said...

A busy,interesting posts as always Linda, you fit so much in to every day! All our Christmas decorations and tree are back up in the loft as from January 2nd, I like to get everything away before my boys return to school. Take care X

Jutta said...

The photo of LD and Trystan is pure gold!

Changes in the wind said...

I love how you celebrate everything:) Your porch is amazing.....

Vee said...

Trystan is adorable! Logan's next? I think so, but I may not be paying attention.

Love how you think and the porch does look beautiful as a winter porch!

Sandra said...

i had plans to take down my one tree today, the little 2 foot one in the nook, but so far have not done it and might not... one year it stayed there til mid Feb.. i love the lights.
Trystan is adorable and it looks like you had a super fantastic week end.

Dee said...

Trystan is sooo adorable. I took all of our Christmas decorations down over the weekend, too and it always makes me just a little sad. I'll bet a cup of that sinful nut delight coffee would cheer me right up... lol. That sounds like it would be really good.

My goodness, that was a lot of birds. I don't think I've ever seen so many at one time, either.

Estelle's said...

What fantastic pictures Linda! I so love visiting and seeing what the day brought you! The babies are so very precious! They certainly do love and adore their granddad, dont they? Y'all stay warm!!!! Big hugs!

Jan said...

Great pictures! You're a 42 player after my own heart. I almost NEVER bid. When I do my husband says "Watch out-she's probably got a 42 hand!"

Ginny said...

A perfect day with a perfect child!! It is so good for each quad to get their own special attention! Your porch is beyond beautiful!! It is like a fairyland! Those birds are scary! When it gets dusk here, the starlings all group and dive together in beautiful patterns, lots of them all looking for a place to roost for the night. I am NOT taking our Christmas decorations down until mid Feburary!!! Then I will start with Easter decorations!! Bunnies and eggs!

Susie said...

Linda, It is nice you get the kids one on one at times. Trystan is adorable. Gee those dang birds are nasty. I hate those things, they can't sing, they bother other birds and they are just a mess. I love that everyone , even the pets relax at your house. :):) Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

Cheapchick said...

I am such a fan of white twinkle lights - so pretty!