Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Beach Week: Day 2 ~ Celebrating my BIRTHDAY!!

Today was my birthday!

This is the beach house where we are staying.
Sunrises are beautiful and I have Sabrina to thank for this one.
SHE was the one up early to catch it.......I was still asleep.

Riding a motorcycle on the beach the day I turned 65 is a memory I will long remember!

We had beach time in early and late afternoon complete with all the chairs, canopies and sand toys and floats. PERFECT beach weather today!

Good times and good wine with good friends!

Summer wanted to have a birthday cake for me so she called the Chamber of Commerce here in Bolivar before she ever left Dallas and they put her in contact with a local lady who bakes cakes. This was THE most delicious carrot cake I have ever had!!! Leave it to Summer to find one!!

Today was full of Happy Birthday greetings and gifts!!
Summer and Sabrina gave me a huge bag FULL to the brim of all sorts of lovely things!!!

This shirt is from my sister, Luann, and I plan to wear it tomorrow when we take the ferry over to Galveston.
She got one for herself as well so we will be Twinkies!

It was like a party tonight!
Music was playing as dinner was being prepared and there was even some dancing in the kitchen.

I have had a good birthday.
Sabrina made a wonderful meal of pork roast, carrots and mashed potatoes with garlic toast.
I even had a crown and sash with decorations!!

Our entertainment this evening was NUTS!
We all take this game very seriously by the looks on our faces.

There really was a lot of laughter!!

As birthdays go - this was one of the best!
Fresh air, sunshine, sand and salt water, family and friends, good food and wine, lots of smiles and laughter.
I am so blessed!


  1. Happy Birthday you are truly awe sum here is to many more!!!

  2. Happy 65th birthday! What a wonderful day you had. You truly are blessed!

  3. Happy birthday Linda, from another Linda with a September birthday!

  4. looks like you are having the happiest ever of happy birthday times...

  5. The beach is such serenity, we do love it! So happy you are having such a wonderful time!

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  7. Happy Birthday, so glad it such a wonderful day for you. My Mom said the weather was beautiful there yesterday. Here is al ink to a local website for Boliver that you might find interesting while you are there. It contains all the local news and info for the area. http://www.crystalbeachlocalnews.com/

    If you are looking for something to do in Galveston Moody Gardens is an awesome place to go. They have huge movie (3-D, 4-D) screens, rainforest and just lots of fun stuff and it is beautiful out there.


    1. Good info ! Thank you, we are going over there today. The weather is vacation. Perfect !

  8. Happy Birthday! You look so happy. What a wonderful treat to be surrounded by so much love and beauty on your special day.

  9. Happy birthday Linda, you are still looking good. You girls are having way too much fun!!! Good thing you are on the beach. Hope this is a wonderful year. xoxo,Susie

  10. Happy (indeed) 65th Birthday Linda (yesterday). Great celebration.

  11. It all looks like a lot of fun! And 65 looks great on you!

  12. What a wonderful birthday celebration! Your truly a special lady Linda, you deserve it!

  13. Happy Birthday Linda! Looks like you're having a fantastic time!

  14. Happy Birthday, Sweet Lady! I'm having a glass of wine in your honor! ((hugs))

  15. What a great day for a birthday. That photo of you on the motor bike made me grin!

  16. Looks like it was an awesome celebration.
    Love the picture of you on the bike