Sunday, September 1, 2013

September Morn ~ 2013

September finally arrived! I have been waiting for it!!

Yesterday I made my fruitcake cookie smells heavenly!
Lots of cinnamon, allspice, cloves and nutmeg along with some bourbon vanilla!

I have been making these since 1985 when my Aunt Irene (for whom I am named) gifted me with this Hood County cook book.

One batch makes a TON of cookies! But that may be because it calls for 3 pounds of fruit and nuts!

I put the dough in the fridge to save it for today.
Then I stopped to shop for candles and soup ingredients on my way  to Amber's to see her and the babies.

She and I sniffed our way through the THREE boxes of candles!
I think her favorite was Spiced Pear. I loved ALL of them which is why I couldn't buy just ONE box!

Mike is out of town so Amber appreciates the additional help!
Harrison is recovering well from his surgery. Still uncomfortable at diaper change times! As in HOLD HIM DOWN so I can put this on!!! In another couple of days he will hopefully be all better!

The rockers are inside the corral because the babies are acrobats!
Logan was lifted in and we had some Grandma time together!

While I was holding Logan in my right arm and then added Harrison to my left -
Kailey was putting on a performance for us!
She would hold each pose until I paid attention to her and got my camera!

Taking pictures with my arms full of babies is NOT easy!
But as I said - Kailey would hold the pose!

Her grand finale!!!
I told you!  Kailey is an acrobat!!!

Two peas in a pod.....

Shiner is off on a hunting trip so we let Jersey in - let me tell you!!!
She cleaned up that kitchen floor!!!
She even MOVED the baker's rack with her head to get to one morsel!
Trystan loved walking around and getting to know Jersey. She got a few slobbery kisses and learned to steer clear of her wagging tail.
The others  were not so impressed. Kailey about crawled out of the table. Good thing she was buckled in!

After the kids were in bed Amber and I enjoyed a little down time in the living room before I came home.
I was so excited about today that I stayed up a couple more hours after I got home last night!
This morning I put my Neil Diamond CD's in and we got ready for church.

First thing I did this afternoon was decorate my Autumn Tree.
I didn't have it at all last year since we were in the camper and I used the more rustic decorations.

I love looking at this tree!!

Louis Dean and I took a few breaks during the day.
This afghan is HUGE and is perfect for both of us to use.
It was a Goodwill buy of long ago.

I baked up about half of the cookie dough....they smell DELICIOUS as they bake.
Never mind it was over 100 degrees today!!!

Between the cookies and the candles it smells like FALL in my house!!!
I baked a couple of tins of cookies for special friends.
Dawn, this one is for you! I'll mail it off Tuesday.

I have another friend, June, who dearly loves these cookies!!!
She always gets a tin!
My sister, Nita, loves them too!
I promise you a tin of fresh baked cookies and a bag of cookie dough on Friday!

The den is done. Pretty much, anyway.
I have ALL my decorations down but haven't found the tub of fall fabrics yet.

I think the den loves its autumn wardrobe and accessories.

This is where I sit as I journal and I just can't keep from smiling as I look at all the colors of the fall palette.

They are my favorite colors!

I know it borders on the eccentric side to be this excited about a season.
It IS a lot of work but I can enjoy it for nearly THREE whole MONTHS -
the longest decorating season, by far!

The rest of the house is pretty trashed - so after I write - Louis Dean and I are going to hole up in here for awhile and enjoy the ambiance!

I started on the kitchen and got as far as this one corner.

Tomorrow is another day!


Kathy said...

Your home is beautiful. Clean up the trashed part tomorrow. You have done enough for today. Happy Autumn!

Sandra said...

you are certainly ready for fall in your home, the tree is beautiful. every time i see that table for four i am amazed at it. have they thought about what to do with it when the kids don't fit in it anymore?

Little Vintage Cottage said...

Hi Linda, nice to hear from you again! That is a pretty amazing stroke of coincidence that you have the same table and chairs and the table was yellow when you first bought it! :o) At first I thought it was a little bright but I think it's growing on me. Inside my house is very neutral so the pop of color outside is nice.

I can't believe how big the "babies" are getting and I just love your fall decorating... a fall tree!! Love that idea!


bj said...

OOO, Linda...where to start.
You have Johnny Depp on your closet door !!! I am so totally thrilled, I could just spit. hahhaaa...don't you know I'm gonna do the very same thing. Just too much fun.

Your fall decos are beautiful...I don't do a lot of fall decorating...sure love decorating for Christmas, tho....
Did I see a Santa on your wall of pictures??? A year 'round Santa...I'm gonna do THAT, too.

Cookies look delicious. I love keeping some dough in my freezer and just made some awesome sugar cookies and froze half the dough.

You and I MUST be sisters (OK, dern it, I'm the older sis) 'cause we both love Depp and Diamond. OMYGOSH....I've loved Neil Diamond all his life. :)

The babies are waaay too cute and growing waaay too fast. I love that POISE....

Have a great week.

Susie said...

Linda, I bet those cookies smelled great. Your fall decor looks so cozy. I have to tell you the babies are so cute. Your little acrobat trying to stand on her head and no hands , so funny, it made me laugh.Love those little ones. Blessings to you and all your loved ones. xoxo,Susie

Vee said...

Oh it looks cozy and autumnal...fall colors are my favorites, too. So glad that Harrison is feeling better ever day. That Kailey had us laughing!

Kelly said...

Oh I wish I could smell those cookies baking. I bet it did make your house smell good! I love scented candles. I haven't burned any for the Fall yet. Kailey sure was cute poising for the camera! Looks like she likes the attention. Hope you're having a nice Labor Day.

Say What? said...

What a beautiful home. "Happy Fall Y'all!"

Carla said...

You are ambitious. I would never tackle decorating the way you do. You do love your seasons. I have told a former boss that she lost her title as Harvest Queen to you.
She was not happy. LOL!