Friday, July 12, 2013

WEST (to Fort Worth) and EAST (to Dallas)

It's Friday so I headed WEST this morning leaving early enough to squeeze in a brief visit with my sister, Deanie, at Starbucks. The moment I walk in to a Starbucks and breathe the heady aroma of their coffee I can FEEL myself relaxing!!

Deanie had found some books she had collected and wanted me to take them to the quads.
What LARGE delightful books they ARE! I read the one she is holding to them after dinner tonight - only I changed the dog's name from Carl to Jersey since that's the name of Amber's big black lab! They were a captive audience and listened to every word and watched the pages as I read!

Not only did she have something for the babies - she had something for ME!!!
I am forever rummaging around trying to find my glasses OR I have them perched on my head!
She gave me THE coolest thing to hang my glasses on my shirt! It's a decorative MAGNET!
The 'pretty' part goes on top of my shirt and looks like a nice piece of jewelry. The magnet goes UNDER the shirt and it works like MAGIC!!!! I have worn it all day long!
Deanie and I had the NICEST visit but ran out of time before we ran out of words and Mother was waiting for me to pick her up at the beauty shop so I was off and running again!

Since I didn't have a LOT of time today we stopped for a sandwich at a Subway shop. Then I drove on down Hulen to Trader Joe's. I LOVE that store!!!

Mother sash shayed around the store and then returned to browse with me.
When we got to the ice cream freezer section she said, "I WANT some!!"
She got a coffee flavored one and after I took her home we opened it up and ate some out of the carton by the spoonfuls! It was GOOD!

We loaded up TWO carts!
 I bought Amber some flowers and ME a lavender plant and a bunch of fresh spray of eucalyptus!
From Mother's I turned back and headed EAST to Dallas!!!

It was the day the movers brought the other 80% of their furniture and belongings!
Oh, happy DAY!!!
While they had their hands full of babies, I unloaded my goodies from Trader Joe's after snapping their pic.
One of the things I bought was Cinnamon School House Cookies. They come in the shape of ABC's. Logan is super smart - when I offered to take one from the container - she spread her fingers WIDE so she could get a whole handful!

Here Trystan spies a stray cookie!

Kailey spied one too!

GOT 'em!!!!

All four babies played for a long while this afternoon all by themselves.
They even played through what we call the 'witching hour!' That would be 5:00!!

I nearly blew it when I TALKED as I recorded  the last second or two!

The babies had a good day and so did I!
I'm spending the night and after staying up so late the last few nights I was bound and determined to go to sleep EARLY!!! Didn't happen!! I AM tucked away downstairs here in this lovely guest room and have enjoyed having some time to myself. I enjoyed it SO much I have read and wrote in my journal, played games on Facebook (Scrabble and Words With Friends) and wandered outside to look at the moon, talked to Louis Dean ( he and Robert watched Patton this afternoon and then rigged up lights in the yard so they could put the big stones for the pathway down tonight since it was too hot to work outside during the heat today!) and now I'm about to go out in the kitchen and refresh my glass of iced tea and get a snack before bed. Perhaps I will read a couple more chapters of The Parting by Beverly Lewis and then I REALLY AM going to SLEEP!!!



Hope you had a good night's sleep Linda!! I know just what you mean about the heat of the day. Heck, the nights are not that much better, but at least you don't have the scorching sun bearing down on you. Those quads...they're such a delight.

AND....I need to find one of those shirt magnets!! My glasses are always on my head. I want to get me one...where did you sister find them?

Linda said...

Sam Moon! Deanie said she noticed them on a TV program 'Shark Tank.'

Sandra said...

the mini movies are just to cute.. a little drummer there... i like that gate, really a nice one... and they have their own little daycare, the kids know how to play well with others without even leaving home...

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Must say, Deanie is looking super!!!!!! So super! But I hope she is Maintaining now... Not still Losing. She looks fine. :-))))

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

I love the term, "the witching hour." Being 5pm in the Quad's house. Usually kids do have a ..... *trying* time of the day. -gigggles-

Blondie's Journal said...

What a nice, full day you had! I think your mother has THE best daughter in the world!


Vee said...

Oh you have The Shark Tank magnet thingy for your glasses. We are trying to round some up. I have seven pairs of readers that I can't keep located for beans. Ditto John with his three pair.

Glad that the furniture arrived...always makes life easier. Harrison and Dad hanging out is a whole lot easier than Mom and the girls hanging out! Too cute.

Susie said...

Linda, It makes me feel good when you talk about your are really enjoying her. The quads are growing so fast, it's hard to believe. xoxo,Susie

jamarson1 said...

The mini diva's look so cute in pink! You've been busy!

Linda said...

What a wonder filled day you had! You and your mother are wonderful...and so photogenic, Linda!


Oh my Word, such a fun and great post sweet friend! Look at all these generations of ladies too! You two ladies are just beautiful!!! I too had a great day with my mother today, Saturday!

Caramella said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun. Those books must be heavy! I would love to go to Starbucks but here in Italy there aren't any!

Carla said...

That's a great picture of you.