Friday, August 30, 2013

Elegante Diva!

This morning I picked Mother up from the hair salon and we walked just a few doors down to this elegant upscale resale shop -
 The Elegante Diva!

Mother was in search of a new blouse to wear on the day of her grand niece's wedding rehearsal dinner - which is coming quicker than we can turn around twice!

Suzie is the super elegant owner of this little shop and made mother feel right at home.
It wasn't long before she found THE perfect blouse -an Alfred Dunner in just her size in a white/grey animal print. SCORE!

Suzie greeted me with a Mimosa! You gotta love Fridays at the Elegante Diva!
Right behind us on the table was a lovely assortment of cookies, nuts, cheese and crackers!
Have I mentioned this is one of my favorite 'Fridays in Fort Worth' places?
I  found a couple of green 'bling' bracelets which went perfect with my green shawl.

We drove just 1 block down from the salon to Red Lobster!
Mother loves this place and so do I!

Next stop - Jo Ann's Fabric for some Black Out lining for my kitchen curtains.
I should have bought this months ago when summer was just beginning!
The heat comes in the French Doors and the sun is blinding!
Good for me the lining was 50% off! Bad for me there was a lady in front of us buying 87,000 thousand yards of floral fabric for pillow cases!! We stood in line for 40 minutes with my head pounding.
The headaches I mentioned yesterday that I seldom have anymore came back to haunt me today!
I don't think I was the best company for Mother - but she will be the first to say, "I love you anyway!"
And she did!

The thing about that lady who was in front of us in the CUTTING line was behind us in the CHECK OUT line. She was admiring Mother and it turns out she is an artist! She's taking a 10 day portrait class and wanted to take Mother's photo to use in her paintings. She said she had a TON of baby pictures but needed an older generation one. Mother smiled and consented. We exchanged info since she will send us a copy of her work. Isn't life fun and surprising?

Except I had a headache! I took Mother home and sewed a few of the torn seams on her comforter and pillow and then flew out of there like my hair was on fire!! 
I drove home, took some headache medicine, slathered my neck and shoulders in Ben Gay, turned on the sound machine and A/C and burrowed deep down in the bed!
Two hours later I woke up feeling so much better!!

Louis Dean spent the day in Quadville with the babies so I had about an hour after I woke up before he came home. 

I worked as fast as I could to get at least MOST of the den done.
What with 'Life' happening around me and September 1st is coming soon I must do WHAT I can WHEN I can!!

However, creativity is often messy leaving a wake of debris in its path!
Louis Dean gets a medal of honor for living with me and my neurotic decorating frenzies! 
As I was apologizing to him for the extremely NARROW path through the dining room and down the hall he asked me to listen to a song....

I obviously don't know how to share youtube!!
The song is titled 'Look at Us' by Allen and Foster.
It humbles me that God in his infinite mercy gave me such an awesome long suffering husband who not only puts up with my crazies but CELEBRATES them!!!
May you all be so blessed!!


Amber B. said...

Glad you have fall out. I need to find mine...somewhere. Louis Dean was a Godsend today. I literally burst into tears when I opened the door for him. He is so patient and wonderful. Once you're done decorating , I'll leave the babies with mike and come see it all and we can go to lunch or the movies...or just enjoy both at the house :) love you mom!

Sweet Tea said...

YUK on the headache! Glad you're better now.
I always love your Fall decorating - that's the way I feel in the Summer!...Your Mom looks great and I onow she always enjoys you and LD. Let the decorating continue!

Sandra said...

looks like The Place to shop and happy she found just what she needed.. when i saw the title i thought you were talking about YOU... LOL....for sharing youtube paste that in the HTML tab not in the compose tab in blogger...

Vee said...

Yay for a successful day! Boo hiss for a headache. I do not understand why Joann's has so few people working for them. It is the same here...terribly annoying. On a really bad day, the fabric clerk is also the check out clerk! Those are the days I want to pitch my selections in a corner...I think it has happened to others since I have seen some strange things in some strange places. Ha!

Now I must go and see what LD was sharing with you because it has to be good. (I am on the iPad and nothing from You Tube comes up unless I go to the APP.)

Happy decorating!

Susie said...

Linda, I am so sorry to hear you got a headache. When we have plans and get's worse than just being home sick. I feel you are have your mother and a man who loves you so much. You are cute and have your health. Enjoy this weekend. xoxo,Susie

Pondside said...

Those headaches are a worry - I'm glad that this one went away.
As I write this comment I'm listening to Just Look at Us. Too, too lovely!