Friday, September 27, 2013

Beach Week: Day 5 ~ What Happens at the Beach...... STAYS at the Beach!

Ah, the stories I could tell!!!

I woke up this morning to the wonderful fragrance of coffee and fresh biscotti!

Sabrina makes the best I've ever tasted and I tucked a couple in my bag to take home with me.
Call it a souvenir, if you please.
The whole beach house loaded up and headed over to the beach this morning to spend a few hours.
Luann opted to stay in and have some quiet time. The house is big enough that everyone has had their space. I think each of us has spent some quality time together as well as having some precious 'alone' time.

We ALL gathered around the table and had craft time this afternoon.
Every last one of us did an original work of art on t shirts using colored Sharpie pens. After the designing is done we sprayed rubbing alcohol and the paint runs tie dye style!

They all turned out beautiful!
Here's Lisa using her wine glass as inspiration for her shirt.
We plan on taking a group picture of us in the morning on the balcony - wearing our new tees!

Tonight was our big dinner out.

Steve's Landing was a great place to dine and watch a gorgeous sunset!

Always taking pictures!

We took our drinks out on the deck and it was a wonderful photo op!
My drink is a Peach Mojito and it tasted as good as it looks.

We have had fun at the beach!

After dinner Summer, Raynie and I took our flashlight down to the beach and looked for hermit crabs.
We saw tiny ones, medium sized ones, large ones and one GRANDPA of a crab! He was huge and Raynie was the one who said he was a BIG Grandpa. Summer took a video with her phone and it's on Facebook but I don't know how to share it here. 
There has been guitar music and singing on the balcony tonight. We all sat around visiting and relaxing.

Luann and I are leaving tomorrow as are two others. Louis Dean has done well while I've been gone. He spent Wednesday with Amber and the babies. I called and talked to them. Then he went back over there this afternoon. This was AFTER he had picked Mother up at the beauty salon and taken her to lunch.
What a guy he is!! Truth be told I miss him! And Luann misses her Monte.

After several days relaxing at the beach - we are a fairly tired bunch tonight.
Having fun is hard work, I guess!

Here's Miss Raynie one minute after Summer put her in bed!!!
Isn't she precious?
It's light out for us as well!


darlin said...

Raynie sure is precious, so adorable and beautiful! Linda I'll confess, I'm a tad bit envious, this looks like the perfect place to get away to, no commercialism, no fighting the mobs of people, it looks like a phenomenal place to go to write, and write and write. I'm happy for you, envious but happy! lol

I look forward to seeing the Tshirts, this is interesting and sounds like something I could do with Elyssa.

And yes, you sure do have a wonderful man and a beautiful family.... isn't life amazing? We're both blessed in our own ways so I'll stop being envious! lol

Denise said...

She sure is precious. What a wonder place to spend a week! How nice of Louis Dean to help our Amber and take your mom to lunch!

Deanie W said...

Yes! We do love us some LD a wonderful man!
So happy you had this time, I know how much you love the beach as so I.
Also it looks like you & Luann had a great time together & that is important! Enjoy your drive home & be save. Lovz

Kathy said...

Glad you had such a wonderful week, but I know you miss LD. I love the idea for the t-shirts and can't wait to see how they turned out. It sounds like something I could do with the Sunday School kids.


What memories you all have made!!!

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Such a lovely week...loaded with beautiful memories!
Raynie is growing into the age where she will remember this
precious experience for her lifetime!

Susie said...

Linda, You all had a great time. Rayne is adorable and I could kiss that sweet face. You need to tell LD, that he's setting a pretty high example for other men. Count your blessings Linda, you have a wonderful family and beautiful friends. Blessings to all, xox,Susie

Rob Hunt said...

Wow what a great break, your family is so positive and happy. Rayne is so sweet. You have such a good attitude, have a safe journey home.

Pondside said...

What if. To share your beach week! A belated Happy Birthday, Linda! You and your family and friends know how to celebrate in style. I haven't been to Galveston since 1981 but I do remember the wonderful beach.

Sweet Tea said...

What a lovely, fun, Girl's Week, you've had!! I am so happy you had this special time to celebrate your birthday - FANTASTIC memories. I went back and read each of your blog posts to catch up on what you've been doing this week. I love all the photos - thanks for taking us along via your blog, and "Happy Birthday to you"!!

jackie collins said...

What a relaxing week. All of you are so organized! Thank you for sharing a lovely girls week, the photos are beautiful, I could almost smell the salt water! Happy Birthday Linda!