Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday Morning Routine......

Coffee in the gazebo, a healthy 'breakfast', Bible reading and devotions, writing in my journal, prayer time.
We are praying especially for two people today.
Janel and Geof. Janel is a relative of a dear former neighbor and Geof is a friend of a fellow blogger.
Any and all prayers are appreciated.

We are reading 'Man of the Family' by Ralph Moody for our out loud reading book.
Good clean wholesome reading is good for the heart.
I love a good plot, juicy novel or an intricate murder mystery.....
but for our morning reading we need something to make us feel good and cause us to smile.
My children and I read most of the books by this author when we were home schooling.
I love every one of them and can re read them time and again.
Although I am trying to introduce Louis Dean to writers other than his beloved Laura Ingalls Wilder.
He has her every book practically memorized since he taught second grade for 25 years and used them as the basis for unit studies.
Wonder how he would like L.M. Montgomery? I may try that next!

I close my post with this humorous look at our Texas heat!
A friend posted this on Facebook this morning.
It is HOT in Texas!!
I heard this has been the hottest summer since 1980/
I believe it!


Texas Tales said...

Y'all enjoy your Saturday! It's a little cloudy here off and on, but I'm going to the pool anyway with my second Julie Powell book. Love you!

Deb said...

it is hot as H E double hockey sticks for sure...

Flora said...

Oh Linda, what wonderful mornings you must have! I love having breakfast outside...but our weather... I just need a couple days of YOUR weather to appreciate ours!! Right now it is windy, rainy and about 63 F.. but the day starts out around 50F...

That is so funny Laura Ingalls... the kids must of LOVED him!! My daughters home school and their girls LOVED being Laura! I made them Laura hats and dresses and my daughters biggest fear was that her daughter would want to wear it to seems only the homeschoolers really appreciate Little House on the Prairies now days!!

Anonymous said...

thank you for the prayers Linda!

Pondside said...

I just bought and mailed two Laura Ingalls Wilder books to my young nieces. Do introduce Louis Dean to our dear Anne of Green Gables - I'll bet he'll be smitten!