Saturday, October 20, 2012

Adventures in Quadville!

There is always something going on around here in Quadville!
My Mother and sister left Wednesday morning and that afternoon all four of the babies had appointments with the eye doctor. Amber has the best nanny in all the world! Her name is April and she is as good as gold. All three of us loaded the babies into the Suburban, squeezed ourselves in and we were off! The doctor was downtown so this was quite a little journey! Amber called the office as we were en route to assure them we were coming when - to her utter SURPRISE! - they informed her that appointment had been CANCELLED!! Good grief! Here we were - rolling along with a full load of quads! Apparently there had been a mix up in scheduling but they promised to work us in! ALL four! SO - now that were no longer trying to get there on TIME - the fuel gage dinged alerting us to the fact we had very little gas! Never fear! Amber found a station and we were back on track. That girl has learned to roll with the punches!

Babies all dressed up for the doctor visit!
Kailey, Trystan, Logan and Harrison

Upon arriving at the doctor's office we found the waiting room FULL of children - many of them with sneezing, runny noses! We decided to line up the strollers and wait in the hall. April was careful to keep the diaper bag and purses off the floor so we were juggling all sorts of things! Since this was their first visit to this doctor there were 5 pages of information to fill out FOR EACH CHILD! I took one of the clipboards and started scribbling info as fast as I could! Still and all - it took a while!
People passing by were curious to see FOUR babies in a row. We had shielded them with stroller covers but even so one lady asked if she could see them and another lady actually tried to move the cover and reach for one of the babies!
April and Amber were both on high alert!!
I've learned not to make eye contact and DO NOT chat with others when out with the quads! We attract enough attention without encouraging it!

After being there for an hour we were finally called into the examining room.

We barely fit!
April immediately started wiping down the chairs with sanitary wipes.
She comes from a nursing background and is vigilant about germs!

During the course of the appointment we had to change diapers and do a feed!
Not an easy task in such small quarters!
Amber came prepared, though, and except for Kailey doing a projectile vomit episode, all went well! Amber says the eye drops can make the babies nauseous.

When the visit was over we headed downstairs and Amber got the car while April and I stood guard over the kids! Amber pulled up to the curb and in UNDER 3 MINUTES we had all the babies snapped into their car seats (the seats snap into the stroller frames) and were driving OUT of the parking lot!!
Boy, oh BOY!!! We have GOT this!!

Other than medical appointments the only other place we get to take the quads is on a walk. Friday was a perfect day for this! Again - no eye contact or chatting up people.
Just keep walking! I did see some people look at us from their cars - eyes big and mouths open! I'm always surprised that people can say negative things. Amber isn't.
Only two people talked to us in passing and one was positive!

We are all so happy and grateful the babies are growing and healthy.
Harrison is the longest (25 inches) and the heaviest (11 lb 14 1/2 oz) with Trystan being the shortest ( 23 3/8 inches) and the lightest (10 lb 9 1/2 oz).

Tonight we are back over here helping Mike while Amber is having dinner along with other moms of Multiples! A dozen moms are meeting together. 10 are quad moms, 1 has quintuplets and 1 has sextuplets. Between them all they have 51 children!!
Talk about HUGE future play dates!!!!

So how are we spending this Saturday night??
Same as LAST Saturday!!

Watching football with Daddy and Granddad!!


Carole said...

Love those cute little chairs - I haven't seen any like that here in NZ. Hope you are getting a bit of down time!

Chatty Crone said...

I can't believe that anyone can say a negative thing! They are four wonderful gifts from God. Love the seats. Have a good day.

Deb said...

I don't understand how anyone could find anything negative to say about these sweet babies....or their yall have got it well under control...better than some have it with just one new baby...

Vee said...

Oh I'm sorry that anyone has to put up with negativity concerning four of the most beautiful babies anywhere. Gosh. Some people! Each event becomes daunting with all the variables. I know that you're all on the case and doing your utmost for the Quad Cause.

Anonymous said...

Long time follower (since before Amber was put on bed rest) first time commenting. Love your blog & the updates on the babies. Mary from Boston

Say What? said...

I just love following their growth and development. So precious.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Grrrrr to people who want to touch babies. -sigh-

Any baby. All babies. No one but family/care givers, should touch babies! "Auntie" sezzzzzz...



OMG...wish I could be close to help you take care of the gorgeous quads!!! Everyday they grow in front of our eyes and are looking sooo adorable! I think bad people have bad issues with themselves, not with you, they want you to think that's how it is, because they wish to release they're bitterness on please, don't give it any importance, cause that's exactly what they wish for! The quads are the biggest gift from God.
Thank you for your sweet b'day wishes sweet lady.

Bernice said...

How could anyone frown or say something negative about four beautiful babies..You have better control, I would of let them have it..and how rude of people to assume they can just go and touch them..grrrr.
They are so cute, it really looks like they are enjoying the football game:)

Bernice said...
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Blondie's Journal said...

I love how you make each day sound like such an adventure...and I know it must be with 4 babies! It really is so interesting to read about!

I feel badly that you have to avoid some people. I feel nothing but joy when I look at these angels. Why would anyone say anything negative is beyond me. So sad.


darlin said...

Wow, it's a real adventure to go out to an appointment. I'm glad the eye doctor still agreed to see you after all the work you each went through getting the beautiful babies on the way. It's hard to fathom that some people could be so rude as to make ignorant comments, people will be people though and I believe in karma.

All of your grandbabies are so totally 100% adorable and they're sure growing! I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Far Side of Fifty said...

It is good to read about the babies adventures:)

Anonymous said...

Thinking off the top of my head, I wonder if some of the negative comments are related to the legitimate concerns some folks have with over-population? Years ago, when I was pregnant, I would hear negative comments when out with my sister's children (who look like me)....."don't you know what causes that? Look at her, having her fourth!" Anyway, just an observation.

Pam said...

I just love reading your blog, it's like reading a book, a good book! I'm not that eloquent with words. The babies are so precious and growing so fast! We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our grandson any time now...they are expecting him to weigh around 8lbs when he gets here! I'm sure you will be reading about it when he gets here! Have a good week!

Carla said...

That is so crazy looking to see the 4 strollers well I know 2 strollers with double seat. I love the little chairs. ;o)