Friday, October 19, 2012

My Bottle of 'Boos!'

I have more than ONE bottle but THIS is my bottle of BOOS!!
I saw this idea on a friend's Facebook post and she said she found it on Pinterest.
My version is not as elegant but it will have to do!!

I have it on the kitchen counter but it REALLY lives on the top shelf in our bedroom and serves as a light in there since I only had a 50 count strand of Faerie Lites!
I MUST buy TONS of the 20 count ones after Christmas when they are on sale.
The 20 count makes a PERFECT wine bottle light!

I used stickers from Hobby Lobby and some dimension paint to do the writing.
I did it in black and then went over it again in white so it would show up more.
The Pinterest one was on a frosted glass so the black really popped!

It is a tradition that I do fall crafts with the grand kids every year.
Since this is the QUADS very first fall....... I did most of the work for them!

However, they did THEIR part with pictures on the back of the blocks!
In order of birth.......

Trystan Lee

Kailey Lee

Harrison Lee

and Logan Lee!!

Since this is October I have another annual tradition I do with my art.
I always paint two for me and one for our Fort Worth Family Chinese Christmas Exchange.

Last year I started the Santas at Mineral Wells State Park while on a camping trip.
We stayed in a screened shelter and I made a pretty good start on them!
This year I simply set up a studio outside the camper under the gazebo.
Yesterday afternoon I got ALL of one based in and some of the second!

As soon as I got home from Amber's this evening I started back on the painting!

Now they are BOTH based in and after drying for a few days I can begin working on them in earnest. I need to have them finished by Thanksgiving so I can take one home with me the next weekend. I plan to leave it and have someone draw a number for me so I can still participate in our family Christmas tradition since I won't actually BE there this year!

It was Christmas morning last year that Amber announced to the entire family that she was expecting quadruplets. No one was surprised when she announced she was pregnant.....but no one expected her to say, "Not ONE! Not TWO! Not THREE!! But FOUR!!!!!" NEXT Christmas the quads will all be there! We wanted that to happen this year but we didn't understand about preemies back then and the 'Lock Down' from Fall to Spring!

While I am in here happily playing on the computer guess what Louis Dean is doing???

He is outside playing music with a fellow camper here at the RV Resort!
He is in HOG Heaven!!

I better get busy with my housework so I will be ready to light our evening fire and sit out this October night celebrating......

Happy Fall Weekend, Y'all!!!


Kathy said...

Love your arts and crafts. You are one creative and talented lady. And LD has a music buddy! You two are having entirely too much fun.

Deb said...

those pickers can always find someone to pick with can't they...that is awesome news for LD...your Santa's look beautiful already...Love the Boo's bottle....

Anonymous said...

i just love your blog & look for your posts, sometimes before you get them done. haha what a wonderful thing you & ld are doing for the babes. preciousness...just love your energy, talent, etc. a fan in burleson,tx...pam m. :)

Chatty Crone said...

I love your bottle of boo's!

darlin said...

What fun to have to pickers to listen to while you work on your paintings, which are stunning!

You are so crafty, what talent you have and it's so nice to see you're right at home. You've really shown me home is where the heart is Linda, thank you.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Bev said...

Oh it can't get much better... crafts, babies and music!!!

Vee said...

Looks as if you both know how to have some fun. You're such a talented artist and I'd sure love to hear some of the music...hint, hint, hint. ;D

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Happy Fall back to you and your family!

It looks like you and LD are very settled in your new environment!

I love that he has found a friend to jam with.

You are doing such an amazing job balancing everything, Linda!

Everything you touch is magic, my friend!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

It's so lovely, for you to have these Santa art projects to look forward to sinking into, when you get home. Nice to have neat things, waiting for us, each place we go.

Oh I am so happy for LD!!!!!!! He found a pal with similar likes!!! Oh I am so happy for him. Tell him I said so, please.


Kelly said...

You are SO talented! I wish I could paint like you. I love how your Santa pictures look. You must be the busiest grandma I know!!

Sandra said...

you are a lady of many many talents, i am impressed. beautiful santa painting. like the bottle of boos to

Blondie's Journal said...

Your Santa painting are looking wonderful! Are you a self taught artist? You are amazing! Your crafts are so fun and cute, too. Enjoy your nice fall evening around the fire!



Oh my've inspired me now for sure!!! I've been thinking for the past couple of years to try and paint Santa since I have so many in my collection [but no painting of my own]. Now, after seeing your beautiful work, I wanna do it too.

Awwwwwwww, your babies are so precious!!!

...and your bottle of boos....darling.

Say What? said...

I love everything about this post. You are such an inspiration.

Carla said...

Love your blog! Your Bottle of Boos is cute. Better bring in the artwork it's suppose to rain this Friday (26th). Your Santa's are so neat. I can hardly draw a stick person that looks good. LOL
Glad LD found him a music buddy.