Monday, July 25, 2011

Good BUYS from the GOODWILL!!

I tend to call ALL thrift/resale shops 'Goodwill's.' The one we stopped in yesterday afternoon is actually MCart Thrift Store on McCart and I20 in Fort Worth. We pass right by there every time we visit family.
And more times than not....we wander in for a little look/see!
We usually find some treasure....and often MORE than one!

As soon as we walked in I spied this set of books by Jan Karon.
It contains the first three novels of The Mitford series.
I have read every book she has written but Louis Dean is new to her work.
Since we read aloud each morning and since he LOVED 'Home to Holly Springs'
(which we read earlier this year) we decided to start at the beginning.
A good buy for $6.51!

The next thing I spotted was an Indian soap dish......

with matching shower curtain hooks!
HIS bathroom is done up in Native American style since he IS a card carrying Cherokee Indian!
Perfect for under $5 for the set!

For $12.51 Louis Dean picked up this set of La Cuisine knives.
It isn't really safe for us to have such SHARP knives in the house but we promise to be careful!

Then there was this lovely silk table runner (I am GUESSING that is what it is!)---
exquisite silk and such fine stitching......for $3.96!
We HAD to bring it home!
Louis Dean has some Oriental art work and I can see using this in a future table scape.

The last item I found was as I walked to the check out line...
it was a LONG line and Louis Dean was holding my place.
I absolutely could NOT pass up this cream top from Coldwater Creek!

I love ANY piece of clothing with Spandex in it!!

So we were happy campers bringing home our treasures.
We have hung the shower hooks and put soap in the dish.
I used two of the knives preparing dinner tonight.
I did.not.know. you could actually slice a tomato without SAWING it with a serrated knife!
This one just cut right through like it was butter!!
The books are on the shelf and scheduled to be read this fall.
My top is hung and ready to wear when I visit Amber later this week.
I draped the silk runner over a basket in the living room.

I enjoy treasures MORE when I do not have to spend a lot of MONEY!!
Goodwill's are MY kind of place!!

"Thrift is not an affair of the pocket, but an affair of character." ~S.W. Straus


Pondside said...

Great finds! I loved the Jan Karon books and have read all of them.

Blondie's Journal said...

I really love the top you bought. Coldwater Creek can be expensive! The soap dish and shower curtain rings are perfect for the bathroom you described! You made out great!


Texas Tales said...

Good stuff! I might do some thrifting today after lunch with Mike (he flies out afterward). And I need to take photos of all my jewelry!!

Mummers said...

Great buys Mom! Way to go! I would love a thrift store shopping Saturday - maybe soon.

Deb said...

great finds.....