Thursday, July 28, 2011

Journey SOUTH!

Louis Dean and I have a little routine we follow when we troop down south to Houston Town! First, HE goes to bed really early the night before! I stay up and get the house all clean and pack. I enjoy coming home to a neat and tidy I leave it that way!

We pulled out of the driveway at 4:25 AM and as soon as we were on Interstate 45
I crawled into the back sleep and slept for the next 2 hours!
When I woke up we were at Sam's Restaurant in Fairfield.
That is exit 197 and I have been stopping there for YEARS!
This is the halfway point to least for ME!

We always have the breakfast buffet and Louis Dean had been looking forward to it!

I would say he did NOT stay with a heart healthy diet but he HAS been very good for
quite some time now. He was so happy to get to eat a real breakfast again!

And WHO could resist THIS face??
Not me!

After breakfast I went to the back seat again for another nice long nap.
I LOVE travelling in this manner. Eat and sleep and wake up THERE!

When I woke up we were at this pretty rest area with a nature walk.
Lucy was glad to get out and walk around a bit!

She did well in her kennel and we only made three stops for her.

By the time we arrived Louis Dean was ready for a nap and Amber and I were ready to
hit up the Hobby Lobby, Ross and HEB grocery store.
Publix and HEB are my FAVORITE grocery stores and there is not ONE near me!
However, they are building a new one in Granbury....
which is not far from where Mother lives.
 I AM over there nearly every Friday so I see some trips to Granbury coming up!

I purchased my first Bota Box of Pinot Grigio.
Amber has a wine aerator so I enjoyed an unusually good glass of wine!

Everyone knows what a good cook Amber is!
This was the fresh veggie platter she had ready to go on their super duper grill!

It even has these cool blue LED lights!
The patties were amazing! She bought them with Louis Dean in mind.
They are made fresh at the local HEB and had peppers, onions, cheese-
all already mixed in! We are stocking up at HEB before we head home next week!

It was DELICIOUS!!! She even threw some fresh spinach on the grill at the last minute!
Who KNEW it would be SO tasty?

Thus ended our first day of this trip down SOUTH to visit my daughter!
And it is GRAND to see Snowball.....Amber's beloved cat.
And July, Shiner and Jersey!
We have grand children, grand cats, and grand dogs!!
Life is, indeed, GRAND!


Deb said...

have fun...enjoy that daughter of yours...will be glad when mine is home...

Texas Tales said...

it's been a fun day! :)

Vee said...

You travel well, Linda! Sleeping is my way to go, too. Your hubby must not require your company. :D Looks as if you had a great time.

Diana Ferguson said...

Love road trips!

Aunt Amelia said...

You really DO have your way of traveling, "down pat," that's for sure!

Enjoy your holiday!

Travel safely.

Mmmm, and no more food cheating, Louis Dean!!! "Auntie" sezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. ,-)

Flora said...

Sounds like my kind of trip... We just got into the land of internet again...I will have some time catching up!!

Sincerely Mama said...

Girl, you and I can't go on a trip together - we'd both be in the back seat asleep!! lol My fave way to travel as well.