Thursday, July 11, 2013

Potato Fail.....

After working SO hard here at home all day yesterday it was a HUGE relief to go over to Quadville this morning to visit the babies.

Grandma's here!!!

I arrived first and then Louis Dean and his first born grandson, Robert, came later in the afternoon.

Harrison introduced himself! I love how Harrison is always reaching out to people and notice he uses his left hand. 

Later in the day Louis Dean and Robert went out to explore the back yard!
I want to traipse up that creek and do some exploring too!!!
Robert and I are planning to do just that later this week!

While they were outside I started dinner preparations!

I found this on Facebook and was anxious to try it out!

I followed the directions to a T!

I was not impressed with the results.
I didn't get a good pic of them after they cooked but they cooked for MORE than 40 minutes and I STILL had to zap them in the microwave for 2 minutes each before serving.
I think they were more trouble than they were worth.
They DID look pretty impressive, though! 
BBQ Pork Sandwiches, sliced onions, Ranch Style Beans rounded out the meal with pineapple upside down cake for dessert.

Doesn't Logan look so much like a BIG girl these days!

Amber's college friend and former room mate, Lisa, is visiting Quadville for a few days with her son. Warren. 

All five babies played together so nicely! 
Warren is 16 days older than the quads.

Warren is a sweet boy and it was a delight to get to see him today.
Lisa is one of our favorite people and when you add getting to have Robert with us - well it has been a REALLY good day!

We came home after dinner and the three of us  have enjoyed being together tonight.
We have watered plants, watched TV ( King and Maxwell - we LOVE Edgar!!!!), and sat around and talked. Fortunately, he stays up late like we do and likes to sleep in!!
I think we've had about as much fun as we can handle today!
Time for BED!!


Francesca Edesia said...

That's so funny...I just posted about potatoes too, from Sicily though! Must be ESP:)

Sweet Tea said...

I hate it when new recipes are not all they're "cooked up" (punny) to be. Another busy, fun, quad day for you!!

Vee said...

I knew that I saw quints! =D How fun for the quads to have a new playmate. Wouldn't want them to think that they are the only children in all the world.

That recipe gave me fits, too, Linda. I learned that the slices must be very thin. If you try it one more time with an extra slice on each one you made, you'll have great results. I wouldn't lie!

Have fun with your visiting grandson. Looks as if he was well received by the quads.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Lovely visiting all round.

What a handsome grandson, LD has!

Ohhhhh, you have a "leftie" among the Quads. :-)

Perhaps one has to fully slice baking potatoes, and do the rest of the stuff.... "Uncle A.' saw a recipe and wants to try it... Fully sliced. I'll tell you how that way, comes out.

Mmmmmm, if I remember to do so, of course. :-)))))

Susie said...

Linda, It was so cute how Harrison wanted to get to know Robert. That is one handsome young man takes after LD, right? I am so happy that Amber got to have her friend over. Take it easy while you have company.xoxo,Susie

Kathy said...

When I saw the video I counted and then counted again. 5? Now I understand. What's one more?

I know I posted that potato recipe and wanted to try it. Now I know I have to make the slices really thin. I wasn't going to use butter, either just olive oil. I'll let you know how I fare with it.

Have fun with Robert! And don't wear yourself out. If you go exploring, take pictures.

Sandra said...

I can't believe how grown up the quads are, no more babies but little people.. the remark about Harrison and left hand made me think of what my hubby told me yesterday. he said when he was in first grade they had a mean teacher that was always rapping their fingers with a ruler. he said she would rap the kids with left hands and make them use their right. that amazed me


Sweet!!! How much they have grown up ...all so quickly.
Those potatoes look mighty yummy, but if it takes all that work, then...why bother?!! That's my motto and I'm sticking to it.

By the way, in the post below, I LOVE the fairy lights. Lot's of work, but oh so worth every's glorious.

Nonnie said...

Those potatoes do look pretty cool, but it's faster for me to dice them and shake 'em up with the olive oil and seasonings together with onions and other vegetables and just roast them to a crisp!! I would love to check out the creek. Those babies are cute as ever and it's great they have all that space now to play in.