Sunday, September 29, 2013

Group Photo and Home Again!

We gathered yesterday morning for a group photo before a few of us started the trek home.
It was an interesting diversified group of awesome people spending a week together at the beach.
I enjoyed every moment even though my allergies continued to plague me! I took them with me and brought them back home again! Ugh!

At 11:00 am Luann and I left on the ferry for the short 12 minute ride over to Galveston Island.
From there we filled the tank with gas, ate lunch at a deli and headed for the Interstate.
That's when things slowed down! Traffic was heavy and for a good while it was stop and go.
It was 3:45 before we got on the OTHER side of Houston.
Then it started raining - every potty break seemed to be when it was pouring and we got drenched only to dry off and get soaked again at the next stop!

We stopped at Collin Street Bakery for hot coffee and apricot pies!

They had two left! Luann bought one and I bought the other!
You can see LD and I have been enjoying it!

It was wonderful to get away for a week and just as wonderful to come home!
Louis Dean had a good time while I was gone! He had a music jam session yesterday afternoon and was quite the host. I smiled to see a big bowl of Spicy Cheese Nips and glasses where he had served orange juice. I admit to a look of dismay as I surveyed the 'damage.' He had, indeed, baked bread during my absence. I thought as much when he called me to ask where the professional bread pans were. He said he had found a perfect place to put them. I should have known he meant the OVEN!! But to give him credit, I DID come home a day early! 45 minutes of Damage Control and we were out on the driveway sipping a glass of wine. I have to tell you - Louis Dean is my very favorite person in all the world and I missed him.
He's worth every minute of the time it takes to clean up after him. Which reminds's awful quiet right now. I wonder where he is and what he's doing? I better go check.......


  1. So glad you had a wonderful time and are safely back home!

  2. Damage control at my house included the laundry from HIS trip. :-) I just told him he must have brain damage after all as no one in their right mind would leave the dirty clothes for a week. LOL In his defense he hasn't felt good at all this week so I wasn't "mad" just fooling with him like he does me ALL the time.

  3. Happy you girl's had a great vacation & a safe trip home! Also not too much damage control:)
    Great pic' s.

  4. Glad you had such a great time in Texas' little piece of heaven. Love Love them shirts will have to research that project. So glad you go to see the New Steve's Landing I hear it so nice since they redid it since Hurricane Ike. My brother actually did most of the interior work inside of Steve's Landing and it looks awesome. Sherri

    1. What a small world, Sherri! Steve's Landing was VERY nice! Great sunsets there. I forget how you and I connected but I thought it was through a friend of the family. I am so grateful for the friends I have met through the blog - friends like you!

  5. So glad you had a fantastic beach week. I know it's good to be home though. I always feel that way. Now it's back to the real world.

  6. That's quite a menu! Spicy cheese nips and orange juice. Ha! Well I'm glad that you are back home after a wonderful week. I'm sure that your own bed felt very good to you!

  7. What a cute, happy group! Shirts are awesome.

  8. So glad you had a wonderful trip. I know lifetime memories were made. Welcome Home!

  9. Glad you had a good time away...and LD had a good time messing around on his own at home. :)

  10. Linda, You had a nice time, but there truly is no place like home....when vacation is over. I always loved my trip but when it was time to come home, I was always eager to get there. LD missed you too, I just bet. Enjoy each other. xoxo,Susie

  11. It's so good to be missed, isn't it?
    Glad you are safely home on your own turf sippin' wine with your favorite person!

  12. I love your damage control. That's probably what David thinks when he returns home from a trip.
    Glad you enjoyed you Beach trip.