Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Handmade Books and Keepsakes From 28 years ago.....

I arrived in Quadville this morning with a bag of books and toys I had made 25-28 
years ago. This was back when Amber and Benjamin were babies!

Kailey loved the fabric playhouse complete with babies, teddy bears, furniture, pillows, rugs, and covers!

Her mommy played with it 28 years ago!
Kailey is the spitting image of Amber!
I thought it was cute how Kailey even  SAT in it!

I brought the house and FOUR handmade books.
Something for everyone!
How was I to know all those years ago that I would need FOUR?

This was Amber's book made in 1986. It took FOREVER to sew!

I marvel at the work I put into it - not to mention the TIME!!

So happy it is being used and enjoyed again. 
These are activity books with snaps, zippers, ties - the whole nine yards!!
I made one for Amber, one for Benjamin (which I will make sure he gets for HIS children when the time comes) and two others that were kits.

Wednesdays are bath days in Quadville. Poor babies still have colds so nice warm baths made things better!

All clean and ready to PLAY!

Funny babies!!!

Before dinner I took them on a little walk.......

two by two.......

By 8:00 they quads were in bed fast asleep.....
and Amber and I poured us a glass of wine and had our own dinner.

I need to make a sign like this for my house!


  1. Priceless treasures!!! What a blessing that you never throw anything away. I do and all my hand made books, clothes of kids, toys etc are all gone. Hmm, all is not thrown away since I still have my 16 journals with photo albums. Right, I kept a journal on daily bases about my kids everyday life. They have all loved to read about that time. I quited 2002 when they had grown so big that I did not 'see' the point anymore.

    I guess this kind of treasures (your handworks) are the most valuable treasures of your kids and grandkids, Linda. Plus of course YOUR TIME with them.

    Hugs from me to all of you!

  2. a photo is worth a thousand words, and the scenes at The Table say is ALL

  3. Linda, That sign cracks me up. Those babies are growing so fast. You did make some nice things for your children. I used to sew all the time. Now I do it if I have too....isn't that sad. Blessings to all. xoxo,Susie

  4. Wonderful memories coming together! The quads are so cute!

  5. What great memories from the past to the future...

  6. Those books and the fabric dollhouse are the cutest things! I know that you didn't know, but you know The One Who did! How long-legged they are getting or perhaps it is the angle of the photo in the stroller. They look all legs. I can imagine that a glass of wine goes down easily at the end of a busy day in Quadville. ☺

  7. Ironic how we both posted a bit of memory lane today. Yours in actual things, mine was just dreaming.

    Love the books. And I bet there WAS a lot of work and time involved. But what keepsakes and family treasures you created!!

  8. My the Quads are getting really long-legged. So sweet to see them growing so quickly now!! Love the wine tasting plaque!!

  9. What treasures those handmade books from long ago are! And how grown up the quads are getting to be. A sweet bunch...for sure!

  10. How neat that you still had those handmade books and little house. Kailey was getting full use out of the house. Trystan looks like she was enjoying the bath. I think that was Trystan anyway.