Thursday, October 18, 2012

Welcome to My World!!

We were so happy to welcome my mother and sister to Quadville!
They arrived Sunday afternoon and left Wednesday morning.
We had a BABY packed visit!

Deanie was happy to have her arms filled with baby girls!

My mother had been looking forward to this day for months and months!

The visit - which was originally scheduled for August and then September - was delayed because of Mother needing a cancerous mole on her face removed.
She looks beautiful and the surgery healed up nicely!

She held one baby after another until she had held all FOUR!
Too bad I didn't get a pic of her holding Logan!
This is Trystan.

Aunt Deanie was a huge hit with the quads!

She could make all of them laugh and laugh!
She made us ALL laugh!

Harrison warmed right up to her.......

.....and Kailey LOVED her Aunt Deanie doing the 'Little Green Fly!'
This was the very FIRST time we noticed Kailey imitating!

We celebrated their arrival with some seriously good food!
Mike has a state of the art grill and he knows how to use it!!

Meet and Greet Time for the siblings!
Love how their toes touch!

Here's Great Grandma with Logan!

Amber is such a good mom! Nothing was easy about her quad pregnancy and the 57 days in the hospital on a Magnesium Sulphate IV! OR the 2 months in the NICU as she traveled back and forth every day while trying to recover her strength!
Truth be told - she is STILL trying to recover! That doesn't stop her from doing everything she can do to help the babies in their development. She is a real MOM!
She has added these bumbo seats to their daily routine.

Mother was there for this the next day and got right down there on the floor with them!
She is amazing!

I HAD to show them our favorite Mexican restaurant one evening!

They also got a tour of our camper home!

We had so much fun!

The next day Deanie was back to making the babies laugh!!

Trystan DOES love her Aunt Deanie!!

So does Logan but we had to admit - she was a harder audience!

Harrison was sporting his newest cap from Aunt Summer!

Can't leave Kailey out of the Quad Squad Parade!

Between all of us - we took hundreds of pictures!

Mother was excited to have this time with the quads!

She was sad when it was time to were WE!

We all had such a good time.
There was a baby in every one's arms nearly the entire time!

I joined them for breakfast at their hotel for one last visit!

Seems like the time flew by!!
I was happy they were able to 'see' Quadville for themselves!
There is SO much more going on than you would believe possible.

Thank you, Deanie, for coming!!!!
Thank you for bringing Mother!!!
PLEASE come back!!!
We miss you already!


Sandra said...

you should title your blog Family Tales like Veggie Tales... this is great and oh so much fun even just looking at the photos. the babies are getting their own personalities now

Nita said...

Looks like all had a great time. It was a very good trip for Mother. Just so you know, it's not Green Fly, it's green frog, blink,blank went the little green frog one day, blink, blank went the little green frog, till his eyes went blink-blank-blunk!
You will need to learn this since the babies like it!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

What a wonderful, wonderful post. So many memories made.

And you will have pictures, to show the Quads, when they get older. :-)



Deb said...

so much fun....for all....great family memories...

Kelly said...

Your mom has the BIGGEST smile on her face being with those quads! I'm sure it made her so happy to finally hold them and spend time with them. Looks like y'all had a nice visit together. I love how cute all the babies look with their head gear on!

Bernice said...

What great memories, and pictures of everyone, especially those little ones.
Your Dmom looks wonderful, and so happy holding those babies.
Thanks for sharing:)

Bev said...

Oh what fun....what great pictures.... what a wonderful family you all are!! God bless you all!!!!

Vee said...

What personality all the way around! And how perfect that everyone fell in love with each other just as they should. So delightful to see. Your mother is an inspiration!

Dee said...

I love seeing them sitting with their toes touching....what a joy they have brought into your family :)

Chatty Crone said...

I love there is enough babies to go around!

Changes in the wind said...

Generations of great Mom's....Love the babies smiling and laughing.

a portland granny said...

I just don't have words for the joy I feel for your Mom in being able to actually see and hold her great grandies!! What a beautiful thing you and your sister did in planning the trip for her. The pictures are just wonderful. I especially liked the one with you mammas holding the babies.

The babies are lovely and I am so enjoying watching them grow and develop. What cuties!! They are coming into a sweet and precious time with the laughing and smiling and expressing their little personalities.

Enjoy your days of hugging and loving those sweet babes! What a joy!

darlin said...

There's nothing like family! What a wonderful visit and your Mother really is amazing, I'm so glad she finally got to see her great grandchildren.

Carla said...

The pictures of your mom and the babies are priceless.
That Harrison always has a smile. He's going to be a charmer.
Looks like your sister has the magic touch for giggles