Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Red Neck Outdoor Cooling Fan!

There is absolutely NO doubt about it! I married a red neck worthy of the name!

We have coffee and reading in the gazebo every morning.......for the most part YEAR ROUND!
Texas heat is upon us and Louis Dean did not want to miss any of our 'gazebo sit time.'

SO! He strung up our large outdoor fan with ropes and bungee cords....
attached the water hose turned on to a mist....

Now he is so PROUD of himself!!
Before I married Louis Dean I had ONE water faucet in the back yard and ONE water faucet in the front.
He LOVES water faucets and put in several additional ones a few years ago!
NOW I have FIVE in the back yard including one IN THE GAZEBO! (for coffee making needs!)
We have FIVE in the front and side yards!
He wants to put another one over by his fan.......but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!

We do enjoy being out in the yard. I snapped a pic of this interesting creature as I was coming in the kitchen door this morning. Some sort of moth but an unusual one!
Yesterday as we sat out in the gazebo reading 2 geckos we spotted fell from the ceiling. One fell right on my leg! I am NOT a bug! The high light of Louis Dean's morning is watching a gecko  insurance salesman- stalk and eat a fly or other insect.
I know.....I know!!! We have GOT to get a life!!!


Deb said...

sounds like a good life to me...smart guy..

Pondside said...

My Great Dane is just like your Louis Dean......we are lucky women!! I have faucets and electrical outlets wherever I want/need them. I always tell my husband that anyone stranded on a desert island with him would be very lucky because he can make something from nothing and would take care of everyone.

Flora said...

Isn't life fun!!

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

-clapping hands- I love it! And had to show 'Uncle A.' what Louis Dean did! He too, is a do-it-guy. :-)

Very interesting bug!

And in your TX heat of summer, I can't think of a better LIFE to LIVE, than you two do, already. :-)

Plus, your posts are so much fun, so we have fun too.


Carla said...

LD is very creative! Love it!

Charlers John said...

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