Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sweet Tuesday!

Today was SUCH a good day! I love it when we have a leisurely morning here in the camper! We slept late, had coffee with Sabrina's homemade biscotti, read the Bible and our current book - Kate Remembered. We only read several pages a day so it takes a good while to get through a thick book like this one!

 I even had time to exercise before we headed over to Quadville!

Amber and her nanny were taking Logan and Trystan in for a doctor appointment so that left Louis Dean and I to take care of Harrison and Kailey! TWINS!!
Piece of CAKE!

It was fun to be able to spend some extra time with Harrison.
He is so easy going that I probably hold him LESS than the girls.
Today Granddad and I BOTH paid him a lot of attention!

I can't keep from smiling every time I look at him - in real life or in a photo as I am doing now. SMILE!!! I am reminded of that scary day on June 10th when we nearly lost him. I say a prayer of gratitude for Harrison every single day.

We paid special attention to Kailey, too! I just didn't remember to snap pics!
That child has such charm and personality!
She can turn those eyes on you and light up like a light bulb!

Still and all......I missed the other two!
As soon as they returned I whisked them away for a bath to wash the 'world' off of them! Thankfully Amber is doing much better. I believe it was mostly allergies that caused her to feel so sick. You see, SHE lives mostly in a sterile environment just like the quads do - so an outing in the 'real world' just did her in!

While she was away the FEDEX man delivered a pretty big box!
Snowball had the best time exploring it after Amber got home and opened it up!
The box was actually FOR Snowball and it was ACTUALLY a BOX!!
A LITTER box!!
This elderly cat has given Amber fits with her kitty box.
She goes IN - but her hiney sticks OUT and she pees on the floor.
I saw her do this the other day!
Not just a little pee, either! Like CUPS and CUPS!!
Snowball is diabetic so she pees a LOT!!

Hopefully this will help the problem. The new box is bigger and better and features kitty litter that has an 'attractant' in it!
The things we do for our critters!

We're home now and the camper is smelling all warm and cozy from the dinner in the oven. Under that pile of veggies is a big fat gourmet burger from HEB!

I have been writing this journal post while listening to my very own private serenade from Louis Dean!
I think I'll pour our evening glass of wine and join him out there by the fire while our dinner finishes cooking!!

A perfect ending to this SWEET Tuesday!!!


Bernice said...

Happy to hear Amber is feeling better.
Harrison is one special little fellow,and so so cute, as are all the babies, but he will always hold a special place in the hearts of anyone who has been following the Quads since thier birth.
Enjoy your wine,your dinner looks delish.
Hope the new box helps Snowball.

Chatty Crone said...

I am glad Amber is feeling better too - nothing worse then a sick mom. The babies are so cute.

Deb said...

a very nice day indeed...I can almost smell your dinner cooking...

Vee said...

Oh how sweet to have a serenade. I get them once in a rare while, acapulco style. (Sorry...old joke)

Oh allergies. That's right. Amber will have to build up immunities all over again.

Sweet little kitty. Hope that she likes her new powder room. We have to use Dr. Elsey's around here.

Those babies are so sweet and every day around this time, John comes over asking to have a peek. He says he thinks he must be an honorary Grandpa and I say that I can't imagine why and he says because he prays for them so much. Awww...

Diana Ferguson said...

Sweet times!!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Good news, all round. :-)


Debbie said...

oohhhh i just love these happy posts you share!!

you sure do have a lot of energy and a very full life!!

Carla said...

aawwww nice post.
Especially the way you end the day.